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8748261 tn?1400677893 Your Dr should have taken a urine sample at that appt and tested for infection. They are super common, so I would get tested regardless of where the baby is.
1285326 tn?1433024464 A bladder infection could make your penis sore due to the acidic urine. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Don't that that because you are going a lot to empty your bladder that you have to drink less. This is not so. When you have your appointment with the doctor, take a morning mid stream urine sample with you. The doctor's surgery will provide you with a sterilized urine specimen bottle for you to do your sample in. The morning sample is the strongest.
9062499 tn?1426957962 I'm 19+4 weeks. I have never had urine infection in my previous pregnancies. I have had it for the past 2 months and now for the past couple of days I'm really itchy down there. Just wanted to know is it itchy due to the urine infection? I have been prescribed antibiotics by the midwife to clear it up. Need to start them today.
Avatar n tn Hi i'm suffering from urine problem since 02 months.... when i passed urine it's color is pale and bad smelling also. and i had back ache also. i have done urine culture and ufr also. dr diagnosed it's a urine infection and given some medicine also. i took it for 2 weeks. but the problem is still there...
Avatar m tn Doctor just diagnosed urine infection how long after taking co amoxiclav should I start to feel better
Avatar m tn How long does it take co amoxiclav to work on clearing a urine infection
Avatar f tn Im from uk. But surely the outcome would be the same i should have been given something. Last time i had a water infection it went onto my kidneys and caused me to bleed at 27 weeks. Im now 35 weeks so dont want that to happen again.
Avatar f tn Hiya im 33+4 and i felt like i had a urine infection yesterday but ive drunk loads of cranberry juice and feel fine this morning just wanted peoples opinion on whether i should still go the doctors or not thank you for ur replies in advance :) xx
Avatar n tn With the growth of uterus its weight blocks the drainage of urine from the bladder, causing an infection. An untreated UTI can cause kidney infection. Kidney infections can lead to early labor and low birth weight. A urinalysis and urine culture will help in detecting if there is UTI.It can be easily treated with antibiotics which are safe during pregnancy. Seek the appointment of a doctor at the earliest. Keep me posted. Best luck and take care!
Avatar f tn I was 10 weeks but had a bad UTI, doc said if you have a really bad infection sometimes it can contaminate the HCG in urine giving you a false negative. After treating with antibiotics for 10 days and cutting out everything but water for those ten days as well i tested again and urine was positive.
Avatar f tn Really? Bc that's how it is terrible back pain to the point you can't get comfortable at all, you throw up, can't get any pee out but feels like u have so much pressure down there..
Avatar m tn Urine as such is sterile. Fresh urine will not even smell foul. Urine therapy is quite popular in some places.It is not infectious.Stool has annoying value. Otherwise the contact with the skin is not infectious.
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Avatar n tn t feel safe taking them I did my research but some woman at its fine others said it gave them some problems in just curious on what some of you did. That is if you guys have had a Uti infection before?
Avatar f tn ) and if there is infection, they will just put you on antibiotics and all will be well!
747152 tn?1240320709 ) But, I love my fur-babies and would do anything for them! I'll let you know what they say.... Thanks and hope your feeling better!! I read your profile. Your dogs are adorable!!!
Avatar n tn 2 days after a sexual encounter where the condom broke with a woman i did not know i started having painfull urination,i went to the doctors which i took a swab test and a urine exam the doctor did some what of a test at the office and said that i had an infection then sent the urine and swabs away for further testing everything came back negative now my questions are this 1- if your urine shows an infection would it come up positive for stds even after 2 days as it did show some kind of infecti
Avatar f tn I had a uti and yeast infection and I went to the doctor this past Sunday and took my antibiotics and yeast medicine and cream and feel a little better since its been a week and only drunk water and cranberry juice. But my urine is still dark yellow will u start to fell better before your urine gets back to normal?
Avatar f tn I'm 12weeks 2 days and alittle worried and scared for the babies safety:( when I pass urine it's not easy and I'm in so much pain, I went to the doctor and she said I have a urine infection! So when will the pain go away and what have others experienced in relation to this?