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4762847 tn?1360881934 Hehe I always thought of it as morning sickness making people sweat more and give them a glow :-) I don't get the oily skin just really dry so no glowing for me!!
5913031 tn?1382391190 I never understood why people ever called it that lol its just extra oilyyyy skin! My skin is so darn oily now and its so gross! I had some woman telling me I was glowing and I just laughed and said to myself she just called me oily and shiny Lmao..
Avatar f tn I have been complaining all week about my oily face and such, well after my run, I swear my skin was normal again and glowing. It is a little oily this morning now, but I really do believe now that any type of exercise is key to recovery! I felt so good for forcing myself to run:) Have a great weekend out there, especially to all the wonderful VETERANS!!!!
Avatar f tn There is no one right answer for everyone. Tips for dry skin won't help oily skin, and vice versa. Is there a specific issue you are trying to address with your skin care routine?
Avatar n tn gypsy amazing cream or gold pearl for whitning skin
Avatar f tn It does feel oily at first but once your foundation is on it no longer feels that way. I naturally have oily skin and I never wear any makeup without primer. ELF has my favorite kind.
7872226 tn?1394945088 Yes it comes from an oil your skin produces. I def have it. .
9263335 tn?1403463032 Any beauty tips? My daughter is sucking my skin dry..My skin is extremely dry & my nose gets super oily. What do you ladies recommend? Btw do you know of any specific hair removal creams that work? Because I give up shaving in the shower.
Avatar f tn I think in my first 10 weeks, I broke out a little, but now my skin is perfect. I never get acne anymore. I love it.
9442948 tn?1406816451 lol!!
Avatar f tn My hair and skin have gotten so oily and nasty, I have stretch marks, and I look swollen and nasty. But everyone will tell you that you have the glow and how good you look.
Avatar n tn Na-PCA Non-oily Aloe Vera spray from Whole foods is one I found and was approved.
Avatar n tn I have pigmented patches around my eyes & some part of my face for many years. I use suncros aqua gel in daytime but my skin become more oily it does't satisfy me as my skin bcome more glowless.Should I use ELOVERA SPF instead it?Please suggest me a good exfoliating cream.
Avatar f tn Authentic African Black soap has worked wonders along with coconut oil for a moisturizer. Thinking about whither hazel for a toner. And I'm hoping this is a girl because I don't remember felling this ugly with my son.
Avatar n tn if u have oily skin then frequently wash ur face with water or any face wash.....If u have dry skin then don't use shop......don't even touch tht,while washing ur face u can touch tht acne bt don't touch unnecesary......
10314095 tn?1409242541 I was going to say the same thing with the superstitions. With my first (my son) my skin was horrible the first trimester then the rest of my pregnancy it glowed and cleared up. My hair was so thick and full and shiny. This pregnancy I'm having a girl and my hair gets oily faster and my skin will have breakouts more.
Avatar f tn i have wheatish complexion i wanted to know how can i improve my color through my diet or is there any tips other than using creams and other cosmetics for having glowing face..i have pimples on my face which are increasing day by day.. i have hormonal hairs are very wavy n dry.. please doctor tell some effective ways to solve me problems thank you..
Avatar f tn hi ! plz tell an easy home remedy to get a beautiful fair and glowing skin . thankyou !
Avatar f tn The glowing is the oil on your skin, which causes you to break out
Avatar f tn I wake up every morning and feel tired, dry, itchy skin, with bags under my eyes, and not to mention the random, sporadic acne all over my face that I get very often. ALso, I have little red dots where a previous pimple used to be. Although it's gone, the red dot doens't go away and stays under my skin. I have several of these that don't go away.
Avatar f tn I have tan but oily skin. When ever I try a new brand its always gives me more of a pink tone when I really need a golden tan color. Anyone know of a good liquid & powder foundation for oily tan skin that won't make me break out it having oily skin? Also one that will last but I'm young so I don't need a strong cover up because I have no wrinkles.
Avatar f tn Second baby was a boy. Had no greasy hair nor oily skin. My third was a boy and had no greasy hair nor oily skin. Im thinking im having a girl because her hormones and mine are raging. I feel so ugly. Ive never had greasy hair nor oily skin or acne when I was a teenager or pregnant except with my first girl. I dont know what to use. My face is sensitive already so I use minimal product. I also usually have beautiful natural skin so I dont use makeup except a little bronze.
Avatar f tn Mine was totally fine until I started my third it's extremely oily and I have patches of flaky skin that are raw red itchy and very oily....does anyone have some clue as to what causes this and what will make it go away!!??
Avatar f tn After trying lots of other over the counter and prescribed creams, I finally gave in and took Accutane for 8 months. It took longer than "usual" for my acne to go away, but at the end of the treatment (end Oct.) I was acne free. It stayed this way for 3 weeks, then all of a sudden my skin started getting really oily and my hair greasy after not even a day. (My hair used to get greasy quite quickly, but not like this!) Now my face is full of pimples and blackheads again.
Avatar f tn i have extremely oily skin and i think its because i use my acne medications such as differin and duac but even though i wash my face 3 times a daii it is still oily and its worse during parties because i cant wash my face then..? wat should i doo..any herbal remedies as well?
Avatar f tn What can i use for oily skin & some.breakouts..