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Avatar m tn I have had an implant on my front tooth for 12 years. It became loose once, so they tightened it and it's been fine since. That was 8 years ago.
Avatar n tn 53yo healthy male #31 is loose. #30 is a dental implant/crown. December '06 had #32 surgically removed because of severe nerve pain. Neither surgeon nor general dentist could determine exact cause. Since having #32 removed no more severe nerve pain. Retrospectively, I think what was happening is that #31 has been loose for awhile and at times would cause the nearby tissues to swell and pressure #32 to press on nerve.
Avatar n tn So the tooth was impacted, it was moved into the space but there's a gap now in that space because they had moved the first molar too far back and they recommend placing an implant to fill that space? As for your loose tooth, if the doctor feels that the tooth is not going to be useful due to its looseness, it may be a good decision to remove it and replace it with an implant.
703897 tn?1248023574 Well, sad news, November 11, 2009 back for follow up. He had to remove the implant, it was loose, and had some infection. It wasn't hitting a nerve or anything I guess he said. He inserted more bone and wants it to heal for about 8 weeks and then try inserting it again. I was really disappointed but I guess that is the chance you take with these kind of things. He thought it may have come loose from me talking on the phone all day at work and typing.
Avatar m tn I had a bad implant on tooth #10 which was put in on April 14, 2008. There is no bone cover the outer side of the implant. Also, the implant was placed in a position with close to #9. the implant was taken out on Aug. 14, 2008 by another doctor. She used BMP-2 which cause big swelling over 2-3 weeks. and light swelling afterwards. On Aug. 30. I noticed my #9 become loose and very sensitive to percussion. On that day, my gum on #9 and #10 was seriously inflamed.
Avatar m tn I had a bad implant on tooth #10 which was put in on April 14, 2008. There is no bone cover the outer side of the implant. Also, the implant was placed in a position with close to #9. the implant was taken out on Aug. 14, 2008 by another doctor. She used BMP-2 which cause big swelling over 2-3 weeks. and light swelling afterwards. On Aug. 30. I noticed my #9 become loose and very sensitive to percussion. On that day, my gum on #9 and #10 was seriously inflamed.
Avatar m tn which kind of soft tissue damage could cause my tooth #9 's loose. besides soft tissue damage, what other reason could also cause the looseness? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I don't know if my first message went through, would a tooth implant be ok? I'm trying to find a dentist office who will let me make weekly payments, I've had no luck finding any dental office that will let me do that type of payment plan. I was hoping maybe you would know of a few places. Thank You!
Avatar m tn I went for a bicycle ride and the next thing I know my tooth is loose again at least a +1 according to the endodontist I saw. and my respitory symptoms seem to be coming back. I was x-rayed and both my regular dentist and the endodontist saw a semi circular pattern on the bone and said I have a bone infection. Could the activity cause the tooth to loosen? Could the bone infection be causing my respitory symptoms?
Avatar n tn Abutment screw loose and implant loose is difficult to differentiate. The only way is to tighten up abutment screw and check mobility. However, if implant is loose, x-Ray can show bone destruction.seeing a dentist is advised.
Avatar n tn I really don't want to go through the process of implant and going aruond without a tooth again. This is in one of my lower molars. I brush my teeth 3 times a day, floss and use mouthwash! I really do take care of my teeth, I don't understand how I could have an infection. The dentist said your body just got the infection!!!! what should I do!??!
Avatar m tn I have a crown on tooth 10, it was recemented about 5 years ago and has been fine. It is loose again and wiggling. The dentist said she cannot take it off and recement because the tooth underneath will be pulled out. My only option is an implant in the tooth or a bridge. I wonder before I do this if a second opinion is good idea.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have severe root resorption in one of my tooth. I really don't want to loose it but over time the dentist suggests it will fall. I am very much nervous about this. I wish there is a way to salvage this but my dentist says its too late(also I never felt pain in that tooth so the dentist suggests it was possibly a trauma that has caused it to undergo resorption) Whats worse is that he told me about dental implants and that I might be an ideal candidate for it.
Avatar m tn I have an almost obsessive compulsive habit (psychologist doesn't think I have OCD, I think it's a significant possibility, though) of wiggling a loose adult tooth that I have. It is my upper right molar, previously I had a loose upper left molar but I was able to stop wiggling it and it appears to be tight as normal. However, I just can't stop wiggling this upper right molar. I'm 18, so of course I NEED to stop this.
