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Avatar n tn It seems to be making the pores less noticeable. can you reccommend something that would clear up and close these pores for good? using an astringent seems to open them really large and makes them more noticable....
Avatar n tn Hi. I am 27 years old and I have had moderate acne since grade school during puberty. Only I have never fully grown out of it. My derm says I have hormonal acne and she prescribed me 200 mg spironolactone and Tazorac .01% gel. My acne has changed since I was younger. For the past maybe 4 years maybe I have gone from mild pimples to extreme clogged pores. I have always had oily skin and mild clogged pores I guess.
Avatar f tn The best skin treatment I ever had was a pulse light treatment, cleared up the rosacea, acne, oily skin for 4 months. It was the fist time I had clear skin since the age of 12. It was actually weird to see myself in the mirror. The dermatologist said it would take about 6 treatments for my particular skin and then once a year after to maintain. I would have completed the treatment but insurance doesn't cover it and I haven't had the money. I highly recommend it if you can afford to do it.
Avatar f tn He quickly told me that they will NEVER heal if I don't leave them alone. I was put on a strict regimen for my skin. He had topicals compounded for me for maximum effectiveness. Been undergoing treatment for over four long months now but am making progress......I unfortunately still pick a little, maybe that is why I am not completely cured yet. I advise anyone that has these symptoms to go to a dermatologist. If that dermatologist looks at you like you are crazy...find a new one.
Avatar n tn For moisturiser I use rosehip oil or vitamin E oil but as my skin is so oily, I haven't been using those lately. I don't really wear makeup as my skin doesn't tend to react very well to them - the most I use is light concealer and highlighter like touche eclat and lipgloss/lipstick. No, I don't ever sleep with makeup on. I tend to remove any makeup I wear with a cleansing lotion, followed by soap/facewash, but I wouldn't even wear makeup once every two weeks.
Avatar f tn I don't use product in my hair and I have never had oily hair in the past, yet one side of my head (at the crown) has been increasingly oily for the last two days, which has forced me to try and hide the area as much as possible. I have washed my hair countless times with multiple shampoos and you can still feel the dense oiley area after conditioning and rinsing. Nothing in my routine has changed and for the life of me I can't explain why the sudden change.
Avatar n tn I recently contracted the same thing some how. I did google search for white patches on the skin. I believe mine to be the following, Tinea Versicolor. Here is a website you can check out. It's very useful. Hope this helps, Ken
Avatar n tn I am 43 and have washed my hair daily for as long I can remember. I have oily skin and hair but never been a problem. Last week I washed my hair as normal, dried it and noticed that my crown looked really greasy and my hair around the crown extremely dull. I presumed I hadnt washed my conditioner out properly but same happened next day.
Avatar f tn I have large pores across my cheeks and would like to try a skin primer so my makeup will last, control the oil and smooth my pores but I am afraid it will cause more acne problems. Is there a primer that won't clog my pores and help with oil control that you would recommend?
Avatar m tn Been to a dermatologist and he thought it was scabies. Was not. Still looking for an answer... Not Morgellons, not scabies, not dry skin. Need help.
Avatar f tn Hi, Clinique make a range of pore-minimising products which will reduce the appearance of large pores on oily skin. Applying these before your foundation will stop it from making them look worse. Clarins and Estee Lauder also make similar ranges, check them out instores or online. Eloise.
Avatar n tn I have purchased every product out there that offers any hope for crepey skin, wrinkles, anti-aging of any sort. While some products may work for some individuals, I haven't found anything that works with regularity. I guess the nice smell sometimes makes me feel like it is helping - ha! I guess aromatherapy is good too! I know this may sound silly, but would anyone want to start a coalition of sorts? My thought was to join forces, weed out the bad products and report back to the group.
Avatar f tn Hello, 1 year after having a baby ,I started getting burning sensations on my face which have been going on now for 6 months . My skin also became very oily ( with large pores) and my eyes started to burn as well (crusty in the morning). I went to dermatologist who told me I have sensitive skin with some broken capillaries and prescribed metrogel , which did nothing for me.
Avatar f tn The skin on my body is dry to normal and I have rather large pores. The skin on my face tends to be oily. I have suffered with Acne since I was 11, 30 years. During my teen years I had mild breakouts. When I reached 23-24 the breakouts became more severe, leaving lots of scarring and at times cystic. My doctors always prescribed some type of anti-biotic. One Dr would not refer me to a dermatologist and insisted I use Accutane and get on birth control. I stopped seeing that doctor.
Avatar n tn 00 for a big bottle) and mixing a little baking soda in it to act as an exfoliater. She also recommends for oily skin, which most people suffering from acne have, a mask of Milk of does the same thing as a clay mask but it is gentler on your skin. And, after that, she recommends an acne formula that contains benzoyl peroxide (sp?), and I've been using the Neutrogena brand.
