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4896357 tn?1360674504 So, I purchase the very best insurance through the ACA web site. Blue Cross, Blue Shield Premier Platinum Extra with Dental and Vision. It costs me $1,157.00 per month for just me. They denied my Harvoni. They also have a one year wait for any major dental coverage. That must have been buried in the fine print. We will appeal and then seek assistance from the drug company. I'm still very pissed off right now. The ACA is a bad joke and our president is a bad joke.
1888202 tn?1320969465 The stroke left me in a coma for a month and my speech and right side weak, I managed to rehab myself pretty much but since my stroke my PTC/IIH has gotten worse and I am going in to the ER for LP's every 2 weeks.. I have no insurance and have not been able to work since my stroke because on my vision, everyday headaches and eye pain.. I am on the ground begging for anyone to listen and possibly help me... I need a shunt...
Avatar n tn I'm 52 years old and lived with severe monocular polyopia for years in my right eye from a cataract until vision in my left deteriorated enough (also due to cataract) so that I could have both eyes corrected properly at the same time. I was told that I really shouldn't be driving at night, my right eye was so bad (20/400 uncorrectable.
645390 tn?1338558977 Through my pharmacy company the cost without insurance or shared solutions is almost $4000. However with my insurance and the shared solutions program I only pay $30 per month. Doesn't Copaxone have a payment assistance program other than shared solutions which is for uninsured under insured individuals.
683231 tn?1467326617 I am seeing others who have BCBS and are going through Express Scripts being approved. I hope your doctor will be able to give them what ever they need. Like I mentioned above I was turned down and when I called it turned out my doctor had not sent all paperwork required or the insurance company had not received not sure which :) Like you I was crushed to get the rejection letter but the next day I was approved. Hang in there. I do believe you will get it.
3054080 tn?1358726456 Those of you who have been through this, has your insurance paid or were these doctors considered out of network? I realize this varies depending on insurance, but I am curious as to to others' experiences. Thank you so much for your prompt, informative responses!
279234 tn?1363108849 I guess you can say I'm frustrated. I see other people going through the same thing that I have and to me it's pretty bad when the doctor is scratching their head, not knowing what to do now because they put everything into one test result. We, as patients, then are left in a state of confusion because that one test meant everything. It is NOT suppose to be that way and the doctors should know that. It is clinically DX. The doctors are using technology as a crutch for their short comings.
Avatar f tn The tech that did my evoked potentials explained to me that the Gyne has an agreement with my insurance company about what she can charge, so she said to contact my insurance company. She told me to let the bill go to collections and they will investigate the claim if I tell them why I haven't paid it. Kind of scared to do that though. What's worse is I had to cancel my follow-up appt. because I didn't want another charge like that one.
Avatar m tn The Canadian Medical Association wants to mix private insurance into the government monopoly. There have been lawsuits demanding the right to buy private health insurance. David Sebald, a Toronto-based health care consultant who has lived in the U.S., calls for a co-payment system to "eliminate the hypochondriacs." I guess it is according to which website you pull up and choose to believe.
Avatar n tn Glad to see you here! :) In addition to ILADS, your state Lyme Disease association could be a good source of LLMDs. A local Lyme support group might be good, too, as they can tell you who is "the best" and who takes what insurance. Some insurance plans will cover meds. Mine is miraculously covering mine, and I even have an out of network referral to my LLMD as there wasn't anyone else in the area who could diagnose and treat me.
Avatar f tn Wow! I feel exactly the same way but I personally don't think it's in our heads! Our body reacts to pain like its ment to and boy does mine hurt like crazy! I haven't been diagnosed with FM but I am gonna go back to the doc soon and ask to have the test done! My doctor put me on Tramadol 50mg 3 times a day! I have noticed takeing long warm baths elps with the muscles aches but haven't found out how to relieve the numbing sensations! I'm here for ya!!
Avatar n tn I would love to hear from anyone who is going through this now too, or has gone through it before. I would love some help in how to get through this. Thanks!!!!!!!
15270411 tn?1439516194 He didn't take me serious about my hair loss even after I produced a glad sandwich bag full that was only 10 days worth, then I ran my fingers through my hair and 10 strands or more came out. He was shocked said that's not Supose to happen and FINALLY took me serious. I told him I don't want to be in the low normal ranges my expectation is to be in the optimal range with no severe side effects. So if I understand this right...
Avatar n tn I'm stunned I found this sight. And just in time. My life has become small and shut down. I've live w/chronic pain for almost 40 yrs but many friends don't know it. I left Colo (where the entire town knew) and had to come to San Diego to care for a parent. Now I can't even care for me. Have had 2 lumbar fusions. Use all the tricks.. yoga, acupuncture, mssg, pt, walking (PRAYING & BEGGING) and I've hit the skids. My neck now has 5 levels of bone on bone.
Avatar n tn I can't use tampons anymore, because I get so much discharge it goes right through my undies and pants! Very embarrassing and scary. Also: when I first got mine inserted, I would sometimes get a thick mucousy yellow-ish discharge. My doc said it was normal. But this past year I have been getting it more and more. Now I get it almost every day. It's pretty gross! Sometimes it's brown. I have also been having loose stools, a lot of gas and frequent heartburn for the past year.