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599170 tn?1300977493 I was put on potassium pills because of my heart and that was the only thing low when I had a minor heartattack. I have noticed that when I take the potassium pills I am more energetic all day long. If I try to take a multivitimin then it makes me sick or makes my heart race. I wish I could find one that I could take.
90502 tn?1196367605 Egads.... Susan Thanks for passing this on... !!! I'm not even going to tell ya'll how many milligrams of that I have been taking daily for more than 20 years... WoW Makes me wonder how many others have been doing high doses for years.... I always did it because I smoked back then.. well up until last Nov. & I know that smoking depletes the vitamin C. As per REGULAR Daily Vitamins... I know that many here take centrum silver due to iron content...
Avatar f tn 5 years my now 17 year old has suffered chronic pain in her back (renal) area with lower abdominal pain both right side. She has reduced kidney function to that side by 10%, recurrent uti, but a partial duplex kidney system to the left. Various tests show inflamed ureter, constipation, slow transient bowel, inflammation around the ileac valve, urine ph usually around 6, protein +, leucocytes, but no actual diagnosis. No stones detected.
Avatar f tn Up all night, back and forth to the bathroom. No bladder or kidney pain, just a full bladder, every 2 hrs from 1030 pm to 6 am. Gosh I miss sleep!
Avatar n tn Renal CT scan showed 1 mm stone in right kidney, 2 even smaller stones in left kidney. Was given hydrocodone for pain and phenagren in case pain meds cause nausea and told to see a urologist asap. My question is, if the stones are still in my kidneys how can they be causing all the lower abdominal pain and pressure. This pain is worse after I walk much, and when my bladder is getting full before I urinate. Urination does NOT hurt though. I have had no fever at all.
861963 tn?1258081438 Every time I take non-prescription vitamins such as a, e, fish oil and calcium, I get pain in my lower back, which have ended up being bladder or urine infections. My question: is possible a doctor can give me certain vitamins intravenously so as to avoid my kidney and bladder? Furthermore, is it safe and healthy to get vitamins this way?
861963 tn?1258081438 Every time I take non-prescription vitamins such as a, e, fish oil and calcium, I get pain in my lower back, which have ended up being bladder or urine infections. My question: is possible a doctor can give me certain vitamins intravenously so as to avoid my kidney and bladder? Furthermore, is it safe and healthy to get vitamins this way?
861963 tn?1258081438 Every time I take non-prescription vitamins such as a, e, fish oil and calcium, I get pain in my lower back, which have ended up being bladder or urine infections. My question: is possible a doctor can give me certain vitamins intravenously so as to avoid my kidney and bladder? Furthermore, is it safe and healthy to get vitamins this way?
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing kidney spasms for quite sometime. When I gave up diet coke years ago they seemed to have disappeared, but now my vitamins are causing them again. They use to knock me down in agonizing pain and bloat my stomach at the same time. They are not quite as intense this time, but enough to worry me. My doctors write it off every time I bring it to their attention. I drink about 100 FL oz of water a day too. It's this something to worry about?
Avatar m tn If persistently elevated it needs therapy. Did you mean you have pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen? If the pain is due to a problem from the liver like hepatitis, you should have associated symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Are you an alcoholic? The pain could be from the gall bladder too. It could be if there is a stone in the gall bladder or if its wall is inflamed.
Avatar m tn Samantha is a nearly 18 years old bichon fries and was diagnosed with kidney failure on Oct 2. She has good days and bad days. Sam has been on daily IV fluids since Oct. She takes zantac, vitamins, cranberry, denamarin and anti phosphorous medicine twice daily. She has lost considerable weight and lately has become disinterested in food. I am supplementing her kittle intake of food with nutrical. That's the bad news.
Avatar f tn The best I can explain is like somebody's stabbing u in the kidney. Lol. Sometimes it feels crampy or sharp but I always have a dull pain. Mines so bad I have vicoden for when I can't stand it and a heating pad helps. Its hands down worse then labor itself.
Avatar f tn She said i have kidbey stones that i have to let pass and ive never been in such pain.. i was throwing up pisssing my pants and experiencing the kidney stones all at once. she gave me painkillers and im waiting for them to pass.. has anyone else had an experience with being preg with kidney stones??
2176548 tn?1340681417 I have had kidney infections before. I found heat helps with the pain. You can get ThermoCare Heat packs meant for the back. If you attach it a bit higher than the back and towards the side it helps. It stays hot for 8 hours. How long it is painful depends on how well or how quickly the meds work. Your doctor or pharmacist may be able to answer this question better. Good luck. Hope your pain doesn't last long.
