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Avatar f tn Hiya im 33+4 and i felt like i had a urine infection yesterday but ive drunk loads of cranberry juice and feel fine this morning just wanted peoples opinion on whether i should still go the doctors or not thank you for ur replies in advance :) xx
Avatar f tn I am also experiencing some middle back pain and lower pelvic pain. I don`t suspect a STD cause I have had same partner for 10 years and my husband has only been with me. Any answers would be great.
1285326 tn?1433024464 A bladder infection could make your penis sore due to the acidic urine. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Don't that that because you are going a lot to empty your bladder that you have to drink less. This is not so. When you have your appointment with the doctor, take a morning mid stream urine sample with you. The doctor's surgery will provide you with a sterilized urine specimen bottle for you to do your sample in. The morning sample is the strongest.
Avatar n tn i have uti's all the time not really any pain but i know this sounds weird my urine smelled like bacon sorry lol but you should go to the docs and get on meds asap uti's can cause kidney failure believe me the doc chewed me out!!
Avatar m tn The symptoms you have sound like a urinary tract infection (UTI). But the urine test doesn't show that. Was the urine test and taken at the same time you had the urine pain etc.? It may not be a UTI but since the symptoms fit you should get a urine culture test done. Since your Blood urea nitrogen was a little high it may be a kidney infection/urinary tract infection. So that is an indication too.
Avatar f tn t have insurance and money is extremely tight, so instead of what I knew would be a $200 trip to doc in a box and a prescription for antibiotics, I chose an otc urine test strip. It showed leukocytes but no nitrates. I am a 51 year old woman, excellent health, peri-menopausal and have had no period during this time. Since I have had no urinary frequency, no fever, no other symptoms, I decided to try the natural-path route.
Avatar m tn What you can do is keep drinking and checking your urine and also take note of any pains - when passing or when you finish passing the urine, any back pain, any lower belly pain, or chills sometimes feverish and sometimes profuse sweating at night time. You do need to tell your parents that you found blood when you wiped, and it is important that you get checked out. I am sure there should be some medical centre near fairly near to you.
Avatar m tn I got to the doctors and they did some tests and told me that I had white blood cells and some protein in my urine ( ie. infection) so she put me on 7 days of cipro. Ive had a couple UTIs in the past and taken cipro for them and usually I would start to feel better about three days into taking them. this time though the cipro hasn't made any change. ive been off it about five days now and the pain is gone for the most part but ive been having some other new symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have had all the lab work done from my urine. I have no infection. He did the camera in the bladder thing and found nothing. I've had CT scans and sonograms. I'm pretty sure they've done a pretty good job of investigating. I'm still concerned about seeing blood and was wondering if that was common with MSK.
Avatar m tn s this day and they took a urine sample, thinking that I had possibly developed a urinary infection. No infection was found but I was still given a 3 day course of antibiotics because of the lower abdominal pain and slight pressure on the left side. The day after this I noticed that I needed to go to the toilet a lot quicker than I usually would- I can normally wait 4 hours before feeling the need to go.
Avatar f tn Burning can be caused by a bacterial infection, that usually shows up on a urine culture. I assume your doctor has done cultures but they now come back without infection. Multiple courses of antibiotics have been ineffective. This may not be a simple urinary tract infection. Other causes of burning include a urethral diverticulum, a small pocket below the urethra that fills with urine when you void that can cause a burning sensation.
Avatar f tn What I am trying to figure out is why there is still blood in my urine if there is no infection. The doctors said that they think it was just kidney stones because after I left the emergency room it did hurt at the end of me going pee. But if it was kidney stones I feel like they would have shown up on a ct scan and I also feel like the blood would be gone by now since I passed it. If any of you can help me understand this that would be great, Thanks.
Avatar n tn I sometimes get pain in my kidneys. Mostly in the morning when i have urine in my bladder. The pain subsides after I go to the toilet and sit or stand straight for a while. This has been going on for the last 2 years. I also feel the need to urinate badly when my bladder isn't full. I think this is an infection that has developed over the last decade.
Avatar n tn I have a kidney cyst, just discovered on a CT scan before colonoscopy. Diverticular disease, uncomplicted, diagnosed. But I've had back pain, burning urine, but no UTI infection was shown. Have terrible pressure feeling under the rib cage at the bottom, as if there are two canon balls there under my ribs.
Avatar f tn I just find myself doubting the infection due to the fact that the lab found no bacteria, I have no fever, no blood was found in the urine sample, and the pain/tenderness is still present and not severe.
Avatar m tn Hi, 3 months ago I hurt the tip of my penis and maybe the urethra too while having protected vaginal sex. I had unprotected oral sex too. The following days I felt pain while passing urine and there was a little drop at the end of the urethra. After a week the pain while passing urine was gone but there was still a little pain and an itchy feeling at the end of the urethra, plus the little drop when I didn't pee for a longer time or when I woke up. The lady had no problems.
Avatar f tn Could this be something other than a UTI? Urine culture showed a bacterial infection. Is it common for this to take 1 or 2 courses of antibiotics to clear up?
Avatar f tn ive had no discomfort at all while passing urine so this was unexpected. My dr said i have protein in my urine but didnt take it a y further and explain if it was anything to worry about or anything i could do myself to fix it. So i just wondered if protein in my urine is something to be worried about?