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Avatar n tn Also taking Pepsid. Throat neg for strep and mouth ulcers neg for Herpes. This helped for about 3 days but then the pain has come back. I have also gotten a few more ulcers to my tongue and some of my gums are swollen. I have lost 9 pounds since the start of this b/c of the pain to eat. Another symptom that I am thinking is related is that I have gotten a severe area of inflamation around my anus. Does hemorrhoids cause this?? Labs for ANA,B12,CBC,BMP,LFTs were all normal. CRP was 3.
245504 tn?1224099316 If it were orall herpes, would the spots just wipe away that easily? Also, is a sore throat associated with herpes caused by the ulcers? Because there are no ulcers at all. Would the ulcers present with the sore throat. Thank you so much for your response. Its very comforting.
Avatar m tn I have ulcers all over my throat by my tonsils, the back of my tongue and the roof of my mouth they have caused alot of pain and discomfort my voice is horse and I also got a cold and cough. the cold has gone and the cough is almost gone but was initially making my ulcers worse, i went to the doctor and assumed it was herpes virus without testing it.
Avatar f tn This time I went to the doctor because the back of my throat also had ulcers. The doctor swabbed one of the ulcers and said she was gonna send it to be tested for herpes and for shingles. She said if they didnt call then the tests were negative. So I didn't get a call, the ulcers slowly went away, and I was relieved. However, in the past week and a bit the ulcers have been reappearing, and the glands in my neck are swollen and painful.
Avatar n tn My brother, who has had problems with ulcers for a while.. though on an off.. just sent me an email after having had a mouth biopsy in California. Please, if you know what his condition is or what he is doing wrong/needs to seek treatment for (specifically) then enlighten us.
Avatar n tn I know there is a rare form of herpes that infects the throat, especially for those in their 20s such as myself, does this sound like herpes, and if anybody has had throat herpes can they be specific. Does is come before or after lesions, how long does it last, and what are my chances it's another type of infections as it is now summer and throat infections are on the rise.
Avatar m tn i went to the local clinic and the doctor told me it was herpes by looking at it, and gave me acyclovir 200g 4x a day for a week it cured my ulcers before the week is finished. on june 2013 i have another ulcers outbreak this time with a fever and its only on top and under my tongue. its mild compare to the first outbreak.i took acyclovir and it help to cure the ulcers. im having second though if it is really herpes. i dont see any blister forming before the ulcers appear.
Avatar m tn i read some where that gargling salt water wud ease the throat pain but it made it even worse .. has any one heard of pple getting sore throat and throat ulcers as an ars symptom ?? or could it be some other oral std ( we engaged in deep kissing for about 30 minutes and she usually gives unprotected bj to all her other clients ..
Avatar m tn This sounds like garden variety viral pharyngitis (sore throat). If in the preceding 1-2 weeks you had oral sex with someone with genital herpes, or kissed someone with oral herpes, it is conceivable that this is the problem. But far less likely than a standard cold virus. Initial oral herpes usually causes over ulcers (open sores), and not only in the throat but in the mouth and often on the lips. But see a doctor if you remain concerned.
Avatar f tn Sorry, but I agree with the advice you had from Life360 in your earlier thread. You don't have herpes and something else caused your sore throat. Have you been evaluated for infectious mononucleosis (also called glandular fever)? If you haven't been seeing a doctor, do it now to confirm whether or not you actually have lymphadenopathy and to determine the cause. Of all cases of sore throat and cervical lymphadenopathy, HSV is one of the less common.
Avatar m tn I suppose. However I think she's noticed maybe ulcers or something to make her think oral thrush. So I guess it's probably herpes. Would that mean, I would have asymptomatic HSV-1 on my genitals?
Avatar f tn My guess is, that unless a swab test was taken from your throat that was positive for HSV 1, your doctor was covering all the possible diagnoses for ulcers in the throat and that would have to include HSV. Does your doctor know that you tested negative for HSV 1 repeatedly? Do you know if you had a swab test from the ulcers and what the result was?
Avatar m tn Id listen to Grace on this. I'm negative for both herpes viruses, but also had tons of recurrent ulcers in my mouth, inside cheeks, on gums, under tongue and side of tongue, and I swore it was herpes. My blood test has been negative through 22 weeks and the ulcers were swabbed negative for herpes. Doctor stated they were canker sores caused by stress or a virus. Herpes typically does not present itself like that.
