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Avatar f tn The best skin treatment I ever had was a pulse light treatment, cleared up the rosacea, acne, oily skin for 4 months. It was the fist time I had clear skin since the age of 12. It was actually weird to see myself in the mirror. The dermatologist said it would take about 6 treatments for my particular skin and then once a year after to maintain. I would have completed the treatment but insurance doesn't cover it and I haven't had the money. I highly recommend it if you can afford to do it.
Avatar f tn I don't use product in my hair and I have never had oily hair in the past, yet one side of my head (at the crown) has been increasingly oily for the last two days, which has forced me to try and hide the area as much as possible. I have washed my hair countless times with multiple shampoos and you can still feel the dense oiley area after conditioning and rinsing. Nothing in my routine has changed and for the life of me I can't explain why the sudden change.
Avatar n tn I am 43 and have washed my hair daily for as long I can remember. I have oily skin and hair but never been a problem. Last week I washed my hair as normal, dried it and noticed that my crown looked really greasy and my hair around the crown extremely dull. I presumed I hadnt washed my conditioner out properly but same happened next day.
Avatar f tn The critters stay off the places you put the blend. Unfortunately my skin really hates it. Also if you can sit in a spa for 20 mins it kills all the surface ones. Some evenings if they are bad I wipe them off in batches. The are like dandruff stuck to my skin. After submitting 150 pictures to the dermatologist he still wasnt convinced. I'll try knockout. Also, some people coat themselves in vaseline. It can help.
Avatar m tn Been to a dermatologist and he thought it was scabies. Was not. Still looking for an answer... Not Morgellons, not scabies, not dry skin. Need help.
Avatar n tn One of the causes that can be attributed to this condition is due to the regular use of birth control pills that is believed to be a plausible factor in the formation of skin pigmentations in other areas. Another reason for dark skin conditions maybe the presence of a skin disorder, known as acanthosis nigricans, which is a skin disease characterized by dark wart like patches in the body folds; may be benign or malignant.
Avatar n tn I have purchased every product out there that offers any hope for crepey skin, wrinkles, anti-aging of any sort. While some products may work for some individuals, I haven't found anything that works with regularity. I guess the nice smell sometimes makes me feel like it is helping - ha! I guess aromatherapy is good too! I know this may sound silly, but would anyone want to start a coalition of sorts? My thought was to join forces, weed out the bad products and report back to the group.
Avatar f tn He quickly told me that they will NEVER heal if I don't leave them alone. I was put on a strict regimen for my skin. He had topicals compounded for me for maximum effectiveness. Been undergoing treatment for over four long months now but am making progress......I unfortunately still pick a little, maybe that is why I am not completely cured yet. I advise anyone that has these symptoms to go to a dermatologist. If that dermatologist looks at you like you are crazy...find a new one.
Avatar n tn I have extremely sensetive skin myself and had to resort to baby lotion and shampoos to keep me from overdrying my skin. Many lotions make the skin oily rather than truly moisturize. Cetaphil is a good lotion, but I use Aveeno baby lotion. It seems to do the trick. What soaps do you use? Dial AB or Dove, ?? ?
Avatar f tn fish oil- I take two lemon flavored softgel 600mg a day to make a total of 1200 as for flaxseed oil for men. i found this article about how flex seed seems to be good but the oil is not so good unless the lignans are put back in. are you able to find out if yours has this lignan? I didnt find anything about helping his little swimmers... sorry! ill try and read up more about it but part of the article is as follows...
Avatar m tn There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.
Avatar m tn I believe I keep examining the skin down there and it has been to irritated for some reason. Please help me if anything can make the skin stronger.
Avatar n tn I have very sensitive skin and am on loritate (metro-cream) for rosacea. I get the same type of reaction to almost all cleaning agents for the face. I also have seborrheic dermatitis flare ups. I can only use a very mild cleanser called Purpose by Johnson & Johnson. I think that I've tried almost every cleanser out there only to give it to my sisters as they don't have skin problems. The deep cleansers are the worst and never try a mint mask, I can't remember what company put it out.
Avatar f tn I read through a number of forums, medical websites, and informal remedies for oily hair and skin which address this problem. Notwithstanding the possibility of a chronic medical condition, there are a wide variety of ideas for treating oily hair; lemon juice, baking soda paste, Palmolive dish soap, eggs, apple cider vinegar, and others, I decided to try a treatment which combined the application of (unflavored) listerine on the scalp followed by washing with an herbal tea tree oil shampoo.
