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Avatar f tn My granddaughter (10) has just been diagnosed with SVT. (No treatment as yet). She was due to fly to the UK from NZ for Xmas to stay with her Dad. Her Mum NZ resident now says she can't fly. Is SVT a bar to flying in children? Other than these two episodes she is well and no other known underlying medical conditions. She would be flying with me and I am a registered nurse.
648439 tn?1225058862 Without wanting to appear too jaded the main reason for the keeness of NZ health practioners promoting people to stop early is because treatment is government funded, not funded by insurance companies. As far I understand treatment in America is not funded by government but rather by the insurance companies. I don't think it means that NZ is particularily go-ahead in this arena as they have only made treatment available to all Hep C sufferers in the past 2 years.
Avatar f tn I live in New Zealand and had surgery on my right eye for epiretinal membrane a month ago the surgeon informed me after the surgery that the membrane was tough and he had some difficulty peeling it. Since then I have had binocular distorted double vision .ihave been back to my optometrist but the lenses she has made up do not help.I now feel like a hot potato she doesn't want to make me any more lenses as it is costing her money .
Avatar f tn Depends on your doctor. Mine said I'd get another one around 35 weeks just to make sure i wasn't having a huge baby boy since I'm going for a vbac this time.
Avatar f tn It's definitely going to be in the thousands considering all the things that has to be done.
Avatar m tn Over the last 3-4 weeks I have developed slight persistant numbness/weakness in my left pinky and half of my left ring finger nearest the pinky, this is constant and also sporadic numbness/weakness in my feet (usually the top of the foot) and right hand during sleep. This tends to wake up, I can then 'shake out' this numbness/weakness and go back to sleep but not after lying there for a while wondering what is going on. I have been on a round the world trip for the last 9 months.
Avatar f tn Just thought I would let you all know for future reference if there are any sufferers in NZ, that I saw Dr Andrew Law yesterday, and found him to be excellent in every way. He has a good understanding of Chiari, Syrinx, Spina Bifida, amongst other things and was very helpful to me. He's very experienced (I did some homework!) and a really down to earth guy who takes a patient seriously.
Avatar f tn t find anywhere in the country to supply it. Is there anyone out there in NZ who knows where to get this stuff and is it worth it?
Avatar n tn I'm a US citizen traveling to NZ on a work visa. I'll be there for at least six months but due to the federal regulations in the US, I won't be able to take a six month supply of adderall with me. Will I be able to see a doctor and get a prescription while I'm overseas? If so, how much should I expect to pay for a 40mg a day prescription?
Avatar m tn In NZ there are some jobs that screen for Hcv but not most. (i.e. arbourers(SP? Tree cutting specialists). If you had Hcv they could not deny your employment because of it but would take precautionary measure re bleeding. Most here do not test.
763017 tn?1259518290 People can get health insurance but I would guess over 90% of people dont. The health insurance essentially pays for the best doctors NZ has to offer. They work at private hospitals that the average person doesnt have access too and health insurance also circumvents the long wait times that are often associated w/ "public" hospitals (e.g. if you need an operation, you may have to wait months, even years for it to happen).
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with myopic degeneration and receive the intraocular injection which is very effective. My insurance carrier will not cover the cost of the injection (medicine and surgery). If I had a diagnosis of macular degeneration it would be fully covered. I am looking for suggestions as to how to make my case with the insurance carrier that this is not a one time event but a chronic condition that if not treated would result in a loss of vision.
4536442 tn?1358820448 I'm from NZ :) But i'm living in Perth atm. Miss the place so so much!! Im due in 5days time. looking forward to bringing my girl back there in may!
Avatar n tn We have had several members from NZ....not sure if ne are still active right now...we have had clintsmum, and a few others.....I can only recall her name right now...sorry, but if u use the search this community feature u should be able to put in the topic to locate older threads on the topic of location and see if they r still active....they may troll and see this too...
Avatar n tn My husband (40 y/o,healthy)and I (40 y/o, healthy) are looking to get our health insurance coverage from next present. Right now we are on cobra GHI( extension from my previous work place) but they are asking me to change to EMPIRE PPO or EPO since they will not have GHI. I did not have dental and vision coverage previously but even if I want it they are saying they cannot add it. They are also asking for a one year committment.
Avatar f tn Hi Robyn...PM (private message) a member clintsmum....she is in NZ and is a big advocate for chiari awareness. She is not real active on the forum, but does keep in contact if u send her a message.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been in limbo land for 13 months now, with mainly MS or migraine being suggested as my problems, we live in NZ and are looking at relocating, just curious about health insurance overseas etc and preexisting conditions
Avatar m tn He lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, Im in NZ and want to know what to suggest. He will try get a doctors apt but its kinda urgent and being a new NZ person working in Aust, it may cost him hundreds of $ to even see a doctor…can he get a treatment over the counter in Aust?
Avatar n tn Hi... I had a protected sex with a girl in Massage Parlour in NZ. Here in NZ, parlours offer safe sex. So we have protected varginal sex for about 5 min. There was no kissing at all with the girl. Then I left the place. After that I have been fearing to get some STD's like HIV, Chlamydia etc from that single encounter. Please help me regarding this. . . . I am quite worried these days . . .
Avatar f tn Also, see if there is a birth center near you. I know our local BC has options for families with no insurance. The total out of pocket to deliver there and be seen throughout the pregnancy is about $4500 compared to 3x that amount about the hospital.
930762 tn?1244407904 I live in MO and without any insurance my prenatal care, delivery, and hospital stay from myself and baby was ~$20,000. The OBGYN charged about $3000 for all the visits, blood work, ultrasounds etc. BUT it is the hospital charges etc. that make the bill sky-rocket and many people dont even think about those. If there are any complications during the process the bill will be much higher.
4460811 tn?1355471314 Im 24 and 18/4 due 7th June with my first. Just wondering if anyone else is from NZ as ive only been living here a few months and maternity care is all totally different from the UK.
Avatar n tn s father insurance he has really good insurance...