Throat problems after stopping smoking

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1072364 tn?1256147077 Okay so i'm sixteen years old, and I have been smoking ever since I was twelve, I've tried to quit many times before but I just cant seem to do it.. And my friends dont help, they actually think im making a mistake by trying to stop, And when I say im quitting they try to smoke in front of me and I cant resist. I know its getting to me because a few weeks ago i had bronkitus caused by smoking. I still have a horrible cough. I have no clue how to quit.
Avatar f tn Okay so i quit a few months ago after smoking for 2 years. Now i know it isnt long to cause any serious damage but i met up with a friend a few days ago and told her id quit and she told me the problems increase when you quit smoking e.g. the damage and chances of cancer. Now i think its aloud of rubbish but i googled it and some people have said it can and some have said it cant.
Avatar m tn Over the last couple months I’ve taken a couple breaks from smoking (one week off here or there). I start to feel better after a couple days and then I go back to smoking.. I’m traveling for the next couple week and plan on seeing my doctor when I get back. Valium seems to make me feel better… Acid reducers like Zantac don’t help all that much. The tightness in my throat also seems to get worse when I’m out in cold weather. I know this is an internet diagnosis….
1323047 tn?1279193919 Stopping smoking on 26th May, looking for some friends on the same journey, thanks.
Avatar m tn Donated a pint of blood on the day after stopping smoking. My blood sugars have been extremely high. this past week. Found no answers for that. Hope this may be of interest....
Avatar n tn hi i have quit smoking for about a mounth now after smoking for a little over a year. I now get a itchy throat and cough little phlem though. i do get it worse if i smoke hooka which is still tobaco but very low nicotine 0.5% and no tar 0.0% cause it is filtered through water. i have herd that it is normal because your throat and lungs are clearing.
Avatar f tn Last year I had a miscarriage around November and I to contributed it to that fact that right after I found out I was pregnant I stopped smoking completely. After four months of ttc I got pregnant again i knew I shld of stayed not smoking but was terrified if I did my body would react again and I would loose the pregnancy. So this time I smoked all the way up to 30 weeks I am now 31. Babies doing good I have completly stopped smoking as I plan on bf.
Avatar n tn Hi: I have read that alot of people seem to have respitory problems a few months after quitting smoking, so I was just wondering if Codliver oil, Vitamins b, c, and e, along with zinc is a good way to keep lungs from getting congested and having breathing problems? I have also heard that peppermint tea helps also. Would you recommend all of these, or is there something else i should be doing? Thankyou for your imput...
Avatar m tn Hello, About three weeks ago I had a sore throat. I figured I was getting a cold but it kept getting worse with no other symptoms. After a few days and more pain and difficulty swallowing, I looked at my throat. I had about 10 ulcers on the back part of the roof of my mouth. They looked like canker sores to me and went away after about 7-10 days of using magic pink mouth wash. At this time I noticed a bump in the center of the top of my tounge. This bump initially looked like a blood blister.
Avatar n tn I noticed my adams apple on the top part is sunk in and when i breath in it sounds like there might be a hole in my throat. My question is am I just expecting the worse or should i just quit smoking. I have smoked alot for about 7 months and i used to use drugs. Should I be worried that my throat might not ever heal?
Avatar m tn hi i dont no if anyone has had similar problems to what im having but i hope someone could help, i moved house in march this year and about a month or so after ive noticed my asthma is worse its a constant feeling in my throat thats hard to describe and sometimes the air i breath feels hot and stuffy, ive been to the doctors so many times they say its asthma or allergys but dont no for sure i no ive been tested and its come up as mixed pollens and mould.
Avatar m tn I do have a sore thoat most of the time but do not have a problem swallowing food. In march 2009 I stopped smoking after a second heart attack. My sense of smell is now almost non existent, although this is supposed to improve after quitting cigs ?. I have had scans from the chin down to the stomach and all appears ok apart from scarring in the lung from pheumonia 26 years ago.
