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Avatar f tn Hello, After tooth extraction it is important for the blood clot to form to stop bleeding. Be careful not to dislodge the blood clot while brushing your teeth near the extraction site for at least 3-4 days. Carefully wipe the area with a clean, wet gauze pad. If you are worried about the size of clot it is best to get it seen by your dentist. That will help allay anxiety. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn Hi, I order to reduce the pain after wisdom tooth extraction surgery it is generally advised to bite on the gauze pad periodically. The pad should be removed as soon as it gets soaked in blood. You can also try applying warm moist compresses on the cheek, apply ice packs, and gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water. This will help in reducing the swelling and pain. The possibility of dry socket also needs to be looked into by your dentist.
Avatar m tn Since then my outer gum appears to be collapsing over the extraction site. Is this ok, or was the gauze packing and do I need to consult my dentist again?
Avatar m tn Hi I would like to know the steps of a tooth extraction procedure, what the best dentist company is (ex. Neighbor etc.) and, if a tooth extraction will hurt.
Avatar f tn Hello, After a tooth extraction the gauze should be kept firmly in place, by biting down on the pad or using finger pressure, for about half an hour to an hour. If you doubt that this gauze has not come out and is placed inside you may need to see your dentist. This gauze piece can act as a focus of infection and lead to abscess formation. Treatment can be decided only after a dental examination. I hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn There was a crack down by the root in a tooth with 50 plus years of fillings. Also, I had chemo in early 2009 and was warned it can be very hard on teeth. This is the 3rd tooth I've lost since chemo. QUESTIION: I've been changing my gauze every 45 mins. as directed. The 3rd gauze change, I had a pea sized clot on the gauze. Will another clot form or am I doomed to dry socket? I'm still bleeding (am on daily aspirin and there was no time to stop it prior to removal).
Avatar m tn Hi everyone! Yesterday I had a molar that was abcessed extracted. The dentist sent me home with antibiotics and gauze for bleeding. Today I notice there a bump in the tooth socket, It's about the size and level as the rest of the teeth. Could the clot get that big or is it possibly gauze stuck in there or something else? Thanks!
1354136 tn?1331875317 hi everyone, first time getting a wisdom tooth out. i have an appointment on friday. i don't have health insurance so i can't afford the twilight meds or whatever so i'm just getting a local for them to pull my tooth, should this be okay? pretty nervous about the whole ordeal. tooth has already erupted through the gumline, not looking forward to the dentist but looking for to this pressure being removed from my mouth. just looking for insight. thanks all.
Avatar f tn Hi So last week on Wednesday I had a tooth extraction and everything was fine until sunday since I saw lots of blood coming out from the site and had to make a visit to the dentist. I had to do the gauze all over again and I just noticed that a small piece of it is stuck in the site, I will be visiting the dentist next week since I have an appointment. What can I do? Can it come out when I drink or does he has to remove it? And will blood come out again?
Avatar n tn Ok, I just a back, lower Wisdom tooth pulled on Wednesday, i had gauze on it pretty much the whole day following the procedure, but it still bled a little bit. Two days later, its still bleeding a little, i looked in my mouth, the site of the extraction is dark red so i assume there is a blood clot there, so why is it still bleeding a little?
Avatar f tn Hello, I had my impacted tooth removed 3 days ago and now the area is white and it still hurts. my gum is swollen and i can barely open my mouth. the doctor prescribed me antibiotics the day he extracted the tooth. Should i wait and finish the antibiotics or should i go see the dentist.
Avatar f tn My cheek was prodded at and held open for an entire hour and a half while the students looked for guidance from the doctor while working on me, till he finally stepped in and removed the tooth. Apart from regular wisdom tooth extraction pain, I am now dealing with extreme pain from the hematoma site and I am very scared as to what the consequences of this might be. Is there any way that this could be dangerous? Will this still heal properly after all of the aggravation to it?
