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Avatar n tn s father insurance he has really good insurance...
768015 tn?1333652075 I live in NJ and make to much on unemployment to get help from the state (according to NJ Family Care). Even though my daughter gets her insurance through them which makes no sense to me being that I am her mother. Is it ok that I may not get to a doctor for a while? I'm nervous and praying that I will hear from the insurance company soon.
Avatar m tn I am 35 years old male in NJ and have been diagnose with cataract in my left eye. The cataract is right on my pupil and my vision is completely blurred. I have been like this since birth. My question is there any surgery or help for my vision? I have been to two eye doctors and they did not know of any surgery to help me. Any advise would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have been reading some of the posts about the cost of suboxone or subutex treatment without insurance and with insurance. Is anyone from the NJ area that needs suboxone treatment? The pricing I have read is not at all what I have experienced. I can help you. Let me know. NJ area. Thanks.
Avatar f tn In NJ they did a refraction every year. My vision has stabilized only 2 times my entire life. I am 47 and worried about my low vision. I can barely read, I can’t see the TV. My eyes are dry. Driving during the day in bright sun or even overcast is practically blinding. Driving at night all I see is halos and it looks like cats are driving head on into me. Is this it? My eye sight is just going to ruin the rest of my life? I am a -12.50 and a -12.00 with an astigmatism.
Avatar f tn having trouble getting help for my daughter. Does anyone know of somewhere in Nj that could help with in or out patient care. We have recently discovered that our daughter is addicted to heroine. She has been detoxing at home after taking her to the hospital to detox, and was not admitted because there was not enough in her system. She was hoping for charity care but that was not happening. It was at her cue to take her to get help. We are at her side and am supporting her in any way possible.
Avatar f tn You should be entitled to up to 4 paid weeks off before you deliver under Temporary Disability Insurance, 12-14 weeks paid time off after under Temporary Disability Insurance and NJ Family Leave Insurance, and then an additional 6 weeks unpaid time off under NJFLA. Link to NJ Temporary Disability Information: Link for NJFLI: For FMLA: http://www.dol.
1063764 tn?1272821064 I'm a 23 year old female without medical insurance. I need to see two different specialists, one of them a few times a year. But because I don't have insurance I can't afford to anymore. I have not been able to find an individual health care plan for myself that I can afford. I currently don't have a job, but as soon as I am employed medical insurance is one of the things I'll be getting. Can anyone guide me in a direction so I can find some health care plans that suit me?
Avatar n tn I need to talk to either a psychologist or psychiatrist in central New Jersey. Although I have medical insurance at work it does not cover mental health. I was diagnosed with severe depression and borderline personalty disorder back in 2006. Since then I have been holding on but the last few weeks have been to much to bare. Thoughts of suicide and cutting have entered my mind but I have held that off obviously. Does anyone know if there is someone I can talk to for free regarding my needs?
1294547 tn?1275655777 (over a few weeks time). Does this sound familiar to anyone else? For insurance reasons I can not have my MRI done untill the fall. Plus my Neurologist seems to think that if I just go to a gym my symptoms will go away. (I left that visit feeling like he thought I was just a fat hysterical woman) Well, I am very active and have increased my activity but the symptoms are still there. The symptoms are more pronounced when I am stressed. Could it really just be caused by anxiety?
Avatar m tn to be required to get insurance under Obama Care. We actually have a form that waives us from the penalty of not having insurance. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. And, because we don't have children, we don't qualify for medicare/caid or any of the other charity insurance. I don't know what to do. I am so sick, and so tired. I know I will loose my job if I stay this sick.
3107154 tn?1361917605 is so he may have pains or odd sensations , even blurred vision at times and since having it since birth will not know to complain about it. We adjust to what we always have and accept much of it as our "normal" and do not know other do not mistake him not crying out in pain as not being symptomatic. The Platybasia also known as basilar impression is not uncommon for those with chiari....
Avatar f tn Hey guys. I'm new. I live in Bloomfield, NJ. I need a good dentist that accepts Medicaid Insurance. I have this pus and blood filled bump in the roof of my mouth that comes and goes after it erupts. I had four wisdom teeth pulled then I went to the emergency dental and they took x-rays and stated that there was a piece of instrument left in my tooth. They did a temporary root canal done 2004 and some caps taken off.
927707 tn?1244133034 I live in New Jersey and my husband and I need affordable health insurance. He owns his own business and we are paying close to $900 dollars a month for doctor visits, hospital, prescriptions, laboratory, diagnostics etc. We currently have United Health Care/ Oxford. We did have Cobra when I left my job, but that was too expensive $1300.00/ month. With our Cobra we didn't need referrals, but with Oxford we need referrals. Our copay is $30.00 for doctor visits and $50.00 for specialist.
Avatar m tn Check on the web for "social services TX" or similar. In NJ such a search turns up the NJ Department of Human Services and it does provide for assistance for people in NJ who need medical help but can not afford it, and have no insurance. I would think Texas would have something similar. The federal government also has Medicaid help if one qualifies. I believe there is a way to get the medical attention you sister needs.
Avatar f tn When I found out I was pregnant I called my insurance to see what was covered. They said all prenatal care was covered. A $700 deductible for delivery and only covers 70% after that. I was like ok. I don't need to rush for medical. Now I got a bill for my ultrasound and some of the blood work they did. I was confused so I called them again. This time I was told they only cover ultrasounds for high risk pregnancies. Wtf? I am so mad. I owe $705 that I don't have.
Avatar f tn I know of rehab centers in NJ Seabrook house you dont have to go to one in your state....this palce has a program for all ages and types of addictions I was living in Ohio and went to this one in NJ.....How old is your son?
Avatar f tn That's a damn shame, i live in NJ and my friend who works in NJ said she received around 560 a week...
667735 tn?1253200103 I have seen some of the top hepatologist in the USA if not the world, Dr Afdhal, Dr Reddy, Dr Leevy and they all had the unmost praise and respect for the NJ docs you are bashing. The NJ Doc you know that I see had a major role in the cutting edge Win-R trail. He is a GI but has as much knowledge as the "top Hepatologist" I have seen. Not sure how it happen but sounds like you slipped through the cracks somehow.
Avatar m tn For about the past week I've been having a sparkle to my vision when looking at the sky. I've had floaters for a while, but this is different. After about a second I notice sparkles all over the place and go right away if i focus onto something dark (like the lawn or trees). I am also noticing some of the sparkling in normal vision just looking around. I've been to 2 respected retinal surgeons in my area and they say my retina is fine and that it may be a sign of a type of migraine.
572651 tn?1530999357 Unfortunately, that will be the case for all of us, Dan. With no longer having Pre-Existing Conditions; insurers had to raise costs to pay for the influx in claims they will be incurring next year. My employer selected a 70/30 plan last year in anticipation; however, they reimburse 1500 of our 2000 deductible. I of course had my MRI since our enrollment term rolled over.
Avatar f tn Check with your health insurance. The nurses should recommend classes that are covered by insurance.
1103574 tn?1257958576 After nine years and several doctors and contact lens, I still do not have a good fit on one of my eyes. Is there anything someone could suggest to resolve my problem. Dr. Peter Hersh in NJ, where I live, suggested CK to try to make my cornea more of a normal shape so I may be fitted with a contact lens or maybe even Lasik. I considered this but it can be costly and insurance will not cover. If this is my only option I will try it. Would appreciate any insight.