Urine infection and fever

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Avatar f tn I went to the doctor who tested my urine and said i had a urine infection and a viral infection also. The doctor gave me keflex 200mg and i started taking 4 a day on sat morning but i still dont feel much better, how long should it take? should i feel dizzy with these infections?
Avatar m tn i take tylenol or motrin to keep it down. temp range from 99.5 to 102. had a blood test and urine test done. nothing is wrong except my blood suguar is bit high. my doctor ordered another blood test for me, including blood culture. i also get the chill when the fever starts and notice minor rash on my body. i have a family to take care of and i cant allow this to go on. but it's out of my hands. anyone with similar experiences and how did you get over it?
Avatar f tn Hmmm, I have to say, me personally, I dont get a fever from the Interferon shot or the Ribivirin, but I do get achey the day after the shot, and feel like I have the flu, so I may have a little fever, but dont take my temp. The symptom that you have, that is worrying me, is the "pressure when you urinate"...
Avatar f tn My mum suddenly developed fever 40c chills and irregular heart beat. Turns ou she has chest and urine infection. Always sleeping. Is this normal and does infection.They are stopping chemo for a week. Her bld counts are ok and chest xray ok. High inflammatory readings. What brings on infection suddenly esp with low immune system.
Avatar n tn Every time i pee i get a tickling sensation like when your in a roller coaster and you go up and then you drop.. and my peein hole tickles. In my vigina is this an infection? or a sex infection? what is it? please and thank you..
Avatar n tn Feeling weak, with low back pain and knee pains, fever of 37,4 grade celcius, lower abdominal pains and frequent and painful urination. I went at the gyn, the visit was ok, the ultrasound ok but she prescribed me polygynax for the vaginal discharges ( i've had recurrent bacterial vaginosis since i got sexually active). Now the medicine did not help and i continue to have very bad back pains that i hardly stand and knee pains.
Avatar f tn I had pain in my kidney area for a couple of days, but thought the backache was normal in pregnancy. It didnt go away when i would rest and i got a fever and then i went to er.
Avatar n tn Feeling weak, with low back pain and knee pains, fever of 37,4 grade celcius, lower abdominal pains and frequent and painful urination. I went at the gyn, the visit was ok, the ultrasound ok but she prescribed me polygynax for the vaginal discharges ( i've had recurrent bacterial vaginosis since i got sexually active). Now the medicine did not help and i continue to have very bad back pains that i hardly stand and knee pains.
Avatar n tn The most common signs and symptoms of kidney infections are nausea, vomiting, abdominal fullness, lower back ache, frequent urination, the urge to urinate, pus or blood in the urine, fever. A complete history, clinical examination and investigations may be helpful. Tests like endoscopy, ultrasound abdomen, kidney, ureter bladder and Barium studies may be needed for confirming the diagnosis. I hope it helps. Do keep us posted on how he is doing.Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Did not get a diagnosis yet. Later this week. He ordered blood tests and urine tests to see why he was not growing at the normal height rate. The tests came back as high white blood cells and high levels of protein. Any idea what this means?
Avatar n tn I had a burning sensation in my penis and got tested from STD's (including blood test for Herpes) and everything came back negative, except for a urine infection (Ecolli) which explains the burning. However, the burning sensation has gotten worse and yesterday i noticed if i pull my foreskin back i have small clear bumps on the inside of my foreskin and the tip of my penis. It is a bit itchy but not too bad. I have had a fever but I'm not sure if that is from stress.
Avatar n tn My 15 year old son has the following portions highlighted in blood and urine analysis: In Blood analysis:Platelet count = 1.0 lakh/cumm; In Urine analysis: Albumin = 1+; RBC=10-12/hpf; Casts=Granular casts present: Could you please let me know what is the problem and possible line of treatment?
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! A yellowish tinge in semen can be due to prostate infection or mixing of urine. You should consult an urologist and get your prostate checked for infection. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn He also said that I had no signs of infection and confirmed a fever in the office. Blood work for inflammation was normal, no sign of infection, liver profile normal and basic thyroid levels normal. 4 weeks later, blood still noted in urine and no change in fevers brought on a CT scan of abdomen out of pocket payment. It turned out normal. It's now been 4 months.i sometimes have a near normal tempi the morning,but it will rise 2 degrees by evening if I have done more than rest for the day.
Avatar m tn I have a 7 year old niece who has been running a fever on and off for a couple of weeks. She's at the hospital now and the doctors say she has blood in her urine and her white blood cell count is really low (1000). Does anyone have any type of suggestion as to what it could possibly be???
Avatar n tn It really sounds like a urinary tract infection. Go to the doc and get a urine sample taken, they will prescribe you something if positive. But do take care of it, it can lead to kidney infections and you certainly don't want that.