Avatar n tn I have large pores and oily skin. The acne I get are mostly just large bumps under the surface that, when left alone, stay and become larger for 2-3 weeks. It happens all over my face and neck. With age, the breakouts have lessoned in severity and occurences. Never more than 2 or 3 bumps at a time now. But time has also left acne-scars. I've went to countless dermatologists over the years and have tried many topical solutions and some oral antibiotics.
599170 tn?1300977493 I used to get really bad flaky skin on my eyelids and brows. Was to do with my eye makeup! So I no longer use that brand and voila! No more flaky eyelids/brows! Yours might be something else though. Could be the thyroid issues.
Avatar f tn Not great for oily skin. The FC5 works really well for oily/combo skin. 5. Apply spot treatment (Arbonne Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment). I spread a layer over my acne area on each cheek and let it absorb. At night, I just use the Revelage Night Serum all over my face and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment on both cheeks. I have gone from having 15-20 pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads on each cheek to having one or two very small papules (currently only on 1 cheek and not noticeable).
Avatar n tn Thanks, I'll definitely bring it up next time I go to my doctor, but it's not dandruff (salt texture and too much when it happens for it to be skin cells) and my skin is fine. I'm 99% sure it's sweat salt deposits.
280418 tn?1306329510 For the past 32 years, I tried everything from over the counter to prescriptions, nothing worked. I am fair skin, have oily skin. I believe I have found something that worked. For the past year I have been 95% acne free here is my story. I now use these over the counter products, Apple cider vinegar as a daily face wash, I dissolve about 5 aspirins as a paste and use it as a mask for ten minutes daily. I also stopped drinking milk, milk produces hormones that can cause acne.
Avatar n tn he has determined that I likely have blocked pores in my eye lids (I know there is a name for this, however not sure what it is called). In any event he felt that my tear production is fine, my bone scan showed my arthritis and he does not feel that I have Sjorgrens......I am currently using hot compresses to help open these pores and "hopefully" this will help, with alot of eye drops for the dryness and irritation.
948349 tn?1294383837 making it easier for dead skin to slough off(another major cause of acne is the dead skin plugging pores). So I figure vitamin A is another key vitamin to take. If it interferes with vitamin D absorption since it's also fat soluble, I might take it with my lunch or something then, but I'm only taking it once a day whereas vitamin D i'm taking twice a day. Another thing... people point out that DIET affects my acne!!!... and then someone will reply no diet doesn't affect your acne!!!
Avatar n tn I have had the same symptoms (red swollen eyelids, both top and bottom, red swelling on the skin to the outside of the eyes, flakey, dry itchy too) for about 5 weeks. I thought it was becuase I am newly pregnant (hormones?) - have tried the baby soap and have been not wearing makeup, washed all my makeup brushes, changed pillow case more often and nothing is helping. However, Aveeno HAND cream does help with the dryness and itching a bit, but it does not cure it.
Avatar n tn lotions have been a battle for various reasons, the best so far for me have been la roche posay, i think i spelled that right, touleraine ultra or soothing serum...for intolerant skin, as soon as it hits my face i can literally feel it calm down. the ultra is a bit heavier, and unfortunately i do not have much money, so i am unable to try any others yet, also physicians formula purple moisturizer has a similar effect at about half the cost, but def not the same.
363243 tn?1331037450 When you wash your face try to wash it with cold water so your pores will not open but when you wash with hot water it opens up the pores and it become more apparent when you apply makeup. Avoid OC skin lighteners unless it is prescribed because it can contain some chemical that will worsen your situation.. Alright I can go on but will stop here. Anyone that has any question for me can write me... Lets check back on this blog... thx..
Avatar n tn That is why, 'beauty mist' steam is extremely beneficial, as it does an in-depth skin cleaning. A little makeup break or very little use of makeup is also good for your skin. I hope this helps (in fact, I'm sure it will help you)! Good luck!
Avatar n tn In affected persons, water on the skin causes hives to appear within 15 minutes and last for up to two hours. Water contact can cause aquagenic urticaria, presumably due to chlorine or some other trace chemical in the water, although distilled water has been known to cause this reaction. The reaction can usually be controlled with epinephrine, antihistamines, or cortisone-like drugs.
Avatar n tn I wear truecover makeup everyday and maxfactor powder on top and this is workin for me i use a darker shade than my skin colour so the redness is less noticeable.But Now i have found out about these tanning injections that make you tan and i am goin to try this as i know someone who is takin these and she looks like she been away on holiday .I know this would not stop the rash but it would darkin my skin and mybe i won t have to wear so much make up and i always feel great with a tan .
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won