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Avatar f tn Did your doc even bother to do a strep test or anything? Strep throat can also cause ulcers in the throat and mouth and strep is definitely something that neeeds to be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar n tn In1997 she was hospital 3 times in two weeks,she was missed diagnoised.She had C-Diff .She was scoped at that time,the inflamation they saw in throat and colon was said to be due to C-diff.This year again she was hospitalized this time no C-diff was scoped again had some edema in esophagus.Her sedrate is always normal so they at this time are ruling out Crohn's.She is still on Zantac since last episode.She has since that time developed throat ulcers.
Avatar n tn She was scoped at that time,the inflamation they saw in throat and colon was said to be due to C-diff.This year again she was hospitalized this time no C-diff was scoped again had some edema in esophagus.Her sedrate is always normal so they at this time are ruling out Crohn's.She is still on Zantac since last episode.She has since that time developed throat ulcers.She's had 5 episodes of this which family dr. says are viral this is in a 5 month scan.
Avatar f tn So I tried the five day course and I noticed that some of the ulcers have shrunk a lot in size to tiny, but I have a new one that has popped up in another place in my throat, can anyone shed any light? My appointment with the ENT isnt until September, I feel absolutely fine in myself and the ulcers/blisters don't bother me that much apart from sometimes making me wake up with a dry sore throat on a morning. I am a 37 year old female. I am beginning to worry about the dreaded Cancer word.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here, apologies if this is in the wrong place or i've not got it right. Basically my sister has been ill for years, she's seen hundreds of Doctors and nothing has helped. It's making her miserable and she's desperate. The problem is that she permanently has a mouth and tongue covered in ulcers. It causes a lot of pain, she can't eat properly and is tired all the time. She has also had other symptoms at times including dizzyness, palpitations, depression.
Avatar n tn I noticed these painless yellowish places in the back of my throat about 5 weeks ago. At that time, my throat was a little sore from sinus drainage that soon cleared. Now I feel fine, have no problem eating or swallowing anything, but these places are still there. I swabbed the places with a q-tip and nothing would wipe off and it was not painfull to touch. I have had a throat fungus before but I do not think that is what this is, I do not think they are ulcers either since I have no pain.
Avatar f tn This time I went to the doctor because the back of my throat also had ulcers. The doctor swabbed one of the ulcers and said she was gonna send it to be tested for herpes and for shingles. She said if they didnt call then the tests were negative. So I didn't get a call, the ulcers slowly went away, and I was relieved. However, in the past week and a bit the ulcers have been reappearing, and the glands in my neck are swollen and painful.
Avatar f tn One is under my chin and the other is in my throat and quite painful. Any ideas what they are? I also have a pea sized lump in my cheek which has been there since I was a child. It has never bothered me and the Dr said it could be just a small stone. My mother had breast cancer a while ago and I am in the dodgy area but my grandfather also died from cancer of the throat and i am not just curious.
Avatar n tn Probably. An ulcer is a raw spot. If you got a bacterial infection and it was bad enough, you could get raw spots from it. I got strep throat once and it gave me ulcers in my throat, and it sure wasn't from sex.
Avatar n tn i am feeling a discomfort in my throat and stomach.
Avatar n tn had unprotected oral sex verginal e sex was always protected with a condom Following a lipoma surgery ( sucusussful ) operation i have got a white cort in my mouth a slight Sore throat thought since last months. also two ulcers bothe sides of the toungh( no change in ulcer ). doctors has done a Physical examination of the testical & have diognised that there is no symptom of STD , nither worry aboout a test ;& one have priscirbed doxycycline. 100 mg for 7 days.
Avatar m tn throat where I get small ulcers in the back from post nasal drip. Your 13 week test is conclusive. Your throat ulcers have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar n tn s), with one in my throat, and my tongue has swollen up again... painful to speak, but thankfully I can still eat. Basically, if you look at my tongue right now, the sides are covered in sores... and it literally looks like something is trying to eat away at it.
Avatar n tn For the past year or so i have had this small lump in the right side of my throat, almost where my lymphnodes are. I had never had strep throat until about 2 years ago, and i had it twice in that one year really bad. The lump is not painful in any way, the only way i would ever know it was there is if i rub my hand over that area, its not even visibly noticible. I went to the doctor about it and he told me that i had a swollen salivary gland.
Avatar n tn On November 16, due to the efforts to cough I bleed a little bit. I noted dry throat and oral ulcers. And thrush (candida). I had my duo test for hiv and sifilis after 29 days from my first exposure being negative. The synthomps remain. I read that oral ulcers and thrush is connected with HIV. Could be other StD? I am in panic.
Avatar f tn He has one now that is on the thing at the back of your throat that hangs down and its huge, he is always in pain, he could have 2,3, maybe more at one time. but this is first time on that part of the throat..As i said he has always suffered with mouth ulcers but gradually it has got worse. He absolutely spotless with his hygiene to the point of obcessive..Also he is never ill, i cant remember the last time he went docs. Anyone help?
Avatar n tn Two days after having 4 metal fillings removed and replaced with resin I have had burning, choking pain in throat, burning in sinuses, clear discharge, ulcers in mouth, throat and tongue that come and go and are not painful. Sometimes are sharp shooting pain at night and cough. Anyone have anything llike this. Dr. gave me viramist. that did nothing. Going on since Jan. 16th.
1637775 tn?1300841064 I'm curious if anyone can help me. Here's the scenario.... Last Saturday I went to a Halloween party...drank and drank and drank...didn't get much sleep because my wife and I had to get up with our 4 kids bright and early Sunday. Went to work Monday and dealt with a nice and stressful day. Came home, was playing with my kids and had my dog slam her head into my chin from beneath which caused me to violently bite my tounge. A gash on either side.
Avatar m tn I asked a few day ago about a possible exposure (was too drunk to remember if I took condom of or not). I wasn't too worried about HIV until I got 2 mouth ulcers along with general cold/flu bug approx 3/4 weeks post-exposure an now my girlfriend also has flu at home (I am now away). When I research about mouth ulcers inside mouth (canker sores) - just about every website describes them being as a symptom for Acute HIV!
Avatar n tn Your recent symptoms are not suggestive of ARS, both in terms of timing (the ARS does not begin until at least two weeks after an exposure) or in nature. Oral ulcers. cold sores (or folliculitis) and sore throat do not constitute the ARS which is characterized by high fevers, sore throat, severe muscle aches, and a diffuse skin rash. Your symptoms are coincidental and should not worry you. I see no medical need for testing although you may choose to do so to alleviate your anxiety.
Avatar m tn The HIV patient has sore throat and throat ulcers. Immediately without sterilizing the equipment, the doctor used the same spoon like equipment to check my throat. I am worried, whether I will get HIV infection. Please help. The spoon like equipment might have contacted the sore throat and throat ulcers of the HIV patient and it could have contacted me too. Please help with your suggestions.
Avatar n tn In January i started getting mouth ulcers; which is not uncommon for me. On Feb 1 I developed a severe red scratchy throat, and I still had several mouth ulcers. I took Augmentin 500 3x/day for 10days. After the 10days I still had a sore throat that feels like an ulcer down my throat, and I also still had about 10 mouth ulcers as well as swollen gums. I went to my Internal MD and he put me on Medrol dose pack and Levaquin.