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Avatar f tn Besides that excruciating pain, I have started to have extreme pain in the tooth next to the extraction. I had a lower left side molar pulled, and the tooth behind it is in pain, and there is a wisdom tooth behind that. Is this pain caused by my teeth moving now that there is space? Is it residual pain from the dry socket or the trauma of having a tooth pulled? It is a constant pulsing pain made worse by pressure, and it hurts even more when I sneeze.
Avatar m tn The bump does not hurt to be touched and the tooth below it does not hurt. This position is 5 teeth away from the extraction site on top. I have poked at it and it's not able to be popped, it looks like a tiny bone. Here are my questions: Could the bump be caused by the infection that I already have? If not, what is this thing? Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn It may still be trauma from the tooth extraction or you may have an infection and may need an antibiotic. Telephone your dentist who took the tooth to make an urgent appointment to see him.
Avatar m tn A dental implant is similar to an extraction in terms of trauma to the tissue. Yes, some minor treatment will be needed to place the implant in but the healing is much faster than an extraction since there will be no socket to close up. You should be numb during the procedure so there shouldn't be any sensation except maybe some pressure.
Avatar m tn Hello I'm here because I had a wisdom tooth extraction on all 4 wisdom to which were impacted It's around 3 weeks since my surgery and in having a lot of jaw stiffness it lasts the whole day in wondering if this is because of the surgery and is this normal to happen
Avatar n tn Usually due to the injection of anesthetic or the trauma of the extraction, the numbness is most often transient and feeling will return over time. Sometimes it could take as long as six months but usually sooner. There is nothing you can do to regain feeling sooner. You should however let the treating doctor know of your symptoms. Also be careful when eating so you don't bite your tongue and not feel it.
Avatar f tn Agree with Blu. Is it infected or just discolored? Is it loose? Not sure why they want to extract it. One tooth extraction shouldn't affect her. What prognosis did they give you on a root canal?
Avatar f tn ones is from wisdom teeth extraction. It appears the longer you wait the higher the risk of nerves being intertwined with the tooth. Did the pain start shortly after the tooth extraction?
Avatar f tn I had an extraction and bone graft on a molar (tooth #3) a bit over a month and a half ago (a month and 3 weeks to be exact). Yesterday when brushing, I noticed I started bleeding a bit from the extraction area, and when I took a close look, I noticed some white/yellow spots peeping out of the this area. I’m a bit worried as I didn’t notice this before. There’s 0 pain, and 0 swelling in the area, no foul orders.
Avatar f tn You may have some difficult opening and closing due to the trauma of the extraction to your jaw/TMJ area. Try putting some heat packs on it and stretch it out gently and treat it like a muscle injury. Try to eat softer foods to alleviate the stress on the muscle as well. Take the pain medication. I would call your dentist and let them know. They may prescribe some anti-inflammatories to help with the swelling and pain.
Avatar m tn I went for a cleaning appt , when they did x-rays the tooth deteriated in the gumline and bone .An oral surgeon extracted the tooth and did a bone graph due to bone loss. I was never givien antibiotics. After a wk I still had swelling in my face and the site was oozing pus. It was the weekend I had antibiotics of my husbands (enough for 3 days)I was sure this was an infection.I made an appt w/the oral surgeon . My jaw felt dislocated I couldnt chew and could barely open my mouth.
Avatar n tn after removal of an abcess tooth (#31), how long will swelling last? I still have painful swelling in lower jaw line soft tissue. Family dentist only prescribed enough antibiotic for 3 days before and 3 days after extraction, will that be sufficient? Her receptionist says I have to ask oral surgeon if I need more. The oral surgeon is at a clinic and is not reachable. We are going into the weekend, who do I call for more antibiotic?
Avatar m tn I have felt this for almost 7 months since right after the first tooth extraction. It was between tooth 4and 5 and I thought something was stuck up there initially. After all the dental work that led to the extraction thinking it was the tooth, and it wasn't. I can feel it like it is out in the open now. There are no orofacial specialist in my area . I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. If you know of anyone that specializes in this area I would appreciate a recommendation.
Avatar n tn There may be some minor residual swelling in the area after the extraction as it heals up. Its also possible that that particular area or tooth was more complicated to remove and thus more trauma to the area. I would contact your oral surgeon and find out if its a cause for concern. I would imagine it isn't. It should probably go away but he may recommend some stretching exercises or ice packs, etc.
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Avatar n tn You do not have wisdom teeth in that picture. Wisdom teeth are the 3rd tooth with 3 or 4 tips, you only have 2. The lump you mentioned looks like a soft tissue growth thats probably induced by biting trauma. The more it comes between your two molars, the worse its going to get. The taste of blood is when you break the outer surface upon biting and it bleeds. I would suggest going to an oral surgeon to remove it.
Avatar f tn There is absolutely no reason to jump into getting a root canal at this point, the abcess could just be the result of trauma to the area surrounding the tooth. There probably wasn't any reason to give you antibiotics before now since there were no signs of infection, and you don't want to take antibiotics unless you really need them. If there is a real problem with the tooth, it will let you know and then you can decide what to do.
Avatar n tn Pain subsided but he exrayed this time and found it. Said I could consider root canal or extraction but feel extraction...although terrifies the best route (pun not intended). Thanks for the input. I wish I could have overcome this anxiety but the amount of blood I saw as a child has never left my mind's eye.
Avatar n tn m afraid it may be time for a root canal or an extraction on that tooth. With that much trauma, it just may have finally had enough. There are vitality tests that your dds can do to see just how much life that tooth has left. How much actual tooth is left will determine whether it is savable with a root canal or not. FYI, it's always best to try to save a tooth rather than have it removed, if possible. You always wanna try to keep your original equipment!!!
Avatar m tn At the time of extraction, the dentist told me I need have bone graft and it should be done at the time of tooth extractio or at least within two weeks after the extraction. But I did not follow his advice and just simply had the tooth extracted. My question is if I am to have an implant later, can I still have bone graft at that time?
Avatar f tn I have hypercementosis(mis spell) and had an extraction of number 4 tooth 6 weeks ago. I'm experience a lot of pain and the only thing that helps is my finger in place of the missing tooth. I've had two course of antibotics. The area has been checked twice and they thought I might need a root canal in tooth number 5. Specialist checked with no reaction to hot, cold and pressure so she prescribed oral rinse. I looked and the area is white but doctor said that it's healing.
Avatar n tn I intend to extract my molar tooth. I am 63 yrs, Can i take the aspirin and do the tooth extraction or take after the extraction. Your advice will be much appreciated. thank you.
1378325 tn?1285346625 Then into the future, 2003 at the age of 42, I was under some financial stress and at the same time had a tooth extraction, then all "everything broke loose." So, personally I feel there is something to all of this.
Avatar f tn I have never had such pain before after a tooth extraction. Why are my gum lines feeling sore. It is no where near the tooth extraction?
Avatar n tn if it can be moved, it is most likely a bone spicule or small sliver of tooth that may have chipped off during the extraction. It should be pushed up and out during the healing process. If you think it's intact bone poking through, see the dentist who did the extraction.