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Avatar n tn I have a badly decayed molar tooth (right side, 2nd molar) and finally got the courage to visit a dentist in years. She said it can't be saved and I should have it extracted by an oral surgeon right away. She never mentioned what is the plan after that. I'm worried that if it is removed right now then I will end up with implant as the only option to replace the missing tooth which is be very expensive and I can't afford right now. Should I get a second opinion?
Avatar m tn Thanks Scott, Looks like I will also need the other side done as well, an implant in tooth #14(fist molar) on the upper left. So basically #14 on left and #2 on right need to be done. If there is not enough bone, will a sinus lift fix the issue so an implant can be placed? Who does the sinus lift, an ENT? I am worried that I am in for a difficult road with these implants, but mabe it is not as bad as it seems. I just don't want to be toothless as I have a really nice set of teeth!
Avatar m tn im confused tooth #7 is in the front of your mouth, its not a molar,its an incisor
Avatar m tn The tooth in question is my lower left (my left hand side) first molar (from what I have identified from a tooth map). I have my wisdom teeth and the tooth in question is the third one counting from there. Is it necessary to have a molar replaced and are there any other options (less expensive) for resolving this? I know my child needed a spacer when he had a baby molar removed, is there a permanent spacer or something along those lines?
Avatar n tn i have a perforated 14th molar and I want to know if there is still a chance of saving the tooth or does it need to be extracted? The molar does not hurt but sometimes it feels a little sensitive (rarely).
Avatar n tn s 10 bucks a month and will usually provide you a 40-50% savings when purchasing/getting an implant. Just remember that the implant does not replace the tooth portion, it is only an "artificial root" and you will have to have a "abutment" and "tooth" made to complete the treatment.
Avatar n tn Another issue is that I was suppose to have a molar not a I am having 3 premolars and 2 molars counting the wisdom tooth on left lower side. Need opinion from a Dentist, please.thank you.
Avatar m tn Let me know what you find out as my implant is the front tooth. I lost my tooth in an accident.
Avatar n tn t necessarily front to back. The last tooth on the bottom would be the back molar, the last tooth on the top is the canine tooth. But at age 6, your first adult molar comes out behind your baby teeth. The 2nd molar which is in front of your wisdom teeth comes out at age 12. So my guess is that if its a back molar with a large cavity, it was probably your 6 yr old molar because I would be surprised to have that large a cavity on a molar that just came out at age 12.
Avatar m tn Hello! My first upper left molar (number 14) has to be extracted. I've not got my wisdom teeth so that means one molar will remain just behind it. I've got all the rest of my teeth intact fortunately! It's being extracted because it has cracked, virtually in two. I've got a temporary filling in it at the moment whilst I decide what to do, but the dentist says this is a short-term solution and it will keep getting infected.
Avatar m tn My friends also told me that uprighting the tipped molar is the best option for me and I can do a dental implant in place of the missing tooth. While checking online I found a person telling like, cutting teeth is not a good plan and it is better to go for braces. But, I don’t think he is right and I choose to go with my dentist. What you think? Should I go for implants braces?
Avatar m tn I have just had #3 molar, upper right extracted. Plan was an implant, but cannot afford that or bridge at $4K. Want to hear about chances to adapt to the missing tooth. No nonsense opinions on risks and (financial rewards) of avoiding implant or bridge....just get by (age 64) with gap in back upper teeth. Need cheerleaders or bottom line risks asociated with "gumming it'!!
Avatar n tn It has pulp tested normally, is normal on x-ray, and shows no signs of decay or cracks (according to two dentists and two endodontists). The extracted molar has now been replaced with an implant and this top tooth now hurts to chew on. It doesn't hurt to eat mildly crunchy things, but it does hurt to eat something thick and chewy like Italian bread. It used to hurt to push on it with a finger, but it doesn't hurt to do that anymore. It sometimes hurts to push it from the side.
Avatar f tn What is the success rate for a bottom left molar dental implant? What is the expected healing time and common complication/s during and after procedure? Thank you for your time doctor.
Avatar m tn Hmm, perhaps. Mine was the bottom second molar. Good luck!! I think it's normal. In any case, see if you can do a follow up appointment to make sure all is okay .
Avatar n tn Socket preservation is commonly performed immediately after tooth extraction, which is a very procedure. Ridge augmentation is performed is the edentulous area to increase the width and/or height of alveolar bone.ridge augmentation is highly technique sensitive.if you need implant therapy, seeing a qualified dentist is advised.
Avatar m tn The feedback from her dentist is that there will be no need for a dental implant to replace the 1st molar that was already extracted, as that space will be used to resolve the crowding issue through braces. Her questions: 1. Is that a perfectly ok course of action to follow? Leaving the 1st molar gap as is and allowing braces to fill the space? 2.
Avatar n tn In Nov 2005, a dental implant was put into place but oddly the oral surgeon chose to put it angled from the molar. The discomfort I had before increased with the implant so that I thought of removing the implant. Eventually, however (June 2006), I had a crown put on the implant and the discomfort improved Unfortunately, In 2008, the crown got loosen and it was removed. A new one it is now been made. The implant seemed solid but I am in pain since I had the crown removed.
Avatar m tn I had an extraction of a molar tooth months ago.The dentist left root fragments behind and didn't even explain me why.This is what made find a new dentist and orthodontist because i have to correct my teeth,i have an open bite.They told me i need to remove these fragments before i get my braces on.
Avatar n tn While I was in the chair my dentist told me that my best option was a cantilever bridge and I let her go ahead right then and start shaving down the tooth in front of the last molar in order to prepare for it. I now think this was a bad idea. This area of my mouth gets a lot of stress from chewing and within a year and a half the cantilever had popped off.
Avatar m tn i need one for a molar and between the implant (the post put in your jawbone) and the crown (the tooth that screws on it) the cost was around $5000. this changes with the type of tooth being replaced and what part of the country you live in. the front teeth are cheaper.
15439126 tn?1444443163 I'm contemplating having my 1-7 (upper left) molar extracted (red X on tooth in image) as it has a really deep gum pocket (that's reached between the roots so cannot be properly tended -- my symptoms are about half the time there's mild discomfort but I'm also at risk of infection flare-ups, I've had two earlier but they settled down on their own).
Avatar n tn During the last month, my chewing habits have changed, as I am await getting either a partial on the left or implant on the right. The tooth that is the root canal and the gum around that tooth is very swollen and so painful that most of the right side of my mouth is painful. I am unable to relieve this pain with traditional pain meds (aleve, ibuprofen). I am unable to see the dentist until next week.