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Avatar n tn Acute pharyngitis and laryngitis is the commonest cause of loss of voice due to infection and inflammation of the voice box and throat. This active infection, coughing, and clearing throat can often result in break in small blood vessels. Usually these heal with treatment of laryngitis which involves antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic drugs along with maybe decongestants, warm saline gargles and throat elixirs.
Avatar f tn It can cause fungal infections, hoarseness, and temporary loss of voice. You may need to have a throat culture done to make sure you do not have a fungal infection. I am not saying that this is the only possible reason you have problems losing your voice, but I would put it at or close to the top of the list. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn It feels like something is wrapped around my throat restricking my throat. I also start to lose my voice late in the day, It seems like the more I talk the worse it gets. I seen an ear,nose and throat Dr. and he scoped my throat. He said that the plate from the fusion is pushing on my throat and has taken up the room that the vocal cords need and that they get inflamed. He feels the plate should be removed for it will cause more problem later.
Avatar f tn t have a headache or had. i just have a problem with my throat being sore and the loss of my voice but according to my PCP it's just a viral virus and i have to "ride it out." any suggestions on what i may have? i have hypothyroid and my PCP knows that. she didn't mention anything about that being a problem. i just want to get better and go back to work! what could i possibly have? please help!
Avatar n tn Nothing fits though with a sore throat, the sorer the throat, more elfin the voice. Now, I do know a bundle of things I do not have (had quadruple bypass in May of 2008) every organ, every other things you have in your body are fine, I did have 4 mini strokes, caused by a 90% closed carotid, but there was no brain damage, I do not have cancer anywhere, so I should be happy right, well I am, but no voice, constant sore throat, doing my part for the economy by keeping Halls afloat.
Avatar n tn If you get a throat infection when your voice is crackly or larygitis (when you lose yur voice completely) do not attempt to try and talk. Just rest the vocal chords until they get better. Because you have not done singing for a while, you need to learn the warm up exercises before you start to sing. Start off by singing the scales in your comfortable voice range and build up, but only as far as is comfortable. Then do the scales downwards.
1266955 tn?1270218364 Have any of you temporarily, or permanently, lost your voice as a result of a total thyroidectomy? Thanks for your comments!
Avatar f tn Hi my names elle and i know what u mean....i have chiari 1 and ive experienced loss of voice and shortness of breath and i even noticed a change in my voice im not really sure if its from chiari but one doctor thought it was and one didnt so im not 100% sure.
Avatar m tn Your description suggests the possibility of an allergic reaction (possibility in association with post-nasal drip) or throat infection (that could also account for the loss of voice. Given that latter symptom, you may need to have a comprehensive throat exam performed by an ear nose and throat (ENT) specialist. The cause may be apparent with limited examination of your throat by your primary care physician, who also should be able to provide symptomatic relief.
Avatar n tn My friend has traumatic brain injury although he is a high funtioning adult at the age of 44 despite his extreme short-term memory loss. After receiving a couple of doses of the antibiotic Keflex to treat a skin infection (about two weeks ago)- he couldn't speak for about an hour or so. We stopped treating him with Keflex but even so ever since then his voice loss has been intermittent and comes and gos from time to time.
Avatar m tn Is post nasal drainage a sign of throat cancer? 5: Does the weight loss, that happened over a 2 week period look concerning? Thank you for your insight!
Avatar f tn I suspect that your drinking the “ginger juice with kalamansi” was not a cause of your loss of voice. That is more likely to be caused by whatever caused your cough in the first place, infection or other. My advice is that, if your cough is worse or your voice has not returned or you are having any trouble breathing, that you be seen at a medical facility for examination of your throat and vocal cords.
Avatar m tn I'm very anxious, I am a male, after receiving unprotected oral sex from a female sex worker: What is the likelihood of getting gonorrhea particularly if this female had throat/oral gonorrhea ?
Avatar f tn Problems with your voice has nothing to do with wisdom teeth. It sounds like the viral or bacterial infection as dropped onto your larynx (your voice box). When the larynx is not function correctly because of an infection this is called laryngitis. Try not to talk or cough too loudly. The more you use your voice box while it is croaking, you can damage the vocal chords.
3848536 tn?1348421441 i am 18 years old girl in 2011 when i am preparing mcat people blackmailing me 9 month they make fun on me as result i loss my voice when i speak i feel pain in my vocal cord what shall i do but mashallah i got admission in bds itx 2012 but still i feel pain in when i am spaek im also very sensitive person my zodic sign is pisces
Avatar n tn A day later I started to lose my voice and could not get rid of the sore throat. I have always had bouts of pharyngitis, though never with voice loss. That is what it feels like, pharyngitis. Could the badly decayed tooth be causing the pharyngitis + the voice loss.?
Avatar m tn Hello, I've only just joined so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place/format/whatever, but I realyl do need some advice. Some basic background...I am a 20 year old Musical Theatre student with a passion for singing, I had been thoroughly enjoying university and was experiencing no problems whatsoever with my throat until last January in which I went for a singing audition.
Avatar f tn The constant feeling of a foreign body in the throat can be due to a throat infection or sometimes a tumour. The ENT specialist will have to examine your throat to determine the cause for your symptoms. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I think you asked if you should abstain from oral sex to take care of your voice. You should have oral sex in moderation. If you want to take care of your throat, then abstain from excess smoking and alcohol. 2. Throat Cancer from HPV does happen. I don't know much about the epidemiology of HPV inducing throat cancer. I did read a "Rising HPV-related cancers among white men [which] may reflect changing sexual practices." Whatever that means.