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Avatar m tn I have pain on left side , waist line in the kidney area > I was drinking beer when ever I can for 20 yrs.
Avatar f tn I am also consider high risk too! With the prenatal vitamins it has flared up my kidney stones! I always get kidney infections when passing stones! I would have it check next time you go to the doctor! I also recommend that you drink lots and lots of water...this will flush the kidneys and may relieve that pain if that is what is causing it foe you!
1808884 tn?1324345703 good information,the only caveat is as Long as thjeres no Kidney,or severe liver problems.The protein/Amino acids build and restore brain chemicals and hormones,as narcotics,especially opiates and cocaine/methamphetamines depleet Dopamine,Seratonin, Noriphenrine-spellind and Acetycoline.Thats what known as (Post acute Withdrawls) the brain of a recovering alcoholic/addict can take between 1.5 to 2yrs to be Biologically healthy,but dont dispear in the first 3-months people usually are 70% better.
Avatar f tn Definitely ask your doctor. It may be a waste of time and money. If you're taking more vitamins than you need you can end up with very expensive urine (meaning your body will just get rid of them) or kidney stones.
Avatar f tn 5 years my now 17 year old has suffered chronic pain in her back (renal) area with lower abdominal pain both right side. She has reduced kidney function to that side by 10%, recurrent uti, but a partial duplex kidney system to the left. Various tests show inflamed ureter, constipation, slow transient bowel, inflammation around the ileac valve, urine ph usually around 6, protein +, leucocytes, but no actual diagnosis. No stones detected.
Avatar f tn So I went to the Dr for my 20 apt Thursday, and I knew I had a kidney stone I wasn't passing yet so they sent me to the urologist who tells me my kidney is blocked and only working 45%. Well, all they can do is put me on an antibiotic and pain meds for now. So last night I went to the park and passes out. Once at the hospital I find out, I still have kidney stones, I have a urinary tract infections, and I'm anemic.
1886992 tn?1320908887 Hi there, I just found out days ago that I have MSK and have since stopped taking any of the vitamins and stuff I was because I'm 27 and am already having some scary symptoms, which is what led to the diagnosis. I had coffee colored urine from blood being in it and have constant pain, was treated for a UTI to be safe, kidney stones being in there somewhere are still a possibility.
2046875 tn?1340231119 I agree with sehale 100%! I van testify first hand of taking to many vitamins and developed kidney stones this was before I was pregnant....and the problem never goes away! I have yo take a special prenatal vitamin that doesn't have calcium in it! I personally would ask your doctor if you need an addition iron pill...if you do...just take the additional iron pill with the regular prenatal vitamin....that way you wouldnt over load your body! Best of luck dear!
Avatar m tn I used to drink very often until it started hurting very much to drink, my kidney would swell up and it would hurt in my lower back when I pressed on my kidney. Lately I've been getting pretty bad headaches, and had more vaginal discharge than usual with some blood in it and I finished my period about a week ago. I smoke marijuana to get ride of the pain but it only works a small percentage of the time.
599170 tn?1300973893 I was put on potassium pills because of my heart and that was the only thing low when I had a minor heartattack. I have noticed that when I take the potassium pills I am more energetic all day long. If I try to take a multivitimin then it makes me sick or makes my heart race. I wish I could find one that I could take.
Avatar f tn STart taking vitamins. Get a cat scan or ultrasound. You could have back pain from kidney/gall stones too. It could be an easy thing so dont pain. Cancer for ovarian is CA125 blood test - ask if they will do that too. Always get copies of your reports and tests and ask them to be explained to you. Keep looking for a reason. Maybe you have allergies and if so go to a dermatologist or allergist to find out. GOod luck.
Avatar f tn no change. Up all night, back and forth to the bathroom. No bladder or kidney pain, just a full bladder, every 2 hrs from 1030 pm to 6 am. Gosh I miss sleep!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed when I was 15 and am 22 now. I wanted to ask if any feels any nerve pain in their feet or hands? I feel a wave of nerve pain, sometimes stabbing, jolting, constantly in my hands and feet. Its mostly when my sugars are high but when they are normal, I still feel it.