Avatar m tn s never really been an issue. Recently I develoloped serious problems with my voice and throat and I went to a specialist where I had a gastroscopy done as he felt it that my reflux could possibly be causing the problem. I was put on Protium 40 initially but my GP put me on Protium 20 after about three months(mistake on her part possibly) which has controlled it but I still get reflux from time to time. I have been on protium for 6 months approx but my vocal issues still exist.
Avatar m tn now 12 hour later i have a cramp like pain in my most upper chest against my throat, radiating into my throat.Also have a feeling of cold air when I breath, as if i have been eating strong peppermint(have this for weeks now) meds; clopidogrel,aspirin,beta blocker and statin (aspavor 5mg. I honestly feel like stopping all meds, and just let be what comes. as, have just been feeling so bad since MI and stent, and this is no quality of life.
Avatar f tn Did anyone else smoke during their pregnancy? I tried cutting down and stopping all together but it stresses me out which causes stress for the baby. Did anyone have problems at birth?
Avatar n tn I also used o take phyciatric medicine which I am no longer taking and have stopped in the beginning of Febuary. My cough had started some time shortly after that which was around the same time I quit smoking and am concerned if I should focus the fact that my cough is probably due to quitting smoking or even if stopping medicine like that could cause effects like cough.
Avatar f tn Hi, I too have had lots of breathing problems. I had a ct scan done of my chest and now am going in this week for another one of my throat. I have been congested in my throat for over a year. I am trying to quit smoking, after smoking as long as you have, it's hard but my throat already feels better. I have the dry cough too and pain in my back and neck. You probably have a breathing disorder which also would explain your back or shoulders hurting. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Generally the symptoms are worse after the first cigarette in the morning, tightening of muscles in the throat and chest. Burning anxiety or nervous feeling in the stomach, disconected (drugged feeling) and weekness, and sweating with very little physical exsertion. All of these things are foriegn to me so I was getting quite concerned. So I came to the conclusion that since I have felt this way since my incident with the patch It may have caused a sensititivy or an intolerance to nicotine.
Avatar m tn s apple, and just a little to the left of where the point of the jawbone is (The furthest point towards the throat). After a few minutes, the lump will move to the center of the throat just under the front of the adam's but still under it. It then proceeds to move to the left, about at the same position as it started on the right (Just under the point of the jawbone).
Avatar m tn I tried to quit smoking cigarettes for 3 days and when I cleared my throat I have weird black looking stuff in my spit/mucus. I started smoking cigarettes again and it didn't stop...I have a slight pain in my lower left chest which gets annoying at times. Any help?
Avatar f tn Did this start while smoking or after stopping? I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago and I noticed that for the first couple of months I felt a little anxious, heart fluttering and flopping around. I also get the fluttery feeling after eating, which is when I would have had a cigarette. After first quitting, I also felt like I wasn't breathing deep enough. Yawned a lot. I think that was all cigarette and anxiety related.
Avatar f tn I called the pulmonary MD an hour later to tell her that the inflammation was felling better, but there was still some kind of sensation that was making me feel as if there was something stopping my oxygen from smoothly in and out of my throat. After three pulmonary function exams, I have been told that all is well. That what ever is happening to me is in my lower throat. They have seen redness around my vocal cords and told me I have esophageal.
Avatar m tn It causes long term health problems. You are only 17 so stopping now should not have any long lasting effects. Yes I know its not easy but it can be done.
Avatar f tn Thanks guys =)
Avatar f tn Well anyways im getting a bad cough and its causing a sore throat. I read online that this is caused by quitting smoking cause ur body is healing and what not. Well just curious if any other former smokers went through this and how long it lasted. Does cough med help in this situation? I cant sleep its so bad. Coughing up phlegm every few minutes its soo annoying especially since i just got over a cold... I only have 4 wks left til my c section and just want to feel better by then.
Avatar n tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that there are many reasons to quit smoking if you are pregnant. Smoking does not cause birth defects, but It can cause other problems like failure of the baby to grow well. It is also harmful to the health of the mother and the baby after birth. SO if you can quit, you would definitely be advised to do so! Good luck!