Avatar n tn I passed four and since around 24 weeks have one blocking urine flow from my kidneys to my bladder causing swelling and extreme pain. I have been on and off of pain killer s since the pain cause s pre mature labor and that is more risky. The only advice I have is a heating pad, drink tons of water and orange juice and lemonade also lemon in your water. I know how you feel! And if it gets bad enough they can give you stronger than tylonel. Vicaden and percacet are perfectly fine.
Avatar n tn ) There's no interactions between vitamins/aminos and suboxone. SSRIs and 5htp/SAMe shouldn't be mixed as the vitamins have an identical effect as the SSRIs. But if your son has just started the sub I would recommend looking into the 5htp/SAMe as well as a multi-vitamin, B complex maybe? If you go to a health food store like GNC they'll be able to direct you to some helpful items as well. I responded to your PM - did you get it?
1028452 tn?1398781730 my mother gets an upset stomach and stomach pain from vitamins sometimes too, but thats her diverticulitus. yes liquid vitamins i would try if i were you. and also maybe get yourself a juicer and juice - that is the best way to get nutrients...but i do both juice and the vitamins.... margy what about when you eat food, does any particular food cause upset stomach or is it only the vitamins?
Avatar n tn Very unusual but it has been like this since I stopped taking them last week. How long till the kidney pain eases up. It's uncomfortable, but tolerable.
Avatar n tn Since having kidney stones currently and knowing what they feel like not being pregnant, I can safely say that I have had stones at least 3 other times between the ages of 17 and 27 (pain at that time was diagnosed as most likely a cyst -- when pain was severe - shortly thereafter went away - they said cyst burst - i am confident that the pain was kidney stones). With that being said, I'm tired of getting the kidney stones (as well as the tiredness, soreness and moodiness).
Avatar n tn For low back pain and abdominal pain, conditions like kidney infections, urinary tract stones, appendicitis, spine disorders have to be ruled out. Seek consult with your primary physician for a complete assessment and diagnostic tests.A warm compress over the area and OTC analgesics may be able to help temporarily. Do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn A friend is trying to sell me a nutrition supplement called Reliv. She says drinking supplements help you retain more vitamins than pills and that Reliv products give you everything you would ever need - vitamin and mineral wise. I need to find out if this is actually a good product to use or not. And a recommendation for a good supplement if this is not. Thanks.
1126418 tn?1326169592 What kind of vitamins should you take having MS? My doctor is not saying that I should take anything. At first I was on 50,000 ui of Vitamin D weekly until it got back up to normal and now I don't take any.
Avatar f tn Finally after she was in excruciating pain a x-ray was done and they found 2 kidney stones in right kidney. They had me give her pain meds for 2 days and the dr's figured they passed. Since then had a couple days that she was in a little pain. Then today started having really bad pain again, and more bleeding in urine. We're hoping they pass this time, and we'll be done with this. We don't have a family history of these, and follow up with the dr. next week.
3117443 tn?1341951735 I just had to let my old friend of 14 years go because of kidney failure. He was a typical Jack Russel Terrier and anyone who met him would not believe he was as old as he was. He still acted like the puppy I brought home so many years before. That was until the disease started taking over. I noticed he had not been eating and was quickly losing weight. Blood work was done and the diagnosis made.
Avatar n tn There are simple tests and procedures to diagnose kidney problems. I had such tests years ago to help differentiate my lower back pain. Turned out kidneys were fine and it was muscular. Tell your doctor you want kidney issues ruled out. If he doesn't take you serious, do your own adjustment and see another doctor. Hope it all works out.
Avatar m tn I have pain on left side , waist line in the kidney area > I was drinking beer when ever I can for 20 yrs.
Avatar f tn We are wondering if maybe this is functional abdominal pain or if maybe the stones are able to somehow trigger functional abdominal pain. - the pain can knock him over, not always, but it can - and does - multiple times a week - always had lower right quadrant pain - woken up in the middle of the night due to pain - been hospitalized twice due to pain - no medicine seems to help.
Avatar f tn Sound like kidney stones - perhaps trying to pass. Drink lots and lots of water and avoid coffee, tea... Even an excess of Ca++ can cause stones. If you are taking vitamins with too much calcium, it can build up and cause problems. They usually pass within a few days but you need to keep the urine dilute. If it is a stone, you should try to collect it and take it in to you family physican and find out what type of stone it is so you know what to avoid.
Avatar f tn I am a 27 year old pregnant female with a history of kidney stones since the age of 16. I normally get a kidney stone every 3 - 4 months but now that I am pregnant it has gotten to the point where I am getting them every week. This past weekend I rushed to the ER because I thought I was in labor. Instead of being in labor I found out that I had passed yet another stone this time it was an 8mm stone with no pain medication except 2 tylenol that my husband gave me before we went to the hospital.