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Avatar n tn My husband (40 y/o,healthy)and I (40 y/o, healthy) are looking to get our health insurance coverage from next present. Right now we are on cobra GHI( extension from my previous work place) but they are asking me to change to EMPIRE PPO or EPO since they will not have GHI. I did not have dental and vision coverage previously but even if I want it they are saying they cannot add it. They are also asking for a one year committment.
Avatar m tn the insurance offered at my DHs last employer would cost us $480 a month, 20% co-pay on meds, and $50 co-pay on office visits to my neuro. The month we were eligible to sign up for the insurance I saw my neuro 3 times, plus was in the office infusion center 3 times for steroid treatment. That one month would have seen us spend $300+ on me, money we don't have.
Avatar f tn So i was wondering if and when should you get life insurance on your child? There are so many things that you are doing to prepare for your child but we never think about the bigger things like wills, life let me know what y'all have done. Thank you for answering.
Avatar m tn Hello, i am a 15 year old boy. Lately for the past 2 weeks, i have been having these horrible episodes of extreme pressure on the top of my head. I have changed most of my habits and nothing has seemed to have been working. I feel like i'm pulling weight on my head, and that i'm going to pass out. My vision is perfect (although i'm "blinded" one eye because i threw my left contact out), BP is normal, and i get the usual 8 hours of sleep.
Avatar f tn I also have Blue Cross Blue Sheild and I spoke to them the other day and they said they cover a standard electric pump but not hospital grade, with a preferred or participating providers they cover 100%.
Avatar f tn I am in an even larger dilemma because my insurance only covers providers who work for my company. I work from home, in a DIFFERENT state, so my insurance is pretty much useless to me. Because of this reason and the cost, I am dropping my insurance, effective 1/1/12 and will not have insurance at all.
Avatar f tn I so agree that with the rising costs of Health Care, so many people not having Medical Insurance at all or Insurance that is practically useless on paying that the people of America Need Help. It is terrible that so many are forced to decide whether they are going to go to their Dr.'s visit and get their necessary medications this week or if they are going to eat. It Really Breaks My Heart that so many good people are stuck in such a bad spot in their lives.
Avatar n tn ve heard that SynergEyes are not quite as comfortable as soft contacts but provide sharper vision. Their multifocal model is supposed to provide much better vision than soft multifocals. You can get a list of local providers from the manufacturer, who could probably put you in touch with happy patients.
Avatar f tn I am not sure at this point. On the individual explanation of benefits sheets, of which they included approximately 30, the ones dated in Feb. & March of 08 showed a discount that has been posted and then they show a total which is listed under patient responsibility.(it appears to be 50/50.) I have had 6 rounds of Rituxin, attempting to obliterate the Cryo. My last Cryo test showed that it was gone? Each session cost $19,631!!!!!
Avatar m tn Thank you. This is exactly what his teachers' recommended. I will reach out to the guidance counselor as well for local resources. THANK YOU!!
Avatar m tn That is currently subsiding now i feel like my vision is starting to get worse. (double vision/blurry) The only reason i am posting here is because i'm so worried that i have MS. I really don't want to find out i do, and at only 16 years of age that would be devistating to me. BUT, i had anxiety when i was younger so it might have to do with that. I just want to know whats wrong with me... that's it. Otherwise all i can do is sit and worry all day of what i might have.
Avatar f tn Im still on my aunts insurance (she was my legal guardian) while im still in college. But I also have medicaid because it covers any pregnancy costs my insurance doesnt cover and it will give my son insurance when he's born. So basically im under 2 insurances until after I give birth and then I will go back to just having hers.
521840 tn?1348840771 Many people call or write me asking how they can find treatment if they do not have insurance or can not pay their deductibles. It is extremely frustrating to need help and not be able to afford it, even if you have insurance. It is sad that many insurance companies do not cover psychological and psychiatric services to the extent that all of their subscribers can access care. Unfortunately, many psychologists can no longer afford to participate with insurance companies or Medicaid/Medicare.
Avatar m tn The providers are overseas providers who submit claims for US citizens. Under their contract they do not submit codes but the procedure description and the insurer adds the codes and then determines if the billed amount exceeds the maximum allowable. In this case the 7 lab tests were clearly identified on the receipt to the patient who paid a copay. Simple tests such as urinalysis, CBC, Creatinine etc.
Avatar n tn What type of health insurance is available to a Canadian wanting bow leg correction surgery with Dr. Dror Paley in MD or Dr. J. Dean Cole in FL? Are there any specific international medical insurance carrier(s) that you recommend? Has anyone successfully done this through B.C.’s MSP? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Me and my daughter are new to the Fairfield, OH area and need help finding good doctors that accept CareSource Insurance. I am needing to find a Pediatrician, Family Doctor, Gynecologist, Dentist, and Optomotrist/Ophthalmologist. Can someone please help with this? Blessings!
Avatar f tn We don’t make suggestions for physicians. Your primary or insurance company may be able to provide you with a referral or list of providers within your insurance.
Avatar n tn I have a 515 Paradigm Pump , I am having an issue with Insurance covering my pump supplies which cost me over $ 557 every three months out of pocket... does anyone have any suggestions on where to shop for supplies that might be cheaper since I am paying for them out of pocket , any help is greatly appreciated !!!
Avatar m tn I am experiencing blackouts of vision for seconds at a time from 1 second up to 30 seconds at a time. My eyes are regularly dry and I have to use eye drops. I have family history of graves disease, low thyroid and diabetes. I am wondering if these are symptoms of some kind of disease or something else.
477746 tn?1254784547 Getting health insurance providers to cover the full-range of medical issues equally would be a great step towards helping a lot of people that otherwise couldn't afford to seek treatment (or fear reprisal from their employer for seeking treatment). I hate how much control insurance providers have over health care decisions in the US. But thank you for asking, I'm doing great by the way. Had some good things happen recently that I'm really looking forward to.
Avatar n tn Hope everyone didnot get $$$ taken from them. My doc tried. I fought with them and my insurance . Insurance paid for them and the doc had to write off a major portion of the bill. They did not want to file for the lens just because of having to mark it off since they were providers.
Avatar f tn It's not the providers that want to save money, it's the insurance companies. Providers, like myself, get very frustrated that insurance companies essentially dictate our prescribing practices. To get a brand name medication approved it has to go through a very time consuming process that essentially delays our patients from starting the much needed medication.
Avatar f tn I just received mine using my insurance its a medela pump and I got it from a medical supplies company that shipped to me In less than a week!
Avatar f tn and you may no longer be able to deal or hire directly from the various providers if they will be covered by insurance. This is the perfect solution to which no known problem existed and is the case in NewYork.
Avatar f tn I answered you in my first reply, you need to be evaluated by a medical doctor. Depending on the doctor's office policy he/she might see you w/o a parent/guardian present. As for having parent/guardian with you, I think the doctor's office might want it for insurance purposes. They don't want some random kid showing up getting treatment and not having a way to pay them.