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Avatar n tn I even take 2 showers a day to try to get rid of the smell and a few hours later my skin is oily again and i can smell it. I don't know if anyone has the same issues I do, any advice would help. Thanks!
Avatar n tn My husband, 59, has oily hair and it has a odor that I call "old man smell". His hair has always been oily, but it seems in the last few years it has really become a real oil slick. The smell has also been noticed in the last couple of years. Shampoos don't do a thing. He can wash his hair and I can still smell the odor and the grease will return almost right away. What is causing this and what can he do?
Avatar f tn My 9 yr old Shih Tzu has very oily skin and scratches several times a day. She was a puppy mill mama that I rescued 1.5 yrs ago. She is on a raw diet and is at a healthy weight. I have ruled out Seborrhea as she does not stink at all. It seems to be worse when she's been outside. I heard about airborne allergies from grass, weeds, etc., and suspect that might be her issue. Thoughts or advice anyone?
Avatar n tn Since then, my face started to smell very bad, when i rub on the sides of my face and smell it, it smells triabble. A lot of times when i rub my skin a bit hard, a white puss comes out ( not a lot) of some specific areas ( the white thing is the same as when you squeeze a regular acne) but it sometimes the white thing seems to be dry! i still have deep scars (holes) in my face because of the acne. and it seems that my some of these holes has gotten a little bigger than before.
Avatar f tn After doing some research, I believe it is an over production and build up of sebum on the scalp. I have had acne problems, have rosacea, and my skin and hair is very oily. I found balancing shampoos on line that are supposed to prevent sebum build up. Aveda is one of them, but I haven't tried it. Sebum: substance with an oily consistency produced by the sebaceous glands. It lubricates hair, is an antifungal/antibacterial, and imparts waterproofing properties to the skin.
Avatar n tn It is an all over smell. It is very embrassing problem because my smell senses aren't that great. I don't realize it until someone makes a remark. To be honest, I'm really not sure if it is just an amonia smell. I take a shower in the morning before I go to work and at night when I get home. I use Mitchem deodarant and shower to shower bath powders. But I still get ugly looks and bad comments.
Avatar n tn I get excessive sweating and quite a bad odour, and this leaves the skin feeling very sticky and seems quite oily especially around the crotch. The skin is a little red but not excessively so. If I bath or shower the skin does not lose any of its stickiness. I have been to a doctor before and was recommended Daktacort hydrocortisone cream, this tends to help but does not clear it up.
Avatar n tn I have a oily feel to the head of my penis but I am circumcised. Could this still be smegma that I have read about? It has an odor to it and I've been washing it extra carefully the last few days and the smell seems to come back in a day or 2. I was treated for a bacterial infection (NGU) about a month ago but it went away after duel treatment. Everything else looks normal but this is weird. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn my oily hair was back within 3 days of being off it. My skin is still perfectly fine, but my hair is awful! By the end of the day my hair feels heavy and like theres that kinda wet oily feeling weighing it down. I've tried the tea tree oil shampoo, head and shoulders, clarifying and one by biolage for oily hair. None of them have worked.
Avatar m tn I have always had oily skin but for the past 3 years I started to get a very bad smell around from the crease in my chin. I would wash my face 2 times a day with an antibacterial/acne face wash and it would not go away. Sometimes I would smell it 5-10 minutes after I washed my face and/or right after drinking coffee in the morning. I eat healthy, do not smoke, and only drink alcohol occasionally/socially.
Avatar m tn If the white vinegar becomes too drying, you could alternate with witch hazel. Both are nice and cheap. The vinegar will cause temporary reddening of the skin. The smell should go away. If it's too strong, you can dilute it with distilled water.
Avatar f tn I have never had any problems with oily skin or oily hair ever. I wash my hair daily and condition. I have not changed my daily regimen in 2 years One thing I have tried was applied Shower to Shower powder to my hair before going to bed and washed out in the morning (not the sexiest looking thing at night but it helps). It drastically reduced the oil, but came back 2 days later. The only thing I worry about is clogging the glands that are producing the oil, so I don't do it daily...
407149 tn?1211736107 So I'm not cured yet, but this is the first morning I can remember where I do not have the strong oily smell. What I like about Xlear is that it's all natural and you can use it as often as needed without ANY side affects. It promotes healthy sinus cavity and I recommend anyone try it that has not. Here's the link: http://www.xlear.com/nasal-spray.aspx?
Avatar n tn I have noticed that after sex, I have a foul smell from my vagina. My husband and I were both virgins when we got married, and obviously there is no one else. I always empty my bladder and clean off after sex. The smell seems to be more noticable if we've had more sex in a short period of time. Also the smell doesn't show up until usually the next day, but lingers for a day or two! I feel like the whole world can smell it!
Avatar n tn It has this distinct odour that is different from my sweat smell...... it is almost as it the skin is very oily but because of where it is, it has become damped..... Anyone else has this condition? Anyone knows what to do.....?