Avatar m tn First, you need to drink more water, the dark urine tells me you are not hydrating yourself enough, and if you want to feel good, you must drink at least 8, 8 ounces of water a day. Your cholesterol is fine, I would not worry about that number. As to the other symptoms, it appears to me that you are coming down with a good case of the flu, I would get into bed, drink the water, and start taking extra Vitamin C, Vitamin A and vitamin D.
Avatar n tn I have had several in the past because I don't get bladder infection symptoms, or the symptoms are very mild. I went to the Dr. when I was really sick and my urine test was negative. Some bacteria was found (see below.) I was completely shocked. My Dr. put me on Cipro and sent my urine to the lab. Still negative, but the Cipro seemed to work… I started feeling better 24 hours after being on it. She said to go ahead and stop the antibiotic since it was negative… so I stopped (after 4 days.
Avatar f tn my baby is 8 months old,has fever,and her crp is high=200 and urine has pus ,protein and culture is negative she has been given antibiotic and still no diagnosis what could be the cause for fever and this ***** urine and elevated crp
457438 tn?1302072007 I consulted the Doctor again today because I don’t get complete relief from fever and cough. He advice to do blood and urine test. After test my Platelet count is 2.8 Lakhs and TC is 4400 CELLE/CUMS. He checked the test result and retest after two days. He said that PC and TC level are low. May be Dengue/Viral fever. Can u advice me?
Avatar n tn It gets severe in jus one or two days. Its accompanied by high fever and severe body pains especially the back and thighs. I feel as sombody is trying to pull out my thighs from my body and pokes like nails at back. Shivering starts all of a sudden. It totally handicaps me. i put on 3 to 4 blankets and lasts for about half an hour.I sometimes find blood in my urine. I already consulted a doctor and completed the medication prescribed. The symptoms have started again after 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn He is overweight and last week he was at my Mom's and she said he drank a lot. Last night he woke with a temperature of 101.5 and is complaining that the top of his right arm hurts but I cannot see anything wrong with it and his temp is back down to normal.He had a sore very small on his leg near his knee that was filled with puss and I drained it last night. Any ideas? Should I take him in for a blood sugar test?
Avatar n tn What are the other associated symptoms he is having? The causes of fever with chills are urinary tract infection, malaria, viral illnesses, tonsillitis, pneumonia, influenza, biliary sepsis, abscess in any organ in the body etc.He should be advised to drink plenty of fluids and take rest.Nonaspirin containing pain relievers like acetaminophen may be given at six hourly intervals. Sponging may be done with comfortably warm water.
Avatar m tn my father is 78 years and was a chain smoker for 30 yrs but had left smoking since the last 15yrs. 25 days back he had fever so ou GP treated him for malaria and gave him larigo . the fever subsided but after 5 days it was back and it is between 100-102 C . He has cough too. So CBC and x-ray of lung was done . both the reports were normal. the urine report showed trces of occult blood and 1-2 pus cells. Hence urine culture was advised. the report is awaited.
Avatar n tn but persistent itching since the last 8 months, and everyday constant low grade fever plus pulsations on the side of my head 24*7 with high headaches doesnt make life simpler for me
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with a girl from italy who i knew nothing about (thinking with my johnson). The next day my sperm came out more chunky and i had a hard time pushing out my urine, which i believe is a urinary trac infection from mixing germs(after about 1 week i could pee normally and sperm came out fine.). Anyway i had a burning pain on the head of my penis as well, this started about a week after sex.
Avatar n tn Since then I have been to my primary care physicians office about 4 times with the fever and have been treated for an UTI (staph infection) with Bactrim DS. Last month I returned to the doctor's office because my fever is still going and they took more blood. A quick test for mono was negative but my titer showed I have had mono in the past. The PA concluded that I must've come down with mono in September and that was the cause of my fevers.
Avatar n tn I had a prolonged fever from about 4-5 months, and i was really worried and on prescription of my doctor i underwent several tests leading to a slight conclusion that it may be related to some viral infection. And i took medicine for it for around a month with no relieve in the fever. and now i even have very bad headaches. Sometimes these headaches are really very painful and my doctor says these are symptoms of migraine.
Avatar n tn Then a mild fever, but after a visit with the chiropractor, the fever ended after 30 hours. And now we have been fever and seizure free for 5 months! My son is himself again. He only goes to see the chiropractor once a month just to check up and they never adjust him unless there is a need. He loves to visit "Dr. Dave" and we have been so encouraged! If anyone has questions please let me know. I hope this brings encouragment!
1449345 tn?1284778689 comes due to atmosphere changes but is from last 15 days an it occurs every year one or two times,i contacted doctor every time and taken test of blood,urine,x-ray of chest but noting is incorrect but after some days with or without medicine it goes but there is no fixed time,during this time i became very weak and all ways feel tired, please help