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Avatar f tn Here is a weight gain chart, based on BMI
Avatar f tn As far as weight goes the baby center gives you a wright gain chart based on your bmi. However I think your body will do as it needs and all you have to do is try to eat a well rounded diet and stay healthy and active.
348660 tn?1230405773 You had morning sickness early in pregnancy Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute You are carrying the weight in your hips and rear Your left breast is larger than your right breast Your hair develops red highlights You are carrying high Your belly looks like a watermelon You are craving sweets You are craving fruit You crave orange juice You don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy You are moodier than usual during pregnancy Your face breaks out more than usual You
Avatar f tn Also talk to a dietician and a physical trainer after consulting your gynecologist, and chart out your diet and exercise program during pregnancy. Also, yoga during and after pregnancy helps keep weight in check. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn I'm not sure about the weight during the third trimester. But the average weight gain during pregnancy is about 25-30lbs according to my doctor.
367974 tn?1286554758 It might be harder for you to conceive and you're at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), high blood pressure, etc. But skinny women get those things too. You're just in a higher risk category. I live in the US so we don't use the same weight system so I have no clue what 97kg is. If you're concerned, try losing some weight before trying. Adjust what you eat, how much, drop the caffeine, sodas, candy, etc. if you eat those things.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone else has been through this, either during this pregnancy or any previous pregnancies? I am very worried about it all, as the baby also has reduced movements also. Please advise...
965641 tn?1274537920 25lbs ( He is now 4 months and I have 10 to lose) Normal weight gain during pregnancy (if your pre- pregnancy weight was normal) is between 25- 35 lbs. For underweight people they say to gain more, with obese people they say gain less). Don't stress though, with both pregnancies I gained the majority of my weight by 20 weeks then gained hardly anything the last half.
Avatar n tn It's the March of Dimes chart on how much weight gain is desirable during pregnancy. I don't see where the doctor got the snide remark, myself. I'm at 30 weeks and have gained 21 lbs. and that hasn't bothered my doctor at all.
1221245 tn?1286288441 I know that I've got to lose a lot of weight before I can even think about having another baby. I am afraid of the health risks that comes with being pregnant and being so big at the same time.
Avatar f tn I am 31 weeks and have only gained 1.5 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. During this pregnancy I've been sick a lot. Since I am overweight my docs don't want me to gain a lot of weight anyway. This app doesn't account for everyone's personal medical circumstances (overweight/underweight).
Avatar n tn The March of Dimes website has a good chart on weight gain during pregnancy. You might want to google it and compare what you have gained to the averages they provide. But remember, a lot of this is just averages, women come in above and below that number.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 weeks and havnt gained a pound.. It's important to stay fit during pregnancy, because if you gain too much weight, it will be that much harder to lose it after the baby!
Avatar f tn I am 23 weeks and have only gained 3lbs total so far and my baby is doing great. The average person should only gain 17-20 lbs during the whole pregnancy. My Dr said you should only be in taking 300 extra calories a day and its about quality of the food not the quanity. I was worried I wasn't eating enough as well and my Dr told me that I know my body and I know how to grow this baby. You don't want to go over 3-4 hours with out eating at least a snack.
1642895 tn?1314668012 It may be water weight. I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy. Most of it at the beginning and the end. I was retaining alot of water so i was gaining weight like crazy! Just stay away from salty foods, do lots of walking or lots of sex or both lol. When i was pregnant i didnt want to be touched, so sex was very very limited, but everyone else says to have sex lol. My sister gained 50-60lbs with her first 2 pregnancies and with her 3rd she only gained 20lbs. So it varies.
Avatar f tn 6lbs in entire pregnancy and my OB said both baby and I are healthy and were all different. The weight gain chart is a generalization based on an average.
6918915 tn?1395936471 I don't think it is allot Ady all I have lost 9 lbs and I am 16 weeks they aren't worried maybe they just want to make sure you eat healthy and keep it in check I know alot of doctors that belive thIs factor in fact we have one in the hospital i work at they just want healthy I know alot of ppl that easy unhealthy and have complications not everyone us the same but I would take it to keep myself in check not negative necessarily I won't buy maternity pants cause o want to make sure I don't gain
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, For all those who are pregnant with twins or had twins (moms who already had twins can give their weight gain info and baby weight info for end of pregnancy!), I am just curious : 1. which week are you in? 2. how much have you put on? 3. how much do they estimate your twins weigh right now? 4. how tall are you and what was your original weight? (if you want to share ;)...
Avatar f tn The women in my family don't really gain a lot of weight during pregnancy so maybe that's why. My mom lost a pound during her pregnancy with my brother and my cousin lost a total of 17 throughout the course of her pregnancy. Both babies born healthy and over 8 pounds. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
Avatar f tn They can be off by 2 lbs when guessing baby's weight even without being on medication during pregnancy. unfortunately it's not an exact science.
296076 tn?1371338074 I don't believe it is healthy to gain a lot of weight during pregnancy due to all the complication that come along with it, unless you are underweight to start with.
318181 tn?1336447096 I have a smaller baby, but DD was smaller too. This one was estimated at 4lbs 8 oz at 34 weeks. She's in the 35th percentile. Maybe yours was just caught at the end of a growth spurt, and will even out!
Avatar n tn Hey I agree with andi HEY did I just say that!!!! hope your laughing) Pregnancy is no time to diet, eating healthy is a must Talk to your doctor about your concerns and after the baby comes then try to slim down to your "pre pregnancy weight" Hey is there such a thing..LOL..what about after 3 kids!!
1985863 tn?1327764816 so I snapped and told him he has no idea what I am going through and he told me that I have no idea what he is going through with all off this and that it is emotional for him as well and that it bothers him that he with me cant just have a normal natural pregnancy. OMG. I dont even know what to say to him . . Feb 03, 2012 ..So.
Avatar f tn I agree that you shouldn't use pregnany as an excuse to gain excessive amounts but as mentioned it is HEALTHY to gain weight during pregnancy. Eat healthy and the weight gain will no be excessive.
Avatar f tn I suspect, some of this is just extra fluid build up / water weight being released from bloating. During my period, I tend to urinate alot, as my body purges the extra water weight. I usually gain and loose around 5 pounds each time my period comes and goes, due to the bloating. I am not a doctor, but I figure that this discharge is one of the many ways my body sheds the water it retained.
Avatar n tn I'm a 60 year old men, in excellent health, except for experiencing tremors during sleep that wake me up and have difficulty going back to sleep. As I start to fall sleep again, I feel these "rumbleling" (tremors) around my upper body. I immediately wake up again. These tremors last for about 10-15 seconds after I wake up. The first time I experienced this condition was exactly two years ago. It lasted for about four days and it simply went away.