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Avatar f tn It started to play up and I felt a really hard lump directly underneath it. It is on the gum side closer to the cheek and is under the first layer of skin so you cannot see it only feel it. I went to the dentist and they took a basic tooth X-ray and said the tooth was dead and needed to be pulled to get rid of infection. So I took 15 days worrh if amoxicillin and a further 5 days of kefelex to try and get rid of infection before the extraction. However the solid lump remained place.
Avatar n tn I had a decayed tooth extracted a couple of months ago, and about two weeks ago I noticed a hard lump in the front of the gum where the tooth was pulled. It's hard like a piece of tooth or bone, and it's pointy and feels like it's going to protrude through the gum. What could this be? I haven't gone back to the oral surgeon yet, but am planning on it. Don't want to have anymore surgery! Any input?
691614 tn?1227464651 I have a white lump that has appeared in my gum above my front tooth. It isn't painful but when pressed I feel pressure on my tooth. It has been there about 3 weeks now. What it is?
Avatar m tn Now a month after the extraction. One day I was pushing on (whats left of the lump) and playing with it. The lump on my gums came back to the stage where it was before i gotten to tooth extracted. What can this be??
4279185 tn?1352121677 Gum is more painful today as this past week i have really had to work hard on it to drain it. It is a hard white solid lump and usually drains through the gum at the top of the tooth or through a hole if make a nick with a sterile needle. I already lost 2 teeth, back ones because of failed root canals and am not willing to ever have another as my body always seems to reject them and they fail.
691614 tn?1227464651 Thank you for your help. I have been waiting 6 months to see a specialist Dentist in our area who does Conscious Sedation. I was referred by my own Dentist but this was the first available appointment (not for the boil for a hole in one of my back teeth) Anyway was seen today and I need the tooth with the gum infection to be removed. The Dentist thinks I have had an accident years ago that has damaged the tooth. I do not remember any damage being done to my teeth but there we go.
Avatar f tn I have never had such pain before after a tooth extraction. Why are my gum lines feeling sore. It is no where near the tooth extraction?
Avatar f tn Early Wednesday morning a lump was high up in gum line and another lump in my cheek. When I pushed on cheek got a mouth full of pus. The dentist put me on antibiotics and pain killers. Pain killers are not working well enough and still leaking pus. What can I do? I asked for stronger pain meds but he gave me the same thing that wasn't working before.
Avatar f tn Lost 20 pounds in padt couple weeks and have a weird lump in throat on or near tonsil. Also looks as if theres a hole in tonsil on opposite side. More than happy to show picture. Idk if it has anything to do with it but really hard to swallow any pill. Went to get wisdom tooth pulled the other day but oral surgeon either didnt see or notice it either nor did he acknowledge whiteiss ulsor looking lump on inside of bottom jaw.
Avatar n tn After I visit my dentist, they found out one of my tooth have pocket depth11 in one point of my lower back tooth. They suggest a tooth extraction, and get second oponion. I ate anitbiotic and now my toothache is gone, I started root canal on that tooth, and doctor recommand me to see a gum specialist before they do the root canal. They said I have Periodontal Disease, I am wondering if this tooth can be saved by the gum specialist. Is sugical gum treatment can save my tooth?
Avatar f tn was sedated to have it clean out from infection, but i still have a red lump on the outer edge down the jaw of the extraction site. Ive been on 5 kinds of antibiotics. It has been x rayed & dentist said there is no signs of infection, my glands are up in my neck all the time. Ive also now got mouth sores, prob from all the tablets ive been taking. Im really fed up & dont no what to do or think ? Can anybody help !!!
Avatar n tn All the symptoms subsided except now there is a pain/soreness on the SIDES of the crowned tooth. The gum area feels fine. I went back to the endodontist today and spoke to him about these sensations on the sides of the tooth. He could not figure why this was happening, and went through all deductive reasoning of what it could be. He said the crown looked fine but the gums however, were swollen. He put me on a medicated oral rinse and told me to check with him in two weeks.
Avatar f tn Hi I have had a cut on my top gum for about a month, when the tooth was pulled, they unfortunately cut open the gum above the tooth. This doesnt seem to heal as it is sore when it is touched or with cold water or hot, I think the cut went to the bone section or at least is showing nerves. It is a straight cut from the pliers used. It doesnt look infected but I want to know how to close it properly so the nerves dont get attacked evertime I drink something. Can you help?
Avatar f tn When do teeth with cavities become unsaveable that require extraction. Also When does a dentist decide that a tooth requires an extraction from a cavity? Can all teeth be saved with root canals? I appreciate your response.
Avatar f tn When I press on it, is is tender to touch, and I notice it gives me a slight twinge in that tooth. The lump is high up on my gum,almost like it is just under my cheekbone. Does this sound like an infection? I'm so frightened it may be a tumor..... If it's an infection, how would they treat it, just fix the tooth, and then would it go away?
Avatar n tn s not the tooth that hurts, but the gum right above the tooth in the front. I especially feel it when I touch it in a certain spot. Now I also see the fistula coming back above that. Dr. Said pain is normal. I've had about six other root canals with no pain, and I understand that the #8 is one of the easier root canals to do. Also, when he injected the novacaine, it got a big lump in the injection sight,where he told me to "just massage it", right before the procedure.
Avatar n tn However, I now have a very painful, sharp bony protrusion on the outside of the gum area of the extraction. Is this some kind of broken or crushed socket?
Avatar m tn In Oct,2006 I had to have an extraction of my lower left 1st molar I had a root canal done on this tooth 21 years before and it had a crown on it. I went for a cleaning appt , when they did x-rays the tooth deteriated in the gumline and bone .An oral surgeon extracted the tooth and did a bone graph due to bone loss. I was never givien antibiotics. After a wk I still had swelling in my face and the site was oozing pus.
Avatar n tn If the bone is fine, and gum is fine, the tooth is solid but the tooth has a big hole then is it ok to have an onlay? Even if most of the crown has gone and bit of the pulp is exposed?
Avatar n tn The hole from the extraction is slowly closing but the pain in my gum on the side and under my tongue area has not decreased. It feels like blisters or open cuts in that area. I have seen my dentist and had the tooth packed 3 times and also repacked it at home with clove oil and also used an anesthetic gel for the outside gum. I am on my second prescription of antibiotics. My dentist is telling me he will not pack my tooth any more and has also looked at the gum.
1809287 tn?1316744936 about a week ago i had a tooth extraction done on my very back molar on my lower right side. the extraction went pretty well, although quite uncomfortable. afterwards, i felt somewhat okay, but about two to three days after i started to feel this uncomfortable pain in my lower jaw bone. the pain is felt in my jaw, my throat, my temple, my neck and my ear. i am having constant headaches.
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Avatar n tn I have an abscessed tooth and its in my gums on bottom, been on antibiotics, painkiller for five days, swollen and big lump on jaw. Dentist wont lance it because it still hasn't come up to a head yet. Should I go to ER, or just give it more time?
Avatar f tn now that the extraction site has healed I can feel with my tongue little bumps on the side of gum but there sore if I touch them with finger ..
Avatar f tn In a normal tooth extraction, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the gum and bone to completely fill. But still you are facing the pain after six month of tooth extraction, then you need a professional help to get relief.