Avatar n tn On Feb 1 I developed a severe red scratchy throat, and I still had several mouth ulcers. I took Augmentin 500 3x/day for 10days. After the 10days I still had a sore throat that feels like an ulcer down my throat, and I also still had about 10 mouth ulcers as well as swollen gums. I went to my Internal MD and he put me on Medrol dose pack and Levaquin. This initially helped w/ the mouth ulcers but the one down my throat got much worse. I was given a Celestone inj and put on Orapred.
Avatar f tn - could it be herpes? if throat is it likely to be HSV1 or HSV2? - I've had cold sores before but not recently, so would it suggest as sounds like an initial infection that its HSV2? - could it just be canker sores? - my partner has never had symptoms or signs of herpes or a cold sore, can this mean its unlikely herpes? she has had unprotected sex with ex-boyfriends before, but never signs or symptoms, so could she still have herpes?
Avatar f tn Long story short, I was on vacation last week and went horseback riding for the first time Friday. I noticed after, I was so sore and uncomfortable. We flew home Saturday and Sunday i saw small ulcers on my vagina. One on my outer 'lip' and a couple on my perineum. No blisters, just sores. They aren't red or anything. Then I started to feel like I was getting a fever and I noticed my throat had white spots on my tonsils and it's hard to swallow.
Avatar m tn i saw it takes atleast 10-14 days or does it occur as early as 8 days and what are these throat ulcers ??
Avatar f tn t contagious since we both have the same thing. We have the same sores and the same occurrence of them, but I am also getting the throat ulcers and he is not. In addition, I have noticed that I have had tonsilloliths for sometime, and I'm thinking that my tonsils are harboring some kind of bacteria or something. I've also wondered if it's possible that participating in oral activities could have made them occur more frequently on the throat.
Avatar m tn I have researched this and definately know it is 100% aphthous ulcers. There are 3 kinds one is from herpes the other 2 are not. Assuming that my **** hurts and everyone, aka dr.'s, have called me an idiot inside there head, wouldn't one suspect I have herpes? Also does oral aphthous ulcers spread to the penis in another form because I did recieve oral the night of unprotected sex and the weird **** on my **** could be some form of it?
Avatar f tn one doctor said it could be throat ulcers and gave me month wash but didnt really help..if I mix salt and water and wash my mouth out the sore throat goes away for abit..could this be oral herpes??
Avatar n tn then 2 days later i developed 4 small ulcers at the back end of the roof of my mouth just before the throat. It not that painful and 2 of the ulcers have already cleared up... I have never had sores on my lips and have been vulnerable to apthic ulcers (usually on my cheeks, inner lips or tongue) ever since i was a child... but i usually get them one at a time... i have never got 4 small ones together like this time... I dont have a cold or runny nose...
Avatar f tn t contagious since we both have the same thing. We have the same sores and the same occurrence of them, but I am also getting the throat ulcers and he is not. In addition, I have noticed that I have had tonsilloliths for sometime, and I'm thinking that my tonsils are harboring some kind of bacteria or something. I've also wondered if it's possible that participating in oral activities could have made them occur more frequently on the throat.
1067212 tn?1353960402 I have two mouth ulcers/cankor sores. I get them when I am stressed out or when I brush my teeth too hard. Am I right in thinking these lesions aren't associated with herpes? I also have low risk HPV.
Avatar m tn Hi again, I want to ask consistant muscle aches ,sore throat, mouth ulcers,pain behind knees and elbows and pain in fingers and feet on and off afetr the above mentioned aexposure is a sign of any std,Do I need retest for anything else?
Avatar f tn Did your doc even bother to do a strep test or anything? Strep throat can also cause ulcers in the throat and mouth and strep is definitely something that neeeds to be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Both non reactive. I ve been having sore throat and mouth ulcers for the past weeks. Should I test again? In percentage how accurate is the ag ab test at 33 days? Can I have unprotected sex with my girlfriend?
Avatar m tn I would recommend that you pursue testing for herpes, syphilis, gonnorrhea and chlamydia. These are all easily treatable or controlled(herpes).