Urine infection after surgery

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Avatar f tn 5 I booked appointment to my GP this afternoon she tested my urine I have infection little blood in urine she gave me Nitrofurantoin 50mg antibiotics for 7 days, when I walk I feel flow in my vagina I check at home its mix brownish with yellow? I never had this before in my past 2 surgeries I hope this is not serious.
1285326 tn?1433024464 A bladder infection could make your penis sore due to the acidic urine. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Don't that that because you are going a lot to empty your bladder that you have to drink less. This is not so. When you have your appointment with the doctor, take a morning mid stream urine sample with you. The doctor's surgery will provide you with a sterilized urine specimen bottle for you to do your sample in. The morning sample is the strongest.
1711570 tn?1309811718 i was diagnosed with urine infection a few days after surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst. the only sympton i had was severe stomach cramps which i thought was associated to the the surgery but after a urine test at the a&e, they found that it was a urnine infection. i was given antibiotics, which didn't take into effect until the 3rd/4rth day. i've now finished the prescribed course, however, i've found that my urine is still very yellow despite me drinking more than 1.
Avatar m tn It could be kidney stones, a urinary tract infection, kidney infection, bladder infection, or tears/abrasions to any of the above (kidney, bladder or urinary tract.) Blood in the urine is the symptom of something that is likely much more serious.
Avatar n tn the week or so after surgery, blood may reappear in the urine for a short time. If this occurs, drink plenty of water and limit activity. In your case there is the involvement of the nervous system. It could either be due to the seizures which could have caused damage to the brain or it could be due to damage to the peripheral nerves supplying the bladder. The sacral nerves control some of the muscles in the feet, bowel and urinary bladder, and the ability to have an erection.
Avatar f tn The first one went great, I even went shopping for an hour right after. The second surgery was not as good. I did have a lot more stomach pain with this one.there was some bleeding for a week after, but then I it stopped. About six weeks later I got my first period. It lasted for 2 weeks, then I was having incontinence . That has been going on for 2 weeks now, and in between I have been spuratically bleeding.
Avatar m tn hi, My father underwent a brain tumor(diagonised as benin meningioma) surgery 2 weeks ago.one day after the surgery he caught fever and the doctors said it was to do with infection in the blood and urine as the blood count was above 15000 and the urine contained PUS cells.He has been given antibiotics for more than 10 days now and that has decresed the blood count and the pus cells .Though the fever upperlimits is come down to a range 99 to 99.
2091079 tn?1332816899 I am 6 wks post surgery, I was sent home after 2 day sin the hospital. I develop severe pain at home the 5th day I wen to the er they found an infection, abcess in my abdomen, My GYN told me this sometimes happens and it might take 3 months for the abcess to go away, in the meantime I deveop UTI, Years infection and I cant sit, stand or walk without peeing myself. My doctor has completely ignore my complaints brushing it off as is normal after a hysterectomy.
Avatar f tn I had my total hysterectomy just over a week ago. I opted for the DaVinvi (robot assisted surgery). I was up walking around the very next day after surgery. For the most part there hasn't been much pain and my incisions (4 very tiny incisions) do not hurt much at all. The only problem I've been experiencing is frequent uninating (very frequent) and now my bladder seems affected. I'm feeling some slight pain when urinating and my stomach has been so upset for a couple days now.
Avatar f tn It is normal to have quite a bit of swelling during surgery to the pelvic cavity and this can have quite an impact on your ability to have urine come out without a cath. Typically with POP surgery, they will remove the cath prior to leaving the hospital, have you try to pee to see how much urine comes out and if it is not enough, reinsert the cath and you go home with it for an additional 4-7 days.
Avatar m tn Sounds like kidney or urinary tract infection. Call doc, see if you bring in a urine sample. If it is an infection, only antibiotics will help, nothing over the counter unfortunately - but believe me I love my heating pad. I even bring it with in the car with a power converter. I've had several kidney issues, and now am recovering from surgery for nutcracker syndrome and pelvic congestion syndrome (found both in men and women). Good Luck.
Avatar f tn Yep, go to the doc for anything unusual. When going to the toilet always sit on the toilet seat (no hovering, which is what i used to do in public toilets) and make sure that all the pee has left your body.
Avatar m tn Doctor just diagnosed urine infection how long after taking co amoxiclav should I start to feel better
Avatar m tn That will help in flushing out the bacteria. He may need antibiotics for 7-10 days. A repeat urine test after this will help in detecting whether the infection has been cured completely or not. Hope you find this information useful. Do write to us again. Good luck!
Avatar n tn By morning the pain was gone, but after breakfast I vomited. I figure that the bladder infection has something to do with the dehydrating effects of the preparation for the colonoscopy, but what about the kidney pain. BTW. In December I also had the pain in the kidney area, and had a CT Scan that was negative for kidney stones. I'm thinking that I probably should see a urologist, even with a scan that was negative for tumors and stones.
Avatar n tn Have you been eating any asparagus? Some people, myself included, have a strong urine smell a while after eating asparagus. If not, check with your doctor for a urinalysis.
Avatar n tn i told my mom about the problem, who is a nurse, and she is confused because after surgery, i was on antibiotics while in the hospital. My urine isn't cloudy, but a clear yellow color. Is UTI still possible?
Avatar m tn You could have a bladder infection and the urine is cloudy. If you have any type of infection and/or STD, urine can be cloudy and even contain pus, that looks like semen. Is there any pain while urinating? I suggest that you get a urine test...asap. Good luck...
9062499 tn?1426957962 I'm 19+4 weeks. I have never had urine infection in my previous pregnancies. I have had it for the past 2 months and now for the past couple of days I'm really itchy down there. Just wanted to know is it itchy due to the urine infection? I have been prescribed antibiotics by the midwife to clear it up. Need to start them today.
Avatar n tn Why can't a man have sex after surgery? I understand that the urinary system and the reproduction system are separate systems except for the common use of the penis. I avoided sex with my wife so that her bacteria would not go up my penis to the urether or my blood would not infect her, so I masturbated. No pain, but a bit of blood afterward. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/226728'>ureter stent size and sex</a>.
Avatar f tn Hello, In absence of any UTI, other causes which may cause such symptoms are urethral syndrome, any blockage in the flow of urine like any scar tissue, injury (as in a car wreck or bad fall), blood clots, infection, tumors in the pelvic region, and stones, infection or due to disruption of the delicate and complex system of nerves that connects the urinary tract with the brain and the nervous system.
10798041 tn?1413168926 After consulting with him, they felt that this has nothing to do with her immune system and although extreme, they needed to keep her on Cipro as a daily prophylactic until we could have surgery to keep her infection free. We set the surgery date for 4 weeks away, Oct 28, 2014 and still would do the weekly urine checks. While being on the Cipro, Elise has had horrible diaper rashes and continues to have yeast infections. Dr.