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Avatar n tn My seven year old has a similar growth on the front underside of her tongue. It started out small and looked to be what we as kids called a tast bud sore. Over the course of the past 4 weeks it has grown however from a pin tip size thing to the size of the end of a pen cap. It goes from white to black in color and at times has a reddish tinge in the center. She has complained at times that it hurts.
Avatar n tn I have a growth on my tongue that doesn't hurt. It is located about 1 inch from the tip on the left side. Looks kind of like a taste flat, same color as the tongue, and does not hurt. Round, about 1/16" in diameter. I also have another one further back that is smaller that is kind of like a flap that is not painless. How do I know if these could be cancerous or not? Should I have them looked at or are they normal.
Avatar m tn I have a white / yellowish growth on my tongue that when cleaned using a tongue scraper comes off in a pasty substance. I previously had a yeast infection caused by antibiotics. It lasted several years and affected my tongue and gut health causing growth on my tongue and diarrhea if I ate any breads or sugar. After going through a long course of anti fungal treatment my gut health appears to have fully rebounded but my tongue still has this growth occurring.
Avatar n tn The fimbriated fold under my tongue is sore and swollen. It has a little whiteness at the ebd of it also. I was wondering if this is something serious or not.
Avatar f tn The darkening spots are called chloasma, and are normal in pregnancy. I'm confused about two rounds of antibiotics for your white tongue - antibiotics actually lead to yeast over growth, they don't cure it.
Avatar m tn I have been waiting 19 days for tongue biopsy result and the lab says they are working on it and haven't forgotten me. There was a noticeable bump on the top of the tongue at the time of the bio, and I detected it after my plastic tongue brush kept making a painful feeling on that spot. This pain went on for a month before I bothered to inspect the tongue, since I assumed I was carelessly jabbing the tongue with the sharp edge.
Avatar n tn White growth on your tongue may not be connected with your tooth. It can be the result of vitamin deficiencies or yeast overgrowth. It might be worth getting tested for these things if it does not go away after your tooth is fixed. http://www.geographic-tongue-remedy.
Avatar f tn I think I have oral hpv, I have a growth on the side of my tongue and in the back of my tongue. The first time I mentioned this to two different doctors 5 months ago they said burnt toast could of caused an irritation and by using listerine I kept irritating it. I stopped using listerine and waiting for the side growth to go away. Then bumps in the back of my tongue developed 2 months after and I still have the growth on the side of my tongue.
Avatar f tn Hello, I went to an ENT a few weeks ago and the strange areas on my tongue were geographic tongue. But my tongue is constantly white no matter how much I brush it and I have been having a sore throat as well. I am not sure why I am so worried. I brought the white tongue to the attention of the MD, but he didn't think much of it. I think it is odd. If anyone else has had any similar experiences, I would love to hear about them. Thanks for your time!
794366 tn?1418009395 I have a white growth on the underside of my tongue, it is on the right side. At night, while I am in a deep sleep, an electrical zap (that's the only way I know how to put it) hits that white growth and sometimes the lower jaw on the same side. I wake up with pain that lasts only for a moment. I am taking Advair, Seroquel, Levothryroxine, and an antibiotic for my sinusitis. Does anyone know what this is?
Avatar n tn Hi, I know I'll have to take it to a doctor soon, but I wanted to ask here first anyway. I've had a number of symptoms of asymmetrical swelling and small lumps around the tonsils for quite some time, which I've seen a doctor about twice, the last time more than a year ago now, but was sent away with nothing more serious than a 20 second inspection and a quick chat. The swelling and asymmetry is more pronounced than before, and slightly tender on one side.
Avatar m tn Please let me know what do you think of my tongue. I have also lost appetit since I noticed my tongue is it related or can it be related?
Avatar m tn Hi, Just noticed yesterday a small white growth on the side but towards the front of my tongue. It appears like small pingpoles on the side of my tongue and is painfulf if touched. How can I tell if this is not cancerous.
Avatar m tn I have 5 small bumps under my tongue along my salivary duct it seems. 3 on Left side and 2 on right side of the connection between my gums and tongue. I am wondering what this could be. They are painless, slow growing- if any growth at all and hard, pea-sized bumps.
Avatar f tn One month later I have a bigger growth in the line under my tongue and inbetween the V-Portion of my tongue and then some growths on the actual V-Lines under my tongue. They are all flesh like. What do you guys think, what could this possibly be??? I am concerned they could be warts but at the same time I think the doctors know more than I do. Also, the bumps are painless.
Avatar f tn If she had a little bit of growth, maybe your tongue (one of our more sensitive body parts and always protected) just found it too rough. You could ask her to continue to shave but to abstain from using the lotion, and give the theory of stubble burn a test.
Avatar f tn After my sexual encounter in 17 days i developed a white tongue with red pimples in the firsf quarter of my tongue, i have a mouth ulcers one go and one appear and there isn't painful Is this any symptom of std ?
Avatar n tn Fast forward twenty years, I wake one day to a very sore tongue. It eventually centers in the the tip of my tongue, right below where I had lost feeling. It feels like I have a bubble in there. There is no visible lump and you can not see much more than a raised section when I flex my tongue tip. As I talk, that area gets very stiff. It then aches - like a Charlie horse. It Nearly freezes my tongue and it hurts! I have been to 3 ENT’s, my dentist, oral surgeon and even my GP.
Avatar m tn My tongue is white from last 3 months. Earlier whitish colour was going off by scraping. But now while scraping nothing comes out abd whitish colour remains as it is. Any focus please from experts in this forrum.
Avatar f tn I think I worry about health issues to avoid dealing with my life. Anyway about two months ago I noticed a small white pimple like growth on the top center of my tongue. I went away then came back/ I kept checking it and obsessing about it. then I went for my cleaning and I told the dentist about it. He could not see it. because it had gone down by then,. But he said that citris foods or even stress can cause them. I was worried because it wasnt on the tip of my tongue but on the top, center.
Avatar n tn Thrush would be like a curdy, chunky white growth. Have you had a fungal culture or wet prep (under a microscope) done on your tongue? (I am a microbiologist and like this gross stuff, lol) What is your TSH?
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing a strange feeling on and off for weeks now, of my tongue feeling slightly raised at the back, and rough when I swallow. Possibly spotty at the back and the most foul smelling breathe. What could this be? I dont smoke or drink heavily.
Avatar m tn 1 month post exposure I had fever, dry cough and white coating on tongue. Oral swab shows culture growth of Staph. 4 month post exposure I tested for HIV (p24 antigen & Elisa), Syphilis, HBsAg. All results were negative. Still every morning I find my tongue white coated and thick. The coating are easily scraped by tooth brush, but whole day I feel bitter taste on my tongue. Please suggest.