Avatar f tn my faceFace gets really oily and i think the Smell - the foul smelling come from my Face. i really need to fix this problem its embarassing for people to think you have poor hygene.
Avatar n tn I have oily skin, mostly my face. I shower twice a day to deal with it, my dermotologist recommends using a gentle face wash because I shower twice a day. About 4 hours after my shower I can actually make my hands shin if I wipe the oil from my face. I can smell the odor of my facial oil, is this natural? I figure if I can smell it then it must be really strong to other people. Is there anyway to reduce the oil production of your skin?
Avatar m tn Hi my boyfriend has a weird skin condition on his face. His skin is oily and has a lot of marks. Sometimes he has really bad big spots under his skin which are painful and takes long to go away. When his skin is pushed at any place white stuff comes out, sometimes more or just a bit. Sometimes hard and dark yellow sometimes white and more liquidish. It has a really bad smell. His skin is very shiny so I tried to buy him anti-shine lotion.
Avatar m tn Did anyone ever find a solution to sticky skin. My skin feels sticky even while toweling off after a shower. Come on Doc's. Help us out!
Avatar n tn I am a 29 female and have never had this happen before. I have oily skin/hair naturally, but nothing like this spot. I decided after reading several posts to try the Tea Tree Shampoo and Listerine combo...I used Amercian Crew Tea Tree Shampoo and 3 caps of genric Listernine. I left both in my hair for several minutes before washing out, and it worked 100%. The spots is gone...thank you everyone!!!
Avatar f tn I'm on the brink of loosing my mind we are extremely oily our skin feels waxy and is sticky when wet or damp ..we got lots of hairloss and our eyebrows are falling out we got films over our eyes and green stuff comes out in the morning our eyes have ev end swelled shut .. We got a yellow or orange tint to out nails .. And breathing problems and respiratory infection that antibiotics haven't touched ...
2040468 tn?1330993569 I've tried going without garlic, onions, etc. in my diet, but it doesn't make a difference. I don't smell it anywhere else on me, just my hands. I'm hypothyroid, so I take medication for that as well as Glumetza and Spironolactone for too much androgen. I wondered if it was from our water, but again, it's only on my hands. I've got all sorts of other problems, but they all have general medical reasons. This doesn't, and my doctors have no ideas, and just tend to ignore the issue.
Avatar m tn I keep trying to wash my sheets and clothes as much as possible because if i don't they get a weird smell that my skin also gets. I also have to use Selsun Blue because of dandruff. If not it makes my sheets worse. Also when i go out in the sun or in the heat my skin gets red spots, super blotchy and don't go away for hours, and they feel really dry if they're on my face. I'm going to the dermo next week but I want to know what it is a little faster and some relief.
Avatar m tn I REALLY need help! The skin on the head of my penis is peeling, and is leaving a red/pink looking layer of skin there. I've tried to do some research myself, and I guess this can come from friction, because I don't have any STD's. I haven't had sex in about 3 months so that I wouldn't make it worse, and it still isn't healed.
Avatar n tn I ended up taking a number two but then the oily substance and smell was still on my skin so I had to take a shower to get rid of it. It then happened to me again this morning. The same discharge came from my anus and I noticed the smell at first. I ended up pooping again and after wiping it, the smell and oily substance was still on my skin once again. To get rid of it, I had to also take a shower again. I am scared to death. I don't know what's wrong.
Avatar f tn All this depleted the essential minerals the body uses to cleanse itself and for the body's systems to function properly (including digestion and elimination, skin problems (oily, smotches). I've learned about tissue salts. Please research them!!!!! There is a salt for everything under the sun. Thank God!!!!!!! For us there is a cure!!! And it is cheap!!!! Its one of the 12 tissue salts......its silica. Research it. I've been taking it for 3 days now and my skin is already healing!!!!
Avatar n tn If this sounds wrong then you probably should see a doctor also try cleaning your nostrils with a flannel it sounds silly but who knows you could have an oily substance on the hairs that you only smell sometimes when there is no other odours over powering it.
Avatar n tn Why do I have the constant smell of smoke in my nose. It used to be just an occasional thing, but lately it seems to be all the time. I am concerned that this is a symptom of something I don't know about. The smell is strong. I used to notice it about a half hour after taking my Allegra-D 12 hr. tablets, but now I smell it much more often. Am I going crazy or is there something to this I'm not aware of. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help?
Avatar f tn In the last 2 years, I have had numerous problems with my facial skin. I am 39, overweight, smoke, but don't drink, take drugs (except Ibuprofen for arthritis or headahces which I hate doing). I have a very low fat diet and avoid fried foods. I try to take as much fresh produce in my diet as possible. I drink about 2-4 litres of fluid a day depending on the temperature outside. My biggest problem there is sugar. If I take any sugar substitutes, I get really bad headaches.