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Avatar n tn ve had a passing fever last week for one day. I also have very dark urine, all day long fatigue and a yellow skin for 2 days. Thank you.
Avatar m tn and some red dots in my penis and entaire inner skin got reddish so i am suffering from penis infection now.i am getting some stuff feeling in my neck. today i got some pain in tje inside the mouth. pleae help me. is it symptems of the hiv. can hiv diognised as thypod fever when get test for fever test. please help me. am i safe?
Avatar f tn Having a swelling with dry skin over it does not say that it is due to infection. In infection the skin over the swelling would be tensed, red, and warm to touch. Yes, you are right in thinking that if you have swelling then it would be mean that any treatment would fail. This could be a localized swelling due to extravasations of fluid from inflammatory response around. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
17410257 tn?1457032484 Most people (about 70% – 80%) with an acute Hepatitis C infection do not experience any symptoms or show signs of the infection. If Hepatitis C symptoms do occur, they usually appear within two weeks to six months after being exposed to the Hepatitis C virus (HCV).
Avatar n tn t treat it with something. Staphylococci can be normal skin bacteria (flora) or can cause an infection. If you have a minor skin infection such as a minor cut or impetigo try neosporin or other topical. If you have boils you can try hot compresses or a hot bath and topical antibiotics. But if you have a fever you should go to the doctor. They will give you oral antibiotics. The only "side effect" is it can spread to the blood stream if it is serious.
Avatar n tn ve seem some pictures similar to Herpes, but, I did not have any tingling, burning, itching, no blisters that formed and broke, no fever. It was a chaffed piece of skin that I opened up by picking at it that started this all off. My main question I guess is does this all sound reasonable? I am now somehow worried that I may have a latent staph infection or something that occurs, or have a skin cancer. Any help?
Avatar f tn Maybe there's an infection!!! Diabetes can slow down body's ability to fight infection. High blood sugar (glucose) leads to high levels of sugar in your body's tissues. When this happens, bacteria grow and infections can develop more quickly in people with diabetes. Common sites of infection are your bladder, kidneys, vagina, gums, feet, and skin. Early treatment of infections can prevent more serious complications.
Avatar n tn hi there, about 2 weeks ago my 5 year old got a staph skin infection Scalded Skin Syndrome, she got the toxin which causes your epidermis and dermis to seperate and therfore any friction on the skin would cause an open wound that and red rash with blisters, but we got it early and the blisters had no weeping or fluid in them and when burst her skin peeled as if sunburned on her trunk, underarms, groin, neck and cheeks the peeling went on and has finally just on her feet and hands, but her hand
Avatar f tn i have fever more than 8 fever is fever comes and goes all the day..sometimes i feel very cold..and the other time very very hot..what should i do?
Avatar f tn s sneezes or coughs. Infection may also occur as a result of touching the skin of an infected person, or touching surfaces or objects that the infected person has touched.
Avatar n tn I take 3-caps of olive leaf extract 3-times a day for 7 days to kick out any virus/fungus/bacteria/parasites. I have made olive leaf tea and used the tea to netti pot my sinuses. There is Olive Leaf Nasal Spray out there on the market. After about two days, I get diaphoretic like with a fever but no aches like during the flu. I reduce or increase the number of caps to make the die off effect tolerable. After 7-10 days I stop taking the olive leaf.
Avatar m tn and i had unprotected oral sex (bj only).....i had open cuts on my skin from shaving the hair on my groin area...after 3 weeks, i was sick, and i still have a sore i suspected that i have been infected by HIV...i went to a medical lab and got tested (after 28 days from possible infection)...the result came back NEGATIVE...the test done was HIV 1&2 Ag/Ab, serum... i got tested again after 34 days...same combo test...result: negative...
Avatar f tn It is an infection that is usually caused by a virus called the coxsackie A virus. It usually affects children under 10 years of age and often starts with a feeling of being unwell for a day or so.Then there is fever and typical blisters like rash on hands,foot and inside mouth. As with other viral infections,antibiotics are not needed.Rest,plenty of fluids and acetaminophen if there is any fever is needed. I feel that you should consult a pediatrician and discuss it with him. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn that was during last April 2013 , but which make me more worry , one day after the two nights with different partners I woke up with sore throat, then head ach, some fever and when I sit or sleep feel chills in my arms & legs masules all of these continue for 4 to 5 days.