Avatar f tn 8 days ago I had an extraction of tooth 31 done by my general dentist. It was a difficult extraction according to my dentist. She had to cut part of the bone in order to finally remove the molar. She then added a few sutures and I was sent home. I noticed that I could feel a rough patch with my tongue where the bone had been cut on the lingual side of the mandible. Approximately an hour after leaving the office I was changing the gauze for the first time and the suture came out with it.
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Avatar n tn Pain subsided but he exrayed this time and found it. Said I could consider root canal or extraction but feel extraction...although terrifies the best route (pun not intended). Thanks for the input. I wish I could have overcome this anxiety but the amount of blood I saw as a child has never left my mind's eye.
Avatar f tn t remember feeling or seeing anything come out after removing the gauze and tea bag the first day. It was a difficult extraction, had to break the tooth into three parts, and have two stitches. I can see what looks like areas of black, white, grayish in the hole, I assume that's the blood clot? If I did lose the clot and was developing dry socket, wouldn't I see an empty hole? The dentist did say I have a huge hole.
Avatar n tn if a root or fragment broke off during the extraction, it would have probably been evident when the Oral surgeon inspected the tooth after extracting it. If there was a broken fragment or root, he or she was obligated to tell you. these things sometimes--- but usually the surgeon will try to retrieve it right after noticing it and they are usually successful. If you were not told of such, then it probably did not happen.
Avatar n tn I do not know why you would be getting sensitivity to cold in the socket area. If you did not have the extraction done by an oral surgeon i think you should consult one. If you did then i would think you have to take the doctors advice.
1682219 tn?1305019070 i have a dry socket after a lower left wisdom tooth extraction. my jaw bone is exposed. i have been successfully treating the pain at home by packing it with an olive/clove oil soaked piece of gauze which i change every 4-6 hours. i also rinse with salt water between dressing changes. however, i am now concerned that my packing the socket may be impeding the healing process.
5724951 tn?1392422353 Did u keep the gauze in? I know its nasty and prolly makes you gag. But the pressure of the gauze going up in the hole is what makes it stop. If it doesnt stop soon I would call the dentist and see if there is an on call doctor u can talk to and ask. Just keep that gauze up there and pressure. Tylenol and ice packs will be ur Best friend since we can't have pain meds. So Tylenol every 6 hours and plenty of ice packs to the face and you should be good.
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Avatar m tn he just kept saying it was a very difficult extraction. put some type of paste or something and put a gauze there. i was fine.started healing nicely. still had a little pain but I was taking Motrin, so I was good. Sometime during that week I started finding it painful for me to talk, eat, cough, (i ended up getting a really nasty cold). Something was literally poking my tongue. I thought it was the stitches I was feeling i felt it on both sides of my tongue.
Avatar m tn At the time of extraction, the dentist told me I need have bone graft and it should be done at the time of tooth extractio or at least within two weeks after the extraction. But I did not follow his advice and just simply had the tooth extracted. My question is if I am to have an implant later, can I still have bone graft at that time?
Avatar f tn hey, im very sorry your going through this, i could identify with your pain, and agony. im a single mom of a 10yr. old, and just had my lower right wisdom tooth pulled on march 17th, and i too, have dry socket. when you said you cry when you watch other people enjoying their dinners, it made me cry, because i feel the same way. i went to a dentist, who i beleive should have never performed the extraction on me.( this guy was literally hanging on my head to get the tooth out !
Avatar f tn I have hypercementosis(mis spell) and had an extraction of number 4 tooth 6 weeks ago. I'm experience a lot of pain and the only thing that helps is my finger in place of the missing tooth. I've had two course of antibotics. The area has been checked twice and they thought I might need a root canal in tooth number 5. Specialist checked with no reaction to hot, cold and pressure so she prescribed oral rinse. I looked and the area is white but doctor said that it's healing.
Avatar n tn I intend to extract my molar tooth. I am 63 yrs, Can i take the aspirin and do the tooth extraction or take after the extraction. Your advice will be much appreciated. thank you.