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Avatar f tn If you have lets say BCBS and a prescription coverage is the covered? Medication for treatment?
1532707 tn?1312155924 I have BCBS group plan but not any vision and I was thinking about going to the opthamologist to see about my eye cause they feel dry alot of the time despite artificial tears. The other day I was just sitting on the couch and I saw stars. My MS started with optic neuritis but I thought it was a migraine and I never went to the doctor for it. Is it covered? I think its not nescessarily vision but it does pertain to the eyes. Whats your experience?
7459830 tn?1393896967 I have bcbs through a surgeons policy my mom has w the hospital and I do not have a breast pump covered so it just depends on policy. Theres a number on the card u can call to find out though.
Avatar f tn We have insurance through the military, and although they are awesome for regular doctor visits, surgery, etc... I have to pay out of pocket for my bloodwork (estradiol and beta), ultrasounds until they send me a check to reimburst it, fertility meds (triggers, clomid - whatever they are) and the IUI's. The IUI's are 195 each time and the bloodwork is 60 each time. I think u/s is 90 or 95... When I resigned from my job (we had bcbs - freaking awesome!
Avatar f tn My husband has a great insurance plan through his work. It's bcbs, my son only cost us $90 to have him and the ultrasounds were $25 for each one (I only had two). We pay A LOT of $$$ every month for the plan though. My husband knows more details than me but it's not cheap.
763297 tn?1281379425 If you work, you could find out what insurance your company uses and go through them. Otherwise I think a referral to a fertility specialist would qualify as pre-existing condition (arg!). I don't have experience with anyone other than BCBS and it is an individual plan. When I went through some fertility issues they barely covered a darn thing. I paid for most of it.
541844 tn?1244309824 It was approved for my husband by having copies of the latest research sent to the insurance company. My husband had been a nonresponder with cirrhosis so the situation may have helped get the approval. It is a very expensive medicine for the dosage required for HCV. It makes me sick that it is over the counter and a fraction of the cost in Mexico. The teaching hospital that we go to is doing trials with Alinia so that also helped get the approval.
763297 tn?1281379425 I know this can get expensive. I know allot of people go through finance. They get a loan. I wish, there would be insurance for fertility.
Avatar f tn For example, I have BCBS but it is a state health plan for teachers (a PPO) and a pump is not covered. But, my secondary insurance (also BCBS through my husband) covers a pump 100% with a form that says my primary insurance denies coverage. Call up your insurance mamas! If you can save that cash, go for it!
Avatar f tn Have you looked into getting tx for free thru a clinical trial site? The care is alot better than going thru BCBS, I have the same insurance and I'd pick a clinical trial site over blue shield any day of the week. They monitor you alot better than most.
Avatar m tn BUT when I call the doctor the office says they are not taking the insurance and BCBS list is not updated. I even have a rep from BCBS call the office and they tell the rep the same thing. I do not know if I should switch to the Humana POS or stay with my BCBS. My BCBS is an awesome plan if I can just get seen.
1253246 tn?1332073310 They are sending the orders.Also just got off the phone with BCBS and they WILL cover this test at 100%.Good News I think.I was ready to go with a pocket full of cash!!!UGH!!! Will let you all know cindy RobertBeWell-Have you got your results and how long did it take?
7750527 tn?1397990512 I'm 12 weeks and haven't seen any Dr yet because I'm waiting on the market place to approve insurance I'm so frustrated I've had a miscarriage before so I'm extra nervous. Has anybody els felt with insurance problems with the marketplace?
Avatar f tn We are researching IVF options with donor eggs and are trying to get a straight answer as to what BCBS actually covers if you use donor eggs. Anyone from Massachusetts (MA) that has gone through IVF with donor eggs with BCBS able to share the out of pocket expense of going this route?
Avatar f tn My husband has bcbs insurance..and I got free medela advance double electric breast pump..I called bcbs for confirmation and they told me the store that carry the product .I even didn't provide prescription. .
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone knew how to go about getting your free breast pump with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama? I called my insurance but was told to go online and so far I haven't been able to really find exactly what I need.
Avatar f tn when i got out of college i got health insurance through one of our local hospitals because it was cheaper than going with Wellmark BlueCross (a nationally recognized company). And being young and naive... i didnt think anythign bad would happen to me and i wanted the cheapest insurance i could get. I got that insurance in Jan 2010. In March 2010 i was dx'd with lovely chiari. I wanted to see a specialist but since i have ins thru a local hospital... i coudlnt go.
Avatar f tn I just got a bill for 400 bucks and the paper says denied for reaccurance. I have top of the line bcbs insurance. Will they only pay for one delivery or should I call and let them know this is a whole new pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Call the company that sent them to you to tell them of the misunderstanding. Because they will bill BCBS for both and BCBS will bill you for one.
Avatar f tn I too have BCBS and I live in Massachusetts, but my BCBS plan is out of NY (as our corporate office resides in NY), so I was not covered under Massachusetts laws (which mandates IVF coverage). It did allow me some coverage towards IVF, with a lifetime cap, but once I maxed that, DH and I had to purchase secondary insurance, which was out of Massachusetts and allows up to 6 covered IVF cycles.
Avatar f tn I have bcbs and they refused to cover anything other than a hand pump. I think it depends on what type of policy you have.
Avatar f tn *Right sorry
Avatar f tn I have bcbs and was told that none of my regular scheduled apts have a copay. It all depends on your plan. You.
Avatar f tn can any of you give any insight? I have BCBS but do not have a clue what I am looking at as far as my copay for treatment drugs. From the other board, I see that without ins, it is about 2500 a month. But what about with? I know I can't get free drugs.
Avatar n tn I bought my synthroid on walmart and last I got it I paid 17.85 with tax using my insurance card, if you dont have insurance it is $ 113.