Avatar f tn The best I can explain is like somebody's stabbing u in the kidney. Lol. Sometimes it feels crampy or sharp but I always have a dull pain. Mines so bad I have vicoden for when I can't stand it and a heating pad helps. Its hands down worse then labor itself.
Avatar m tn Samantha is a nearly 18 years old bichon fries and was diagnosed with kidney failure on Oct 2. She has good days and bad days. Sam has been on daily IV fluids since Oct. She takes zantac, vitamins, cranberry, denamarin and anti phosphorous medicine twice daily. She has lost considerable weight and lately has become disinterested in food. I am supplementing her kittle intake of food with nutrical. That's the bad news.
Avatar f tn I feel a palpitating pain on right hand corner of abdomen few times a day; similarly feel a palpitation pain on right hand side in between the diaphragm; back also hurts now and then, but not consistently. I feel really exhausted most of the times, low energy and tend to get confused and forget things. I went to Doctor to discuss in this regards, he gave me some probiotics and asked to take Metamucil for a week, given I had Kidney infection few months ago and was on antibiotics for few weeks.
Avatar f tn She said i have kidbey stones that i have to let pass and ive never been in such pain.. i was throwing up pisssing my pants and experiencing the kidney stones all at once. she gave me painkillers and im waiting for them to pass.. has anyone else had an experience with being preg with kidney stones??
Avatar n tn sometimes it feels as if my ribs are jumping over one another causing terrible pain,i don't know if that is the problem or muscel cramping
Avatar n tn I passed four and since around 24 weeks have one blocking urine flow from my kidneys to my bladder causing swelling and extreme pain. I have been on and off of pain killer s since the pain cause s pre mature labor and that is more risky. The only advice I have is a heating pad, drink tons of water and orange juice and lemonade also lemon in your water. I know how you feel! And if it gets bad enough they can give you stronger than tylonel. Vicaden and percacet are perfectly fine.
Avatar f tn But when my mom was pregnant with me the vitamins she took did some damage to my kidney. I was born and they discovered my kidney was not functioning. And had to have it removed at 7months. I cant put my child thru that and everyone is telling me it's gonna be very difficult for me to carry this baby that I will have alot of health risk with my one kidney... has anyone been in this situation or know someone that has? I scared to take vitamins for my child. :( please someone help.
2176548 tn?1340677817 I have had kidney infections before. I found heat helps with the pain. You can get ThermoCare Heat packs meant for the back. If you attach it a bit higher than the back and towards the side it helps. It stays hot for 8 hours. How long it is painful depends on how well or how quickly the meds work. Your doctor or pharmacist may be able to answer this question better. Good luck. Hope your pain doesn't last long.
Avatar m tn potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, vitamin B complex, or vitamins B1, B3, or B6 and Vitamin D. Get your kidney function, parathyroid gland function and adrenal function tests done because these affect the electrolyte balance in the body. Stress, alcohol, caffeine and fatigue all cause similar symptoms. Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into.
Avatar n tn m having severe muscle spasims to the point where ever the spasim is happening that my body part is conorting as the pain happens. It has happened in my feet, toes , my hands leggs ect. do you know what would cause this to happen?
1778927 tn?1381878747 I have 1 kidney and my creatinine is .75 which is great. That means my gfr is 105. BUN was 6 which is slightly low but good. The one thing that came back high was my b12 results. Normal ranges are 200-1100 and mine are 1590. He did not seem concerned but is this normal with one kidney? Maybe I can't filter as effectively? I overly take a lot do b vitamins and I am a vegetarian that is gluten free.
268911 tn?1213744781 For the past 4 years I've been on pain meds for several different reasons. Had a colon resection, two kidney stones, gall blader removed, apendectiomy, dental work, adhesions and a foot/leg problem that docs cant seem to figure out all of this in the past 4 years. Anyway.....I recently found out that I have Celiacs disease. This is where your body does not tollerate Gluten which is a substance in ALMOST everything we consume.
Avatar m tn I take omega oils,NAC (for reasons other than kidney) an Amino Acid variety, and a mult-vitamin. I know that with kidney disease at a more severe level they have prescription vitamins because regular vitamins contain potassium and calcium which are bad for your kidney. So I am not against it - just really cautious. I find family to be well meaning, but sometimes a little too helpful. Trust your gut, and always check with your kidney doctor first if it is anything you ingest or apply.