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Avatar n tn I am on my second prescription of antibiotics. My dentist is telling me he will not pack my tooth any more and has also looked at the gum. I believe their is something wrong with the gum. I should not have the same amount of pain for two weeks in the gum. Could the pain be caused from something else besides the dry socket. The gums don't seem to be healing and the amount of pain in the gums has not decreased. Help.
Avatar n tn after having a tooth pulled it leaves a hard trama to your jaw and around the area it was pulled from so yes you will be in pain and yes some swelling will happen. I had the same issue after having a bad tooth took about 2 months for that knot to finally go away, use an ice pack on the side ot where the knot is, it will help sooth the pain. 2 days ago i just had 6 teeth pulled and guess what, i got the knot back again.
2020005 tn?1628125976 Has anyone had a tooth extraction while pregnant?? I'm 23 weeks, having serious pain in a cracked molar, it started to swell up last night so I went to the ER and started amoxicillin, saw my dentist today and he suggests getting it removed next week. I'm concerned about a risk of preterm labor with an extraction, although I know it's there with an infected tooth also. Anyone have any experience with this?? Thanks!
7136384 tn?1390142888 What I packed for myself were granny panties, and pads but they provide those for u. But I packed shower gel, lotion, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, brush, comb,change of clothes. And snacks.
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Avatar n tn I think it was quite a traumatic extraction, as the tooth had split in half, so he had to go in and yank the other half out with some other implement. I will continue my good work, and hopefully things will be fine. Thanks for your swift reply!
Avatar m tn The vet said that I cannot wait, but need to act relatively fast in having something done about the tooth. Extraction is significantly cheaper, but they said will be pretty tough as the tooth is healthy and he is so young with large roots. Any thoughts on extraction vs. root canal? Thoughts on waiting to have anything done until there is an issue? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn If its healing nicely as he says, there maybe some other issue with another tooth or the extraction may have been somewhat difficult and it may be injured the tooth next to it, which also will take some time to heal. At one month though, most of the healing should've taken place. Any further plans for treatment besides removing that bad tooth?
Avatar n tn I had a tooth pulled on Friday and now the blood clot that was over the extraction site is gone and I can now see what appears to be either bone or a piece of tooth sticking out of the site. I have eaten nothing but soft mushy foods since surgery, nothing I have had to chew. I have been lightly rinsing the mouth out with warm salt water. I'm afraid to try and eat solid foods cause the socket just doesn't look protected anymore, and I don't want the infection to get worse.
Avatar n tn If it's getting worse, I would go back and have them check for a dry socket. Usually the pain from an extraction will get better over time. If it all of a sudden gets worse, we always tell patients they may have a dry socket which is most common when lower wisdom teeth are extracted. It may feel like the upper jaw but this may be referred pain. I would have it checked out because they can pack some medicine in there to help it feel better.
Avatar f tn On examining it the dentist said the tooth was dead and best to take it out. The tooth was taken out on Monday morning and I hadn't had any problems with it. I has been asked to return today for a check up and although she said it was healing well she still packed it (with the clove tasting material). She didn't give me much information, just said the material would work itself put over the next few days. I have a few questions.
Avatar n tn It ounds liek a dry socket. Not uncommon.... Have the dentsit who did the extraction pack it with the appropriate medication and you will be fine....
652079 tn?1224157766 He pulled the tooth with no problem, said it was the easiest extraction all day. That night, I had throbbing pain, at my check bone. It went away after applying an ice pack. But now, 3 days later, my cheekbone is still very sore, with moderate pain, and I have a slushing sound in my opposite side ear. Any ideas? I was given no pain meds or antibotics. I have been taking motrin, every 6 hours, and it does help with pain. Suggestions? Advice?
Avatar f tn Hello, I had my impacted tooth removed 3 days ago and now the area is white and it still hurts. my gum is swollen and i can barely open my mouth. the doctor prescribed me antibiotics the day he extracted the tooth. Should i wait and finish the antibiotics or should i go see the dentist.
1486020 tn?1354028475 Tooth extraction was today. Went well, as well as can be expected for removing a tooth... Surgeon used Novocaine to numb the area, since I'm 8 almost 9 weeks pregnant. Now to take it easy for the next 12-24 hours, take my pain meds and antibiotics. Hoping for a better night sleep tonight and looking forward to no more pain after I heal!
Avatar m tn If the tooth is restorable and financially affordable, root canal treament + crown can service many years, sometines decades, depending on maintenance.Post-op pain associated with root canal treatment is generally minimal and easily managed by pain killer.Lossof molar may cause teeth shift, not always.Extraction of molar generally won't change facial profile.
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3148906 tn?1343695795 Thank you Smiley2000 I had the tooth pulled but the oral surgeon did not pack it with antibiotics so now food is in the extraction site and my gum have swollen. Now I have to go back and they will flush it out then pack it. Let's see what happens next.
Avatar n tn Hello! I started out with an abscess around my lower left bicuspid. Dentist insisted that the tooth had to come out. I told her that I've never had a tooth extraction while having abscessing going on, and she said it was fine. Tooth was pulled and was sent home with an Rx of Clindamycin (150mg), 4xday. Infection got worse. Dentist, then used a lazer to open and drain the infected area. Several shots (7-8) of novacaine was needed to numb the area.
Avatar m tn I decided to take vivitrol to get off alcohol and all of a sudden Iv'e had toothache everyday. Iv'e had one partial tooth pulled where the dentist thought the toothache was coming from and the toothache came back a couple days later so I went back to the dentist and he found a dead tooth next to where he pulled the partial with no sign of abscess but said it might be to small to see so he pulled that one.
1985196 tn?1402190098 my 3 yr old mastiff x looks as if he has a rotting tooth one in particular and some others a little yellow , he wont let me brush them , what shoud i do ? Please help .
Avatar f tn but more so dont forget about you! Slippers,comfortable under pants....sweats of pjays......and PADS! Shower gel....tooth paste a few books or ect......
Avatar n tn Well, here's the update the laxative did help... A LOT! The bubbles are gone, and what once was there is just tender tissue now. A lot of the gum swelling went down as well. This morning I don't feel as much pressure near the tooth extraction (which feels a lot like dry socket) so it did make a dramatic difference. I'm still sore from the injections, and the extraction itself but I do recommend a mild/natural laxative because it has worked for me.
Avatar f tn I pack 3 pj, granny panties, kotex, tooth brush/paste, gel, brush, towel, soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant,body cream, bra, pillow, n a comfort
Avatar f tn No pain killers! Tylenol or my favorite; Kanka. Its a gel you rub on your tooth and it does wonders! Way better than oragel. I'm 17 weeks as well.