Avatar n tn occlusal appliance is highly effective for bruxism, if it's well fabricated. Limited opening of jaw may result from muscle or tmj internal derangement. Seeing a competent tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn The dentist pulled the loose baby tooth,sculpted the gum and inserted a dental implant. She had no facial swelling, but her gum swelled around the teeth on either side of the implanted tooth. Salt water brought the swelling down.2wks.later sucures are removed.7 days later she feels a lump high above gum above implant,yellow the size of a pea. dentist puts her on antibiotics and we go to his office. He drains the pus and injects more antibiotics into the site.
Avatar n tn crowned second molar got infected for the 2nd time and was extracted. The implant was put in 6 months after the tooth extraction. The dental surgeon said my bone is very dense so upon putting in the implant, the abutment was also put in in the same session. However, due to the density of my bone, the implant could not be drilled all the way in, even with manual torquing, without risking loose threading (about 1mm left). 1. Will the slightly elevated implant+abutment cause any problems, if any?
Avatar f tn It is only a bit of plastic between two teeth. It is also loose and everytime I eat it feels loose. It is my front tooth. When I go to the dentist he says don't put pressure on it. I have to eat with my teeth. It is very uncomfortable. I want to change my dentist but I don't know what to do. Any suggestions will be welcome. Can you help?
Avatar m tn He did my initial bone graft about three years ago (maxillary molar) after he removed my tooth. Six months later the implant was placed. Another few months later the crown was done (the person who did the crown was not an oral surgeon and likely not even a dentist). That implant failed after several months due to bone loss. I went back to the doctor and he removed the implant, did another bone graft, and we waited another 8 months. The implant was again placed.
4500408 tn?1355531154 He performed a full oral exam, checked me for oral cancer of which im clear, probed me, took more xrays as well as a panaromic xray and his suggestion is to extract teeth 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19, He wants to place an implant where tooth 19 is now. my question is, should I do this or are the full upper dentures and lower partial the better route to take?
Avatar m tn Again, the 1 week post-implant exam was very positive. However, within 4 days the implant was feeling loose and my dentist was able to manually extract it with no difficulty. His evaluation of the device was that there was tissue in the grooves but that the bone material had pulled back. In both cases, there was no crown installed, just the implant, so while I do grind my teeth, there was no pressure on the implant from that source. I trust my dentist. I want to try again.
Avatar n tn Each crown is custom made to fit either the post from a natural tooth, or the abutment part of the implant. The implant and abutment are two separate pieces. I don't think what you are proposing is possible. You would need an new implant bridge. The only other thing would be to remove the end teeth on your bridge and have new ones fitted to the remaining bridge. Refiring old porcelain may not be advisable. Plus that could be more costly than a whole new bridge.
Avatar n tn one. Now about 6 years later my tooth is loose. I've been to my dentist twice with it and he has tried to keep my other teeth front making it wiggle and he couldn't make it break or anything. He said it seemed stable but loose. Now it is really loose! I am afraid it will fall out anytime. I have an appt with my dentist in a couple of weeks. What are my best options, cosmetic and financial?
Avatar m tn I had a surgery on 8/14 on tooth #10 to remove an implant. the implant was very very close to my tooth #9. because the suture not removed, my gum got some infection on tooth #10. That infection spread to #9. yesterday, I suddenly found that my tooth#9 become loose, and when I gently tap the surface of my tooth, the whole tooth feel very sensitive. what happen? any suggestion? Am I at the risk loss a healthy tooth? tooth#9 is very healthy. thanks.
Avatar m tn I had a dental implant procedure performed on tooth #7 over the course of about a year (non-immediate loading) in 2007-2008. There was some concern regarding the amount of bone I had in the area since the implant was placed in a location where I had never had an adult tooth. I was informed that I might need a bone graft, and I remember paying for the bone graft prior to the operation. Presently, the implant has never bothered me or been a source of pain.
Avatar m tn I have just had #3 molar, upper right extracted. Plan was an implant, but cannot afford that or bridge at $4K. Want to hear about chances to adapt to the missing tooth. No nonsense opinions on risks and (financial rewards) of avoiding implant or bridge....just get by (age 64) with gap in back upper teeth. Need cheerleaders or bottom line risks asociated with "gumming it'!!
Avatar m tn Hi, thanks! The tooth is severely cracked. The crack goes all the way through the tooth, my tooth is essentially split in two! The dentist said that because of this an individual crown is impossible. Does that seem right to you?
Avatar n tn My two front teeth were affected from a fall on concrete 6-20-07. It felt as though the left tooth had a severed nerve, because it was loose, but it didn't hurt, like the nerve was cut or something. the dentist temp filled the right, which was a small chip, and bonded the left front tooth to the tooth next door to give it a chance to "tighten up".