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Avatar f tn Lisinopril should not be taken during pregnancy because fetuses and neonates have died when lisinopril was administered during pregnancy. NURSING MOTHERS: It is not known whether lisinopril is excreted in breast milk. SIDE EFFECTS: First doses of lisinopril can cause dizziness due to a drop in blood pressure. Lisinopril can cause nausea, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, drowsiness, nasal congestion and sexual dysfunction.
Avatar f tn ve read that being nauseous or having morning sickness is a good sign your pregnancy is healthy and you have fewer chances at miscarriage.
Avatar n tn Hi. Wouldn't your doctor tell you if you lost the baby? Women have bleeds and lose clots during pregnancy. Now, I'm actually confused by your post. Were you confirmed pregnant? You weren't late with a period due to hormonal imbalance then assumed pregnant, were you? tasteless tongue. What does that mean? We normally have lack of taste due to lack of smell (as they are interrelated).
Avatar n tn t need too take meds for it because he dose not get outbreaks, however my tongue sometimes gets little red patchs on it every once and a while (2 at the end) it looks like i eat hot food dose not pain, has this every happen too anyone?
Avatar f tn I have my belly button and my tongue pierced for about 5-6 years now. I had to take my belly piercing out cause of the risk of it tearing open when i get bigger but i didnt ask about the tongue piercing. Is it safe to keep it in my mouth since ive had for about 5 years now, hopefully someone can help me with the answer. THANKIESS!!!!
Avatar f tn ve had tmj for about 5 weeks bleeding gums and geographic tongue for the whole thing plus bleeding gums, water infections and I have kidney stones an.
Avatar f tn I know I shouldn't care. And I don't most of the time. But it's one of those things is I know once I tell then I know what they'll say. And I've already felt super hormonal with this pregnancy to the point that I can't bite my tongue. And I don't wanna get stressed because they say something and then I get mad and scream at them for consistently being judgemental instead of understanding. ...
Avatar n tn Hi, i am 6 weeks pregnant (first pregnancy) and noticed that my tongue turned black. I scrapped my tongue and the black color came off, but when i woke up today my tongue was again black. I am not taking any medication or ate anything of black color.
Avatar f tn Anyone else's having problems with their mouth. Am constantly getting ulsers and my tongue keeps breaking out, am healthy and I'm eating healthy , the doctors prescribed me a mouth wash but it's not doing much and iv had all the tests, am having a healthy pregnancy and not run down. Just don't understand why it's lasting so long.
Avatar f tn I have my belly and my tongue pierced I'm going To buy one of the pregnancy belly rings but should I take out my tongue ring or buy a plastic one?
Avatar f tn t know why I am still getting these pains, and can they be from a UTI and BV? Also I have oral thrush from the antibiotics and have had it for about 1 week. I am treating with coconut oil, corsodyl mouthwash and also natural yoghurt. However it does not seem to be clearing.. The pain is better but the White/yellow covering has not dissappeared from my tongue!! Please help!!
Avatar f tn So my family is all a little sensitive to fruit. The acidity makes our tongue itch. Unfortunately that's all I seem to want to eat, apples, pears, nectarines, cherries... now my tongue is sore and it hurts to eat anything. Last night after spaghetti I nearly cried because my tongue hurt so bad (acid in tomatoes), but I just wanted to eat more. Does anyone else have this problem?
Avatar f tn Hello! This is me and my husband's first pregnancy/baby :-) I am 8.5 weeks and the morning sickness is so bad I can't anything! I go from bed to couch back to bed... I work full time and have had to call out several times so far... MD gave me some anti nausea pills they kind of work but mostly put me to sleep...any suggestions?
5025679 tn?1363541501 I was taking it off and on through December and then stopped and that is when my tongue started feeling yucky again. So I started taking it again and my tongue felt better. Then I stopped taking it (as it says only take for 14 days) then a week later that feeling came back on my tongue. I just finished taking it again so I am going to see if that feeling comes back. If it does then I will know for sure I need to continue the prilosec year round.
Avatar f tn I am 33 weeks measuring 34 weeks I have had my tongue pierced for over three years everybody keep telling me to take it out but no matter how long I had it if I take it out more then two hours my hole closes up so I'm scared to take it out does anybody else have one way did they do?
Avatar m tn For my first pregnancy I made it to about 3.5 months before I started taking medication. I took Klonopin as sparingly as I could and I took Prozac. I don't remember taking the klonopin for very long and certainly not the entire rest of the pregnancy. The prozac was a low dose....I want to say 10 or 20 mg but honestly it was so long ago I can't remember. I tried very hard not to take the klonopin though.
Avatar n tn s a bit more red than theaverage geographical tongue. Moving my tongue and tensing my tongue hurts as well(it hurts the spot only). I had my wisdom teeth removed a few days ago and i've been using Colgate Savacol Antiseptic mouthwash to clean my mouth and i have a feeling the burning sensation caused this red patch on my tongue but i'm not sure. Is it geographical tongue?
Avatar n tn My tongue feels better in the morning when I wake up and gets progessively worse throughout the day. It also appears to go in cycles with the end of the cycle being the loss of actual pieces of my tongue. Then it seems to get better for a few days and then it starts all over again. I live in rural Iowa. I went to my family physician who eventually sent me to the ENT specialist who comes to our area on Wednesdays. He thought it might be an allergy to a medication or something.
Avatar n tn m 32 weeks pregnant it seems like anything I eat will cause these weird sore shape things on my tongue and make it hurt a lot until I rinse my mouth I Googled it and it seems like I have geographic tongue ....anyone else experience this and will it go away or not be so painful after I have my baby? It grosses me out!!
Avatar m tn It is a white-yellowish coating on my tongue, my tongue also has like red bumps at the back of my tongue, scalloped edges and like canker sores in the edges back deeper inside. I find this really scary! Has anyone seen anything like that before? Is that an ARS symptom? My other question is. Have you ever seen or have known about a 28 day combo test (4th generation) negative result changing when restesting in the following weeks/months? Thank you very much for your help and attention.
Avatar m tn What is the risk of contracting HIV when licking a penis with a geographic tongue or tongue affected by candida given that no ejaculation occurred and there was no bleeding or pain or discomfort on the tongue?
338416 tn?1420045702 When I visited with the MS specialist, I mentioned my odd angioedema - whenever I got an injury to the face (usually either the dog bumping me in the lip, or biting my tongue) and the phlebitis in my leg. I also talked about the blood clot I had just recovered from. She went ahead and got a test for lupus anticoagulant, which was positive. Now, those people who test positive for the lupus anticoagulant don't necessarily have lupus.
1322410 tn?1274559013 They help in washing away the bitter taste by producing more saliva. Brush your teeth and your tongue with a tongue cleaner at least twice in a day and surely at bedtime. It will help in lessening the bitter taste. Vit C tablets, over the counter oral mouthwashes will help fight the taste. Increase fibers in the diet. Eat fresh things like apples that are crunchy or rough things like popcorn scrapes the white debris off the tongue.