Avatar f tn In this step I'll be mentioning some things you may want to consider for your actual delivery. Because the main goal of this group is to have a natural birth those things will be emphasized but I will talk about other options you may want to consider in the event of induction or cesarean. The magical moment has finally arrived! You're 10cm dilated and begin bearing down to bring your baby into the world. How do you envision that moment?
1548538 tn?1293875433 com/articles/amazing-benefits-of-neem-oil-for-skin-and-hair), used by Bishnoi people in India (though it's stinkier than olive oil, it's supposed to help promote hair growth from the roots). Soaking and washing hair with VINEGAR, then OLIVE OIL (5mins and 30mins), helped me before to get lice eggs out of my hair ...my hair is very dry so doesn't respond well to harsh lice shampoos. After the natural treatment, the granules streamed out when showering with water, hope that works for you too.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are similar except for the itching. My scrotum will burn like hell for a few seconds to a minute, then go away. The skin is sticky especially after a shower. The doctor said it's sweat, funny I don't usually sweat after a cold shower. The one thing that I figured out is that doctors could care less about our problem.
Avatar n tn I started drinking tons of fruit juice (citrus works best), started lubricating myself, started to eat more meats, grains, and dairy, and I started to lay off of the candy and sugar, then the sores went away, and i even started to notice that there was some slight growth, due to me eating several important nutrients for penal growth and for skin healing. I hope that this helps. It did for me.
Avatar n tn Thanks, I'll definitely bring it up next time I go to my doctor, but it's not dandruff (salt texture and too much when it happens for it to be skin cells) and my skin is fine. I'm 99% sure it's sweat salt deposits.
Avatar n tn I know what is causing my horrible acne, yet no one (and believe me I have been to MANY doctors) has given me any solutions. I have tried birth control, topical/oral treatments for acne, laser hair removal, anything and everything (at one point rubbing pure aloe vera on my face), yet NOTHING has worked.
Avatar f tn I have had acne in my past, as you can se with the pic, but it is has gotten a lot better over the years. I am not curently taking or using anything for my acne. I have naturally oily skin and I wash it every other day. I have changed my face wash six weeks ago from Noxema (with tricolsan) to St. Ives Olive cleanser. I will stop using the cleanser this week to see it it helps, but if it was just dry skin wouldn't it respond to the lotion? I am at a loss! Please help!
Avatar n tn Also, the Glysomed really helps with getting the skin healthy and naturally oily - in a positive way. Guys, don't think this can't work for you because it is pantyhose. I am a guy. There is nothing wrong with wearing pantyhose, especially if it is effective. Actually, my wife likes seeing them on me.
Avatar m tn Can someone help elaborate on this? One other thing i did notice when my face deflated was my oily skin became dry. Not dry, like flaking, but just dry. Prior to that I had the oiliest skin Ive seen on anyone, it was quite a change. I know testosterone plays a role in skin oil levels so I am intrigued there. But what I dont understand is that, wouldnt higher testosterone levels cause my face to become thinner? Why would why face thin out if my testosterone levels had suddenly became low?
Avatar f tn You mentioned oily skin and dry skin. This sounds like your hormones are really out off whack, and when one hormone gets thrown out of sync, many others seem to follow for some strange reason. Have you seen a rheumatologist? regarding the joint pains. Then i go back to the migraines, have you been seen by a neurologist? Have you had an MRI of the brain? If you havent been seen by a neurologist, then maybe this is the specialist you need. Or a really good neuro-endocrinoogist.
Avatar f tn There are different formulations for dry, normal and oily skin, etc, but I just use the regular one that doesn't specify. Yes, it has alchol but seems milder than soap. Got to keep experimenting because what irritates one persons skin works for another. later.
Avatar n tn I read an interesting article on the internet that said the source of an itch after your shower could be the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate in shampoos and body washes. It's one of the ingredients used to make a lather. I have been using perfume/dye-free body washes, fabric softener and laundry detergents for years but it hasn't made a difference. I noticed that my shampoo and fragrance-free "for sensitive skin" body wash contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).
363243 tn?1331037450 and i notice that it minimized the ingrown hair bumps which makes my skin feel and look ALOT smoother and i am looking for something for the hyperpigmentation. i understand what you have and been so frustrated with it because im the only one i know amongst my friends who have it. i hate looking in the mirror and my face is clear but my chin and neck are atrocious! a real confidence killer. let me know any pointers i can use.
Avatar n tn I found that out the hard way. Yet, if I have skin scratch allergy tests, the tests all show negative, except for a couple of things, like birch and dust mites. My allergist recognizes, though, that this doesn't mean that someone doesn't have a reaction to a certain item. I will throw up now if I eat lettuce or spinach. Yet, the allergy tests show negative for an allergy. Obviously, though, I'm still having a bad reaction to the produce.