Tongue ulcers in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn m 35 weeks today, the past few weeks my tongue has developed these little ulcers.. ALL (ob, family and dentist) my doctors say they are normal with pregnancy and will go away on their own.. How many other mama's are going through this? & is there something you do aside from watching what you eat, to help? Thank you ladies..
Avatar n tn My main problem is that I have something like tongue ulcers, white and dry tongue in the mornings. Like white lines most in the tip of my tongue, and they are worse in the mornings. So I got a gastroscopy and was diagnosed with Pylori. They gave me Omez + amox + clarithromycin for 10 days... So my "mouth problems" symptoms went away while I was taking clarithromycin for pylori but after I ended my treatment for they came back! Thats it.
Avatar m tn I am still having apothous ulcers on tongue,lips, palate and on gums after 13 months of exposure,they are like cancer sores.please advise if my 3 and 6 month test for all std and HIV are conclusive. I am so worried.
Avatar n tn If you have been diagnosed with HSV 1 on the tongue (intraoral herpetic ulcers on tongue), is this something that will continue to reoccur throughout your life as a cold sore would on the lip? Is there anywhere that has info about this as well? Thanks!
483733 tn?1326798446 I know you are probably on your way to your destination, but yes lupus mouth ulcers are generally on the pallate and under the tongue. So sorry to hear about you flaring. Are you on any meds?
Avatar n tn I got my tongue pierced about a year and half ago, but I have suddenly got a lot of ulcers in around my mouth and my tongue and gums are swollen and i just wanted to know if that had anything to do with my tongue piercing. my tongue piercing looks pretty normal apart from the fact that my tongue is swollen and the end of it is numb and funny feeling as if i've burnt the to of it.
Avatar m tn I honestly don't know. I had sex with somebody while drunk and I don't think we used a condom. I can't ask him as I don't have his info. Classy eh ! 2 weeks after I get 6 ulcers on my tongue that just won't go, my tongue feels on fire. I read that mouth ulcers where a symptom of ARS and I freaked out. Are they? I know I need to test and I will but these ulcers are worrying me a lot.
Avatar n tn 5 months for HIV, syphillis and herpes all negative. Doctor presribed steroid paste for tongue. When I take it the ulcers on the boarder of my tongue go away only to return a few days later. I am confident I am HIV negative but would like to find out what is causing these ulcers. If you are able to find out please let me know.
Avatar m tn What I was told from a CD specialist is that the only people who get ulcers in the mouth are ones with CD as it is everything from the lips to the anus. Where UC is large colon only. When I had ulcers, they lasted up to a week or two and I had to have either anti-biotics or steroids because that was the sign my CD was flaring or changing and getting worse. My ulcers really hurt and hung basically around the throat area. Your situation is odd to me.
Avatar m tn Can you describe these mouth ulcers a bit more? Do you also have white coated tongue or mouth mucosa? It is very unlikely that acid would cause ulcers in the mouth. If this was the cause, than you'd also have ulcers in esophagus, hard swallowing and a lot of pain.
Avatar f tn Generally, tongue pain may occur in diabetic neuropathy, mouth ulcers, iron deficiency anemia, pernicious anemia, B-vitamin deficiencies (glossitis), leukoplakia (or oral cancer) and exposure to irritants such as tobacco/alcohol/hot foods/spices. Usual symptoms could be pain, swelling, and change in appearance of the tongue. Sometimes tongue movement problems also can cause pain and most often caused by nerve damage.
Avatar n tn why is my tongue sore, numb and tingling and ulcers on my mouth all of a sudden
Avatar f tn my tongue is real read and on the each side of the top on the tongue is grayish white and feels kinda cottony sandpaper and no taste buds
Avatar n tn My daughter had her toncils out on Tuesday, she now has horrendous ulcers in her mouth and on her tongue, and also think she may have thrush with the medication, she can swollow because of these ulcers, and we are worried that she has been told to eat i.e chip[s, toast etc for her throat!!
Avatar n tn Then just a few days ago I got these slightly painful ulcers on my front gums, top and bottom, but they were very small in appearance and hard to see. I went to an internal medicine MD who said looks like leukoplakia or could be fungus. I saw an ENT doctor who didn't know what it was, but prescribed an oral steroid cream for the ulcers. It helped with the ulcers, but nothing else.
Avatar m tn gave me meds and it all cleared in a week but now I still have loose stool and reacurring ulcers and my tongue is crazy looking giraffe tongue and it hurts and looks hairy and yellow marks,no appetite till this day and its week 10/11 I got tested 4 weeks and it was negative she got tested 3time at 6 weeks after she cheated negative but one of the test the back round didnt clean but it said negative but they redid it to make sur and I took another test at 7 weeks negative ....
Avatar m tn Doctor please help me, I happened with a sex worker tongue kiss three times, the first two are very intense tongue kiss, but I'm sure my mouth without ulcers and bleeding, but the last time we kiss is not intense, just the slightest contact several times.
Avatar f tn I started getting severe mouth ulcers all over my mouth, and over the next month or so they became unbearable. I would have at least 5 in my mouth at any given time - under the tongue, below and on the tongue, all over the soft palate and inside the cheeks. I would get a new one every day or so. Eventually (few months later) I would have them on my throat as well. They were so incredibly rampant, I went to a doctor and they did a swab of the sores and said it was aphthous ulcers.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'd be careful using L-Lysine ointment on your tongue. It's meant for sores and ulcers. How long have you had the sore on your tongue? Is the sore on top of your tongue or underneath your tongue? Just wondering.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been having two (one cm in size) sores on the side of my tongue for ten months, the sore spots are sensitive to hot, cold and spicy food, my family doctor told me it's not cankers, it might be pre- cancer sores.
Avatar f tn So I tried the five day course and I noticed that some of the ulcers have shrunk a lot in size to tiny, but I have a new one that has popped up in another place in my throat, can anyone shed any light? My appointment with the ENT isnt until September, I feel absolutely fine in myself and the ulcers/blisters don't bother me that much apart from sometimes making me wake up with a dry sore throat on a morning. I am a 37 year old female. I am beginning to worry about the dreaded Cancer word.
Avatar f tn Hi, So a couple of months ago I got several ulcers inside my mouth on my gums and cheeks. I thought they were just plain, run of the mill mouth ulcers from trauma or something. However, earlier this month I got multiple ulcers inside my mouth again. This time I went to the doctor because the back of my throat also had ulcers. The doctor swabbed one of the ulcers and said she was gonna send it to be tested for herpes and for shingles. She said if they didnt call then the tests were negative.