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Avatar f tn I got the pregnancy belly rings and they suck! my belly button is stretching horizontally so the opening can fit like nothing in it.. I stuck that little belly ring in there.. which is about half the size of a normal barbell and it irritated the **** out of the hole because it was like stretching it back open.. it hurt to move.. but everyone grows differently but personally I wouldnt waste my money again..
Avatar f tn I have my belly and my tongue pierced I'm going To buy one of the pregnancy belly rings but should I take out my tongue ring or buy a plastic one?
Avatar f tn I have my tongue, nose and belly button. The belly button I took out around 4 months and my nose and tongue I still have in and I won't remove it until delivery. I had my nipples with my second pregnancy and I took them out around 6 months cuz milk was leaking from them...idk why it happened but I never put them back in.
10347925 tn?1410295462 I have my septum, nostril, lip, and tongue done. I might have to take out tongue and septum in case of emergency cesarean but that's it. You can get a pregnancy belly ring which will allow you to keep that. My cousin kept her nipple rings in but if it is painful,it would be wise to remove. As far as the clit goes, you might have to remove for birth but I'm not sure about removal for the pregnancy in general. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am going to give my two cents on tongue rings, sorry in advance. Having very little to do with pregnancy, I say take it out. I got mine done when I was 18. Prior to that I had great teeth, never had a cavity or anything. I took it out when I was like 24 or 25 and ever since then my teeth have taken a rather rapid turn for the worst. I am now 32 and so far I am missing two teeth, luckily they are back teeth, that I had to have pulled because there was no saving them.
Avatar f tn i have my tongue pierced. did you guys have to take yours out during labor and birth? my cousin did but this was 12 years ago. opinions??
Avatar f tn For a long time I have been plagued with white rings on the left side of my tongue that come and go.There may be two or three that will join in one day and then disappear and start again. Turn red and inside the ring.
Avatar f tn she said about the belly piercing that taking it out so much and poke the baby but i rarely take it out and another friend said its bad with a tongue ring because it could take the metal with food that goes down but it's not like my tongue rings peals lol
Avatar f tn Didn't hurt as bad as my tongue, but it did hurt getting them done and bout 2 weeks after. I washed with antibacterial soap every shower which made them heal faster than normal and never ever got infected :) I really want to keep them but looker I said they're getting so sore And I don't want to wait till their anymore sore to take em out I would prolly regret it also. Anybody know how early milk starts developing in the breasts?
9240076 tn?1408491932 I have mine pierced, but I haven't started showing at all. And I bought a pregnacy one so when i start to get big I can switch them!
Avatar f tn because my friend said about the belly piercing that taking it out so much and poke the baby but i rarely take it out and another friend said its bad with a tongue ring because it could take the metal with food that goes down but it's not like my tongue rings peals lol I been having the same metal bar they give when they first pierce your tongue and belly
Avatar f tn I had my belly button pierced when I became pregnant. I bought one of the pregnancy rings and it worked fantastic. It was a clean sort of plastic ring and it conforms to your stomach to keep your piercing from stretching or closing. I wore it all through my pregnancy and labor. After I had my son I switched back to a regular ring but I have a lot of praise for the one I had during my pregnancy it never bothered me once.
Avatar n tn Within a days time the white ring widens leaving a red sore spot in the middle then it sort of goes away in a day or two when another small or maybe two small rings begin . If there are more than one they usually join together and make one big ring always on the left side of my tongue. Does anyone else have this?
12693075 tn?1442246392 hey ladies! When did you decide to take your wedding ring or any rings off?
Avatar f tn My tongue started out very sore and dry, I could not handle spicy foods or mouthwash and I got white rings under my tongue off and on. My tongue is now less sore and the white rings have gone away, but now I have white patches that definitely look like hairy leukoplakia. Sometimes my throat is little sore and I have a slight cough. I used to think my HIV risk was low but now I'm not sure.
Avatar f tn Anyone know (from experience) about nipple and clitorous piercings and wether they need to be removed or you need bigger bars ect and is a clitorous piercing safe while giving birth?
Avatar f tn I was receiving oral from a female with a tongue ring and it got caught in between my frenulum.. She had to unscrew the bottom to get lose and when she finally did I noticed a lot of blood coming from the rip... She didn't appear to be bleeding herself and said she wasn't.. But even so would that be enough to pass hiv to me if she was? I took an antibody test 5½ weeks after that was negative.. Am I risk?
8182713 tn?1419265366 I would say it's probably best to remove it. I took mine out because the skin around it was stretching. They do make pregnancy jewelry that is bigger, but I just decided to take mine out all together.
Avatar f tn When I found out I was pregnant I took all of my piercings out except my tongue ring . I absolutely love my tongue ring and don't want to take it out unless I have too . I just recently put in a plastic bar and balls in so there is no metal in my mouth . Do you think the doctor will let me go through labor with the plastic in ?
Avatar f tn I kept mine in till I was about 23 weeks and it started getting uncomfortable.
8924846 tn?1410572901 I have my navel pierced and its not bothering me any besides poking through my shirts now that I'm showing. And ik where to get the pregnancy belly rings if needed. Is there anyone here who left the normal one in through their whole pregnancy? Ik I'll probably have to take it out when I'm in labor, but I don't want to have to get it re pierced later. I don't plan on taking it out and switching to the pregnancy ones til I absolutely have to.
Avatar f tn Not really sure what possessed me in the beginning lol. But they were only 2 of my 22! Probably too much info... sorry! Over the years I really ended up loving them. They are just as pretty as earrings. Everyone has to love something about themselves right?! I'll be sad to see them go! I think I'll end up taking them out soon unfortunately.
Avatar m tn There is only one documented case of a woman catching HIV from kissing, where both she and the partner had severe gum disease ( Considering that in 2007 it was estimated that 36.1 million people live with HIV, even if this case was beyond doubt (and I can't help being a tiny bit skeptical) you can't get more unlikely odds than that. After two years the piercing would be perfectly healed anyway, so there is no risk at all on that front.
Avatar f tn I've hooked up a girl about a month and a half ago and little white bumps apeared on my tounge maybe 3 days later they didn't really hurt a lot but there annoying and I still think I have them I'm really scared there nothing wrong with the inside of my mouth no res rings around them nothing on my lips throat nothing can any one help me?
Avatar f tn I left a regular belly button ring in my whole pregnancy with my first daughter and am now 24 weeks with my second baby girl and still have it in.
Avatar m tn Also, because of white tongue (see picture), I done a tongue and throat swab for bacteries and fungi and it was all negative. My white tongue is covered with some milky film, changing size from full to half covered, sometimes showing red and white rings for few days, also sometimes I have a burning sensation on my tongue.....Also, I have a periodical sore throat with white patches on my throat back. I have tried with NISTATINE drops, gel, tablets but no luck...
Avatar f tn Belly button piercings... advice... did you leave it in and use a pregnancy ring our take it out? I'm conflicted...