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Avatar m tn Bone graft after tooth extraction helps preserve alveolar bone, which facilitates implant placement. It's a cost- effective investment.
Avatar m tn usually, if do bone grafting by patient's own bone, it cost over 2000~ 3000, if use BMP to do bone grafting, for one tooth, how much it could cost? I am looking for a range. Thanks.
Avatar f tn The dentist told her that almost all of her teeth on her upper jaw will be extracted and every tooth will be bone grafted before they give her dentures. is bone grafting really necessary before dentures or can we get away without it? It will cost us $330.00 per tooth and they need to remove 8 . It's really expensive so is it really necessary or can we do away with it?
Avatar n tn I had my wisdom tooth on the bottom and number 18 ( the tooth next to it) removed and had bone grafting. its the 4th day and my clot looks to be dissolving to were I can see a dark open space slowly getting larger. I seen my dentist today she said it was impossible to get a dry socket with a bone graph but from what I've heard online makes me feel she is incorrect and I'm worried sick I might be developing one.
Avatar m tn what is the chance I could do artificial bone grafting and what is my chance to do augmentation to use my own bone to do bone grafting? augmentation is a way too expensive, I hope I could have some alternative left. Thanks.
Avatar n tn The periodontist is recommending extraction, bone graft, and implant. Are there any other options to treat and save this tooth?? I've heard some people get tooth roots "amputated" -- does that offer options for sealing a hole in the tooth, and replanting the post properly?? Are there any other questions I should be asking the dentist or options I should be exploring before I agree to extraction and grafting... Any perspectives would be much, much, much appreciated!
Avatar n tn well what is bone greft in general....and is there any other alternative JUST as good?
Avatar f tn I will be having two teeth (#'s 11 and 12) extracted, and bone grafting done this coming Monday the 23 of February. My general dentist will be pulling them. Tooth #11 has a crack in it and they both have an infection of which I am taking antibiotics presently. I have never had two permanent teeth extracted before and bone grafts.
Avatar m tn I had an extraction of a molar tooth months ago.The dentist left root fragments behind and didn't even explain me why.This is what made find a new dentist and orthodontist because i have to correct my teeth,i have an open bite.They told me i need to remove these fragments before i get my braces on.
Avatar m tn I am concerned about the appearance of this pontic (#12) after the area where the root of the extracted tooth has now "fallen". Will the gum grow back to surround the margins of the pontic? Do I need further surgery to correct this appearance?
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear this Kitty...are you talking about one tooth or many teeth? I had to have a tooth extraction shortly after my 48 weeks of TX - a fractured tooth (and I'm sure it was related to TX) but I've had no further problems. I hope your situation is not ongoing.
Avatar m tn open the gum, do bone grafting on outer side of the implant, and do some gum grafting too, as the gum cover the outer side of the implant dose not grow. If do nothing now, when it is the time to place the implant crown, it is going to be ugly: gum line is too high, and gap between the implant crown and the adjacent tooth. my questions is: for option 2, it looks like a temporary solution, do I need to repeat the same surgery every several years? or, what consequences I might get?
Avatar m tn About a month and a half later, my bone rejected the bone grafting and a cyst formed on my outer gums as well. The surgery was redone to remove the bone grafting and the apicoectomy was performed again a bit further down the root structure to avoid any further damage to the tooth. The external cyst was removed and the area was stitched up with no bone grafting in place and a I was sent home on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Best thing you can do at this point is just hang in there. They may feel different but still tighten up. Try to save your natural teeth. You've gone this far. Give it a few weeks more and then you will be able to make a more informed decision. When you first have dental work done the mouth will react to that. Give it the time to settle down. I know that's difficult when you feel you are loosing ground, but all you'll loose is a few weeks and the gain may be great.
Avatar n tn if it can be moved, it is most likely a bone spicule or small sliver of tooth that may have chipped off during the extraction. It should be pushed up and out during the healing process. If you think it's intact bone poking through, see the dentist who did the extraction.
Avatar dr f tn I would imagine an endodontist should have very good reliable results for their apicoectomies as they likely have specialized equipment to work with. Unless a general dentist is able to do them at the level of the specialist, I would personally prefer the endodontist perform the procedure. As long as the apico heals, it should be good to go as long as the tooth holds up in the mouth. Bone grafting is quite safe.
Avatar m tn 26PM I had a bad implant taken out on 8/14/2008 on tooth #10. on the same day, the doctor did bone grafting by using BMP-2. Now it is 5 weeks after the surgery. The major swelling is gone, the area is bulky now. I notice because the bulkyness of the surgical area, when I smile, the shape of my lips become asymetric.
Avatar m tn The bump does not hurt to be touched and the tooth below it does not hurt. This position is 5 teeth away from the extraction site on top. I have poked at it and it's not able to be popped, it looks like a tiny bone. Here are my questions: Could the bump be caused by the infection that I already have? If not, what is this thing? Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn In a normal tooth extraction, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the gum and bone to completely fill. But still you are facing the pain after six month of tooth extraction, then you need a professional help to get relief.
Avatar n tn To make a long story short, I have been to doctors 7 times since tooth extraction for aches face, jaw, neck, ears clogging, upper left arm aching, swollen glands under chin, as well as two chest colds, and also diagnosed with sinusitis. I am now on my 5th round of antibotics in 8 months. And each time I finish I feel good for a week or two and the symptoms return.
Avatar n tn I recently had a wisdom tooth removed (tooth #1) because of decay. The tooth was errupted and the removal was done in the dentist's office with novicaine and had no complications. After receiveing the bill, I realized that the dentist had charge for the extraction as well as an alveoplasty.
Avatar m tn Did it swell up again? Usually with the extraction of the infected tooth, the swelling and lump will go down. It may be just bone that's healed in the area and its changed shape. If it due to swelling from the area more recently (bone doesn't grow in days but over a month), it may be an infection from another source.