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Avatar n tn I live in Illinois now but plan on moving back to Michigan to be around my family. Is anybody familiar with where I should try and purchase insurance? confused about where to set up ob appointments and how to to start this journey. First time mom to be. 7weeks.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with having infertility problems i have blue cross blue sheild that i purchased outside my job to cover for myself and husbands health. Is there anyway i can see a specialist to undergo ivf that the insurance will cover part of the cost?
443968 tn?1288612689 Someone (beside DH) like us struggling with conception, is hard not been able to talk with anyone but my hubby. So if you live around Grand Rapids Michigan and are going through ttc, well perhaps we can be friends or at least talk about this from time to time.
Avatar f tn I live in Michigan and I have no insurance I was wondering if you could get birth control for free? I know you can pay for it but I really can't afford it.
Avatar f tn Does anyone here know of many cases of Lyme in Michigan? Has anyone here had Lyme without the distinctive rash? Almost five months ago I suddenly began having a lot of very strange and painful symptoms that I hadn't been having before, but the ones that bother me the most are the visual symptoms and pain. Some of my visual symptoms are blurriness, double vision, visual snow, flashing and whiting out. The pain is everywhere, but a lot of it is in my head, face and neck.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a Neurologist specializing in prolonged aura in the south east michigan or northern Ohio area? I have has this prolonged aura (currently in treatment) for over a year and a half and my neurologist just up and moved out of the blue and he was highly researched in the area.
Avatar f tn Congrats on the baby!! I live in Michigan as well and the ob typically won't see you until 8 weeks unless you want to just go in and reconfirm the pregnancy via urine or blood testing. Also, you clearly need insurance so please dont feel bad about applying for Medicaid. ..sometimes things aren't always the way we want them but it'll get better. Make sure that you apply on line first and then head into an office...
Avatar f tn Sorry to hear that this has happpened to you :-( . Fortunately, you will not have to pay up front and upon delivery the hospital could assist you with medical expense help. Your former employer is shady...seriouly....they took insurance money out for two days? Wow. Even though the job did cancel your insurance on the first, I'd call the insurance company too because the policy may still be effective for one more pay period. Also, if you are in the U.S.
Avatar f tn anyone else have the misfortune to not have health insurance?...I have not been tested (levels) for a couple years now, and I am curious...anyone know the cost of just a lab scan?... I am losing ground...hoping for better...and at this point...not sure if I care...(yes, I do...I have a teenage daughter) any ideas?
Avatar f tn Or anyone familiar with how medicaid works? I recently applied. I have insurance now but learned I had a high deductible and can't afford it. I was approved for medicaid. I guess I have to pick an HMO that my dr takes, correct? Now, it says my deductible is $0. So does that mean like I pay nothing at guessing once I pick my hmo I'll know more? Im just so confused.
6711072 tn?1384011253 Does anyone know if Coventry Cares of Michigan (Medicaid) cover gastroenterologist visits?
Avatar m tn i posted yesterday on this forum concerning cataract surgery in both eyes and the implantation of crystalens (under chickenpotpie). I am at the point of quickly running out of options except trying to live with highly compromised sight. My surgeon offered Yag surgery to clean up the fogging vision and then another Yag surgery to remove scar tissue he says is around the lens. I had a second opinion and they disagree with diagnosis and see no scar tissue.
Avatar f tn So i just found out im pregnant. I live in michigan and do not think i qualify for medicade because i am a small business owner. But that doesnt mean i can afgord everything. I just started the business less than 6 mo ago. I talked to an insurance rep and he told me no one will insure me because i am already pregnant. I am not married and do not live with the father of the baby. What else do i do?
Avatar f tn So my insurance will cover a breast pump from either a pharmacy or medical supply store but every place I have contacted only carries them for renting. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn So this was obviously not planned. I am very nervous. I am far from being financially ready. I don't have insurance. Any advice on how to get insurance in michigan. I really want to go to a doctor and most are book till February but I would like to see one now. I'm 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn When can I expect my vision to stabilize? Has anyone had this procedure and been able to wear corrective lens or contacts for 20/20 vision afterward? What about LASIK or ICLs afterward? I have to have scleral buckle on my left eye later this year?
Avatar n tn Where do you live? I'm in Michigan and my friend was able to get help from the state while she was off work and she got paid leave from work. The state help depends on your household income tho. I don't qualify because my husband has a decent job. She is unmarried so they look at things like that. It's possible you may get help considering you won't get paid on your leave.
Avatar f tn But I also have medicaid because it covers any pregnancy costs my insurance doesnt cover and it will give my son insurance when he's born. So basically im under 2 insurances until after I give birth and then I will go back to just having hers.
Avatar n tn Are there any special considerations for doing cataract surgery on a patient who has AMD (wet in one eye, dry in the other)? It seems one should stay with the single vision lens rather than Restor, Rezoom, or Crystalens. Should one get a second opinion from a major eye center like Kellogg at U of Michigan before proceeding?
7945295 tn?1397658820 Not true. I'm in Michigan and 9 weeks and see my ob today. I'm not sure how all hospitals work but my insurance hasn't kicked in but I'm in the system as "pending insurance" bc mine kicks in April 1. They will still send all my bills to the insurance bc it's in the system that I will have it. Insurance companies look at pregnancy like a packaged deal, not individual appointments. If I were you, I would call the OB and explain your situation and ask them.
7708430 tn?1394287500 I'm in Michigan and mine covers it, this is my 3rd boy, my other 2 have been covered and my youngest son besides the one I'm pregnant with is 22months old
1278876 tn?1304908319 Does anyone else that has medicaid or know about it know if I can go to the appointment without the insurance medicaid card and they will just bill it to medicaid and I will be able to bring in the card when I get it?
Avatar m tn Does anyone have a neurosurgeon in Michigan and/or Indiana who they would recommend- neurosurgeon(s) who has performed successful surgery on cervical vertebrae. I have big problems between C5-6 and C6-7. Don't know if I will qualify for artificial disc replacemt or fusion surgery, but have lived in pain for yrs.