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Avatar f tn I have problematic shin and before getting pregnant I pretty much had it under control. Now in the 3rd trimester I'm blowing up with acne and itchy skin all over and my usual skin clearing tricks aren't working. I'm hoping it's like all other prego stuff and it will subside in the weeks following birth.
Avatar f tn I have tan but oily skin. When ever I try a new brand its always gives me more of a pink tone when I really need a golden tan color. Anyone know of a good liquid & powder foundation for oily tan skin that won't make me break out it having oily skin? Also one that will last but I'm young so I don't need a strong cover up because I have no wrinkles.
Avatar f tn Second baby was a boy. Had no greasy hair nor oily skin. My third was a boy and had no greasy hair nor oily skin. Im thinking im having a girl because her hormones and mine are raging. I feel so ugly. Ive never had greasy hair nor oily skin or acne when I was a teenager or pregnant except with my first girl. I dont know what to use. My face is sensitive already so I use minimal product. I also usually have beautiful natural skin so I dont use makeup except a little bronze.
Avatar f tn Mine was totally fine until I started my third trimester....now it's extremely oily and I have patches of flaky skin that are raw red itchy and very oily....does anyone have some clue as to what causes this and what will make it go away!!??
Avatar f tn Is it...I know this is a stupid question but..is it really oily? I was going to pick some up, but I don't want my skin to be oily all the time. Does it absorb quickly? That's my main thing, I want to combat stretch marks but not be oily or greasy.
Avatar f tn i have extremely oily skin and i think its because i use my acne medications such as differin and duac but even though i wash my face 3 times a daii it is still oily and its worse during parties because i cant wash my face then..? wat should i doo..any herbal remedies as well?
Avatar f tn What can i use for oily skin & some.breakouts..
Avatar f tn Does your skin tend towards oily or dry? Black skin is usually more resistant to wrinkles as it ages than white skin, but other than that, the color matters less than the oily/dry question in terms of treatment (except about the elbows, where it is a good idea to exfoliate often if the skin tends to look "ashy" there). If your skin tends towards oily, you can use stronger and more astringent soaps (made for the face) and if it breaks out, some of the vitamin A-based products.
470885 tn?1326329037 yes my skin is changing bad i normally have oily skin but now i have very bad oily skin and i break out bad zits like crazy the many joys of pregnancy
Avatar m tn Washing does little to seem to stop the oil production and in many cases makes things seem to get even more oily with irritation. Are there medications that can help reduce oily skin?
Avatar f tn I used soap on my back I figure pimples are from oily skin so if I dried out the oil they would go away, I have always used soap on my face aswell has worked better than any pimple face wash I've ever used as a teenager I had really bad skin but my dad told me just use a bar of soap and I've never had a problem since :)
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Avatar f tn I'm having a boy and the same thing happens to me. My cheeks and t zone are dry but my nose is oily. I use the gel lotion from clinique because it's really lightweight or just put lotion on the dry spots. Have you tried a less harsh cleanser?
Avatar m tn t use a soap that is too strong as it will cause your skin to overreact. Try to find a light moisturizer made for people with oily skin. I have read not to eat flour and milk but I do love my carbs. The final option that I found was to take and acne drug but I don't think this is the option for you if the oil issue has not caused acne problems.
6706619 tn?1391316843 its not a home remedy, but I had this same problem and tried so so much everything either made my skin too oily or too dry but I bought clean and clear advantage acne control, took the oily skin away, cleared my acne and made my skin super soft all the time!
Avatar f tn ve been preggo, my face has become compleatly OILY! my face is COVERED in really oily zits. (Gross I Know) I feel disgusting. any other mommy's dealing with this eradic skin change? Maybe some DIY secrets to help level out my skin?
Avatar f tn I am mixed women but my skin is for sure african type. Its oily and i have these dark scars and i am looking for a home made type of thing that i can do to get them to go away. i have tried chemicals and products and things just dont work out. I really dont watn to do laser stuff so can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn hi i would say the same as the others probally due to oily skin try using a face scrub for oily skin dont use to much moisturiser try and find one that is suited to ur skin type. i find the clean and clear for oily skin range is great but everyone is different.try keeping ur hair out of your face as this can cause oily skin and drink plenty of water and get plenty of fresh air.oily skin is nothing to worry about as it is just your skin type that can be managed.hope this helps.
5913031 tn?1382391190 My skin isnt oily and i have the glow i thnk it bcuz of all the extra hormones that u have when ur preggers like longer hair n nails my skin just looks healthy and vibrant
Avatar f tn My face and hair have become so oily. I can't stand it. It make me feel dirty. Does anyone else have this problem? What did you use to make it stop?
Avatar n tn Its prob. stress or your skin is very dry from all the water! And your stomach probs. You might just have a week stomach and can't handly spicy and oily foods! When my dad turned 40 he had to change everythng about his diet! If it keeps bothering you then I would go see a doctor! Good Luck and God Bless!
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks am I the only 1 who has VERY OILY SKIN .. I Never had oily skin until I got pregnant && little white bumps on my face .. ?? If so tell me what do you use .. So ready to go to the derm.
Avatar n tn What actually causes oily faces? I would usually take a shower and 3-4 hours later my face gets oily for no reason, only my face not my hand, legs back just the face. Im 16 and a half and like all teenagers, we have pimples on our faces. I would usually squeeze or pop those big 1 and this yellow liquid comes out. After a week or so, you can see the place where you popped the pimple and there's quite alot of them on my forehead. Is it possible to get rid of them?
Avatar n tn I believe I have the oiliest skin in the entire world. I'm 43 now and have had oily skin since I was 11. I have severe cystic acne especially on my back, arms and shoulders. My skin is just one big oil pit. I wash my face and within 20 minutes, I could fry eggs on it it's so greasy. I'm starting Accutane next week and I'm wondering if it will FINALLY take care of this oil?
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