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Avatar m tn I think Co-amoxiclav is prescribe by doctors during the period of pregnancy, when urine infection arise and it would have some side effects like skin infections and dental infections. Period is depend on the condition of patient.
Avatar n tn The choice of antibiotic varies person to person and depends on the severity of the infection, frequency of UTI attacks, urine culture report if available. It is not advisable to prescribe any antibiotic without clinical examination and investigations. Discuss it with your urologist. I hope it helps. Take care!
1285326 tn?1433024464 A bladder infection could make your penis sore due to the acidic urine. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Don't that that because you are going a lot to empty your bladder that you have to drink less. This is not so. When you have your appointment with the doctor, take a morning mid stream urine sample with you. The doctor's surgery will provide you with a sterilized urine specimen bottle for you to do your sample in. The morning sample is the strongest.
Avatar f tn My primary care checked me for UTI and yeast infection. I did have glucose in my urine and a yeast infection for which I was treated with Diflucan and Metronizal gel.I was treated for vaginosis. I am not sexually active. The symptoms subsided after weaning off of the Prozac but have returned with resuming the Zoloft.Mentally I feel much better. Today I increased my Zoloft from 12.5 mg to 25 mg.
Avatar n tn I think this is an infection that has developed over the last decade. It started from an infection of my penis, the symptoms of which included: burning when urinating, pain after urinating, and the veins became more visible. The first two symptoms have gone, but now urine isn't fully expelled from by body and i need to force it out by massaging the skin behind my scrotum. I have gone to the doctors several times. The first time i got antibiotics and the UTI i had disappeared.
Avatar f tn Pain in the flank region could be due to various reasons like renal stones, muscle spasm, urinary tract infection etc. I would recommend that you get a urine analysis, ultrasound abdomen and consult a urologist for further assistance on this. Best.
Avatar f tn 4 days later I started bleeding,(not bleeding until then), pain in ab, fever 99.7, bad headache. blood in urine and blood in my stool, very loose stool, in the toilet there is a ring around the bowl of blood. went to a walk in clinic, (my dr on vacation... figures) They put me on metronetazol 500mg 2x day and Levequin 500mg 1x. on meds for 3 days now, shouldnt the blood in my unrine and stool be going away. how long does it take or should I go to the ER?
9062499 tn?1426957962 I'm 19+4 weeks. I have never had urine infection in my previous pregnancies. I have had it for the past 2 months and now for the past couple of days I'm really itchy down there. Just wanted to know is it itchy due to the urine infection? I have been prescribed antibiotics by the midwife to clear it up. Need to start them today.
Avatar n tn Hi i'm suffering from urine problem since 02 months.... when i passed urine it's color is pale and bad smelling also. and i had back ache also. i have done urine culture and ufr also. dr diagnosed it's a urine infection and given some medicine also. i took it for 2 weeks. but the problem is still there...
Avatar m tn How long does it take co amoxiclav to work on clearing a urine infection
Avatar f tn Im from uk. But surely the outcome would be the same i should have been given something. Last time i had a water infection it went onto my kidneys and caused me to bleed at 27 weeks. Im now 35 weeks so dont want that to happen again.
Avatar f tn Hiya im 33+4 and i felt like i had a urine infection yesterday but ive drunk loads of cranberry juice and feel fine this morning just wanted peoples opinion on whether i should still go the doctors or not thank you for ur replies in advance :) xx
Avatar f tn Hi, Even if the surgery is effective, the chances of getting recurrent UTI is quite common and thus there’s a possibility of the same even if the surgery was quite effective. I’ll suggest getting a urine analysis done along with a urine culture. She might need further antibiotics depending on the urine report. Please do ensure that she takes a lot of water as that’s got a good flushing effect on the bacteria and will facilitate in the cure of the UTI. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure I was given canesten. The applicator with the egg looking thing instead of internal cream. And I wasn't given a pill either. I was given three tube with three eggs that go up to clear the infection.