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Avatar f tn If the bone transplant was due to blood leukemia or severe anemia, then this needs to be checked first for a recurrence. In all possibility the symptoms you have could be due to a viral infection. Drink plenty of hot fluids like soups, herbal tea, warm lemonade etc. Canker sores can be due to viral fever or even due to Vit deficiency. Get an appointment with your PCP and meanwhile take acetaminophen to keep the body ache down.
Avatar m tn He was diagnosed with urinary tract infection 1 week back. He was under medication (antibiotics) for a weeks time. Now since yesterday, he as started limping. His ind legs seems to be creating problems. I read in the internet tat on account of contracting UTI and the medicines, limping does get in but eventually goes away. Can someone pls share light on this?
Avatar n tn If you temperature keeps fluctuating, going up and down, you may have an infection which may be a bacterial or a viral one. It is still worth making an appointment to see your doctor to check you out. If the doctor feels it is a bacterial infection, you will get prescribed with an antibiotic. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Avatar m tn The doctor said that swollen gums may be caused my any viral infection as the body fights off the infection. It sounds like I have no reason to be concerned?
Avatar n tn He has lost 12 pounds, has been in and out of the hospital and each time is diagnosed with a viral infection. I was curious what your thoughts are in regards to the symptoms he has been experiencing. It all started after a work out at the gym. He was driving home and felt as if he was going to pass out. The drive home took 45 minutes when it should have only took 20. He said he kept getting lost.
Avatar m tn For roughly the last 2 months I been told by a Dr that I was fighting a viral infection all the flu symptoms went away besides my 2 mouth ulcers and diarrhea. at first the Dr said don't worry about it but how can i not if its been 2 months and still their... I'm worried that it can be something major but who knows... I just pray to god to take my pain away since its hard for me to deal with this. please if anyone can help let me know thank you!
Avatar m tn For two days he was treated with IV antibiotics and now on Oral antibiotics. The limping is improved but still he is slightly limping. Could any body please guide me on this? Please.
Avatar f tn On Friday, me precious 24 month old started limping and came down with a 101+ fever at the same time. Next day, her limping got worse, fever for worse, and her appetite went way down. Plus she was much less active (makes sense). Folks her to ER. And we've been here ever since. They've done x-rays, ultrasounds, urine sample, nose swab, blood work on Sat and Sun. Plus tons of physical and gait exams. We now have a MRI and lumbar puncture scheduled for today (Mon).
Avatar m tn We used this type of collar instead of the Renaissance collar usually provided by veterinarians. When we removed it this evening, our dog is limping on his right front leg. We can move the leg, feel his paws, and does walk on it, but will favor or lift the leg when walking or resting. What could be wrong? I plan to take him or call the vet tomorrow, but was just wondering if anyone might have a clue of what is wrong?
Avatar f tn As she was putting him down he twisted out of her hands and landed badly. He was limping and meowing in pain. When I first saw him he was very calm, but hiding in the hallway. He allowed me to feel all four of his legs, squeeze along the knee joints and paws. I tried playing with a laser light to see if he would walk for me and he was very lethargic. In a person I would call his reactions "guarded", he was walking but very slowly and not with the usual vigor with which he played.
Avatar m tn Yesterday, the male was really lethargic, not wanting to play or eat, and when he walked to the litter box I noticed he was limping on his right front leg. He was putting some pressure on the leg, but very carefully, and tried not to walk. We took both into the vet. The vet said he had two centers of pain, the wrist and elbow, but she didn't feel an obvious break. He also had a fever of around 104.5.
Avatar n tn he was sent home and got his tetnus shot the docor put him on antibiotics but his foot is really swollen and red on the top of his foot near his toes he is limping but seems to walk okay most of the time, is this a sign of infection?
Avatar f tn Serious! It doesn't sound good at all. It could b very infected and his breathing could b from the pain he's n or b because his body if fight really hard to get rid of the infection. If it's infection it doesn't sound like he's winning. Please take him n. It could also b something more then just a cut. Hopefully nothings n it and it's not broke anywhere. There r places that will let u make payments. I've had cats and dogs my entire life.
Avatar m tn hi my greyhond has been licking his toes for a few days, he is limping a tiny bit and holding his paw up i have notice under two of his toe nails he seems to have growing new nails is it something a vet needs to look at he isntcrying out in pain he is also getting off the settee and stretching ok he is eating and drinking normally and toileting the same
Avatar n tn I have seen many doctors who have concluded that it may be the beginnings of an autoimmune disease or a post-viral infection. I am looking to get some more information on either if these diagnoses or on other possible reasons for the illness, parastic? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Hello. I have an unidentified viral infection, and I'm hoping that someone here can shed some light on my situation for me. It all started after receiving oral sex from a female. The reason that I don't post this in the STD forum is because I've already been tested for all STD's multiple times, and I will explain more below. I will post all of my symptoms that I've had for the past 16 weeks, week by week. Btw, I am a 28 year old male.
Avatar n tn The physician there didnt mention much but suggested that I have gallbladder viral infection. No gallstones appear. My question is: Could I have any type of Hepatitis related to Gallbladder?? I've had a passing fever last week for one day. I also have very dark urine, all day long fatigue and a yellow skin for 2 days. Thank you.
613536 tn?1294238447 t have a fever (that I can feel). She was not like this a few days ago. We suspect that she has a viral infection (just by what she has been doing). Has anybody ever dealt with this?
Avatar f tn can too much Tylenol cause stomach infection? pain is on lower right side near belly button. 100% not pregnant, I got periods and pelivic exams that were normal. could I have a stomach infection? around 2 hours ago I pressed on my pain and heard bubbling. I also passed a lot of gas this morning, have diarrhea, and fatigue. The pain was horrible two months ago and I kept limping while walking. I also have pain on my lower right side back. Help?
Avatar n tn went to arthritis dr and did xrays, bloodwork, etc only to find out everything was negative except my hep c viral count was over 3 million and out of remission. Since i started on interferon/ribavirin combo treatment it has gotten better but the side effects of this treatment caused other problems and have since stopped treatment and am taking alternative natural meds. My question is....does anyone know of something I can take for the horrible joint pain?