Avatar f tn is this an infection? a small bump under the skin at jawline developed overnight to swollen painful glands, warm, itchy, painful, swollen lump, no fever, some tiredness. next day developed small bumps at this site, around 10, glands are less painful but still swollen. no sign of bite, no center as in a boil, just generalized pink blotchy look, but whole left jaw is still swollen and somewhat painful. the skin is not swollen and red like a bite or boil might be. it's more like under the skin.
Avatar m tn She did not remove her panty at that time byt however she rubbed her ***** part covered with lengeri. After 12 days itiching sensation and feeling that skin was cut on the penis has started on the internal skin of the retractable penis sin. I am not circumsized and I wonder how come will this would happen on the internal part of skin. It is paining slowly and itiching slowly. Please help me I am panicking and do not what to do.. So far I do not have fever and flu symptoms.
Avatar f tn Eczema, an itchy inflammation of the skin, effects many people in different forms, with one of the most common being scalp eczema. The scalp is vulnerable because the skin of the scalp is different than skin elsewhere on the body. The scalp has a very rich supply of grease from the sebaceous glands as well as carrying follicles creating long hairs. There are other symptoms to watch for with eczema besides itching.
Avatar n tn 15 days back his Dr.gave NSAID tab (etrocoxib) and the fever stopped.But when he stopped the NSAID tablet fever has again come.He lost weight 6-7 kgs initially but now he maintains his weight.He has High BP and under went Thyroid operation 8 years back and he takes regular medication for both.He also had Cataract surgery on his left eye 6 months back. Can anyone please guide how to treat him for possible cure.
Avatar f tn You may have an infection. It could be a blood infection. Do you have a fever? Any red streaks coming away from the area or following the veins? For Sepsis you get chills, and these are other symptoms : rapid heart beat,fever,Light-headedness due to low blood pressure, shaking, skin rash, warm skin. If you feel really bad go to the ER or if your doctor is open go there. But if you have a high fever, and low blood pressure and fast heart beat I would got to the ER.
Avatar f tn A few days later, I noticed that the skin around the burn was still warm to the touch (not burning hot but definitely warmer than the rest of my skin) and that I still had a low-grade fever (ranging from 99.0-99.9). Also, I noticed that my entire body felt like it was constantly trembling and that my pulse was constantly rapid. I went back to the doctor and he took a culture and gave me bactroban to put on the burn until the results come back.
Avatar m tn I had protected sex with a Asian woman in Bahrain and after I was done I noticed under the condom at the base that I was having a HSV outbreak at the same time. I pulled condom off and immediately jumped in the shower and scrubbed myself down. Now I'm scared to death some of her Vaginal fluids got on my HSV and she maybe gave me HIV. I'm having a Anxiety and stress situation going on now and I feel like i'm having symptoms. No fever just hot skin and and lots of worry.
Avatar n tn Surgeon did a physical exam and looked at blood work.. Said he didnt think it was anything.. Now 10 days later started having a slight fever at night and some sweating.. very light around the colar, and pain under arm..Not the soaking the bed. I am really scared, Of course I ran straight to the computer.. fearing the worst..
Avatar m tn Today it is exactly 7 weeks after contact. Today I noticed brown spots on my penis (skin and underneath skin). I also observed one wart-like object on my penis (herpes? no pain,no itch). I had negative antibody test 6 weeks and 4 days after contact. (2.5 weeks after first symptoms) 1. Are my symptoms typical for acute HIV infection? 2. Is seroconversion the time of first symptom or when symptoms have disappeared? 3.
Avatar m tn Diagnosis of rheumatic fever is difficult since the disease has different forms. Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that may develop after an infection with Streptococcus bacteria and can affect the heart, joints, skin, and brain. Diagnostic tests may include: blood test for recurrent strep infection (such as an ASO test), complete blood count, Electrocardiogram and sedimentation rate (ESR).