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Avatar m tn I called my family doctor who told me that my results show that there is NO infection in the urine, but my leukocytes (white blood cells) are at 25, which is out of it's normal range (0-5). Although I do feel better, I still have today and tomorrow to complete the Ciprofloxicin. I also am not in excruciating pain at all, nor do I feel sick, but still a little sore and sensitive in my kidneys. I just want to know, is this normal?
Avatar f tn my daughter has a very strong heartbeat her kidneys are functioning well her bladder is full of urine and our heart is perfect so how can I terminate a perfect little baby. I want to wait and see how long she can stay inside of me without me going into labor or catching some type of infection which will forced me to have a cesarean...and if i have a cesarean before the 24 weeks the baby will not survive... this is very sad and hard hard deal with.
Avatar f tn Today I went to the doctors and they found blood cells blood and protein in my urine. When my doctor looked at my blood work it was high in white blood cells and low in potassium and b12. She is very concerned about an infection but I have a typical symptoms. No fever etc. Just a every bad skin irritation. She put me on a topical cream but I'm still very concerned about the heartbeat to it seemed to have a murmur almost today which it never had.
Avatar m tn I saw their PA, and she said it was either fluid buildup or blood buildup / clot and it was not torsion and ordered a urine test and ultrasound which I insisted be done immediately and it was. Thursday the doctor's office said that the prescriptions I was on were correct but still didn't say why.
Avatar n tn when I have sex with my boyfriend I notice that I often swell up,for about 2-3hrs.Also after we get done as I release urine I often notice a burning sensation.My question is how can I prevent these problems?and why is it happening?
Avatar m tn Not likely
Avatar n tn They said that he has a bladder infection(his urine looks like fruit punch!). They said that he could go ceptic. I want to know if this happens alot with prostate biopsys? Im very worried and dont know what to do!
Avatar m tn Hi, Two weeks ago I had unprotected sex, on Tuesday. Two days following, Thursday, I started to show symptoms, yellowish discharge and burning sensation when urinating. I unfortunately don't have insurance and had to rely on free clinics to diagnose and treat me. I visited the clinic on the following Monday. They did a urinalysis to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and was told I had to wait 1 week for the results. The results came back and I tested positive for Gonorrhea.
7922729 tn?1395412225 Before leaving that day a urine culture was taken, which grew into Klebsiella. I was put on a round of A/B and meds to treat the symptoms. Also during this time it was discovered that I now have a enterocele (intestines fell into space left by uterus), which makes having a BM difficult and extremely painful. A week after the meds were gone, I started having UTI symptoms again. Another culture showed staphylococcus aureus, at this time I was severely dehydrated and weak.
Avatar n tn Maybe, but were you treated? If you weren't treated, and had a false negative on the test, then you both are re-infected now. I'd suggest both of you getting re-tested, and this time, get a urine test done. Just don't pee for at least an hour before the test, and give them the first part of your urine stream only, and the test should be accurate.
Avatar m tn With fever and anemia, kidney should be reassessed for infection. Kidney infection cause anemia. A urine examination should be done and if RBC are detected in them, then complete kidney function panel should be done. Leukemias, liver infections, parasitic infects of gut like amebiasis and giardiasis and SLE can all cause anemia and fever. Do discuss this with your doctor and get your father examined in this line. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Is there any difficulty passing urine or blood in urine after the procedure? If yes, then a visit to the urologist is a must. Also, discuss with your urologist regarding the possibility of an obstruction the urinary tract. Best.
1285326 tn?1433024464 A bladder infection could make your penis sore due to the acidic urine. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Don't that that because you are going a lot to empty your bladder that you have to drink less. This is not so. When you have your appointment with the doctor, take a morning mid stream urine sample with you. The doctor's surgery will provide you with a sterilized urine specimen bottle for you to do your sample in. The morning sample is the strongest.
9062499 tn?1426957962 I'm 19+4 weeks. I have never had urine infection in my previous pregnancies. I have had it for the past 2 months and now for the past couple of days I'm really itchy down there. Just wanted to know is it itchy due to the urine infection? I have been prescribed antibiotics by the midwife to clear it up. Need to start them today.
Avatar n tn Hi i'm suffering from urine problem since 02 months.... when i passed urine it's color is pale and bad smelling also. and i had back ache also. i have done urine culture and ufr also. dr diagnosed it's a urine infection and given some medicine also. i took it for 2 weeks. but the problem is still there...
Avatar m tn Doctor just diagnosed urine infection how long after taking co amoxiclav should I start to feel better
Avatar m tn How long does it take co amoxiclav to work on clearing a urine infection