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Avatar n tn Looks like the sinus infection has progressed to a throat infection as well. The inflamed throat can cause phlegm production and bleeding on spitting. Consult your primary care physician who will do blood tests and take a throat swab to determine the cause and prescribe appropriate Steam inhalations and salt water gargles can help. Take (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen if there is pain. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn The symptoms described could be due to an infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain.
Avatar n tn I am 16. Ok in Peru I started having a throat ache and once I spit up yellow phlegm with blood from my throat. After I was given antibiotics in injection the ache stopped but days later when I went with my parents to a town twice from my throat I spit this yellow phlegm with like a tiny kinda chunky blood in it and also yellow gunk from my throat with also dark brown I guess blood.
Avatar m tn Okay so it started almost half a week ago I'd say.. I wasn't feeling sick at all, but for some reason I just started coughing up a lot of phlegm.. clearish to yellow colored. I don't smoke cigarettes, only on the occassional weekend. I do smoke pot. Anyways I thought the phelgm coughing up mighta been caused by some resin I was smoking, but they said that was black phlegm, not clearish yellow... So a few days pass of coughing up phlegm, and now I'm sitting here.. irritated...
Avatar f tn I am having cough more than 3 months.. Had cold and flu first.. Doctor prescribed me the normal cold flu medication.. Afterwards he prescribed medication saying I am having throat infection... But symptoms won't go away.. . I have cough with phlegm which is white in colour.. I always need to clear my throat by gargling.. it enable sort of relief but after 2-3 days again required to clear phlegm from my threat.. so I went to throat specialist..
Avatar m tn t have the sinus headache anymore but the earache and sore throat are still there pretty strong. Finally, the phlegm in my throat stopped being so green/brown and recently went to a clear/white thick with bright red in it. Last night I brought up some that was all red. I only started coughing after the blood was found in my phlegm, so what could possibly cause this?
Avatar f tn For some time now after I've had my first hot drink in the morning, I am clearing my throat and bringing up some greenish phlegm for a while. Don't feel ill and don't have chest infection or cold or flu - just this horrible phlegm in the morning. Any ideas what this could be? - it feels like it's coming from my throat rather than my chest.
Avatar f tn 2 days ago I had a sore throat briefly, and now I have a slight chesty cough, a bit of phlegm in my throat, sneezing, my eyes feel dry and am generally feeling mildly unwell. All these symptoms are very mild, but I am worried it might be related to this recent oral exposure. What am I at risk of, and should I go see a doctor? Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn Wednesday and thurday as well i bad a slight cough. Then friday morning i woke up with pretty bad build of phlegm in my throat and i had some pain in my throat. Keep in mind this was about 3 in the morning and i couldnt sleep because my throat was hurting and it was itchy as well and i had to get up and spit like every 10 mins. So that night i went to medicine cabinet and took the last of some otc cough medicine that i had and then i was fine and was able to sleep.
Avatar n tn Throughout this course of my illness, I did have colored phlegm most notably green to sometimes grey that I would have to forcibly cough up to clear my throat. When one aquires ARS, do they have colored phlegm like a sign of an infection?
Avatar n tn Hi, if your phlegm is green in colour it may be that you have an infection and sometimes with an infection there can be small amounts of blood and you should then see your doctor to perhaps get an antibiotic. If the phlegm is not green as long as it is not large amounts of blood then as jaja says it may be due to excessive coughing. Again i am not a doctor but i do work in the field of respiratory medicine. if you are concerned then speak to your doctor.
Avatar m tn As of now, The cough comes once in a while and there is some phlegm as well. I have pain in the throat while swallowing..This pain occurs either on one side or both sides of the throat randomly. Today I noticed that there are 2 to 3 small bumps on my tongue. Not sure if all this is a result of some acute throat infection or symptoms which are not related? Kindly advise..
Avatar n tn The antibiotic(s) you’ve taken may have been strong enough to suppress the infection but not strong enough or not taken for a long enough course of treatment, to completely eradicate the bacteria causing infection producing the discolored phlegm.
Avatar m tn ve been waking up and feeling very congested in my nose and throat. I end up hacking up brown phlegm to the point where I am gagging. My nostrils are filled with junk. After I get up, I start getting a headache in either my left or right temple area only. As the day goes on, I never hack up anymore phlegm, but I always am clearing my throat CONSTANTLY! Any advice? Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn Around June 1st, I woke up with phlegm stuck in the middle of my throat. I didn’t have allergies or a cough. I took my temperature and I didn’t have a fever. So I waited about a week to see if it will go away. I took some medicine to clear the phlegm from my throat and it helped a little. I started to develop pain on the left side of my throat so I went to the doctor. He said my throat looked irritated and he gave me Ciproflaxin. I took the full course and the phlegm was still there.
Avatar n tn green phlegm, it does means an infection PLEASE drink lots of water too!! GET TO THE DR and drink water!!!!
Avatar n tn 1. Stop smoking, it'll only exacerbate it. 2. It probably has nothing to do with the vomiting. 3. You may have bronchitis, do you feel any wheezing or noises when you inhale? Also is the phlegm watery, or is it firm-ish? Yes it's possible you also have a bacterial infection in your throat. Go to your doctor, s/he'll give you a prescription for antibiotics. 4. For the damaged tissue, STOP SMOKING, and try Vix vapodrops or strepsils, they work for me.
1939530 tn?1323758027 What is clear that, whether one or the other of the preceding problems persists, you do need to see your doctor because, “the very stuffy nose and very itchy throat” may reflect a treatable infection that might also be effecting your lungs (bronchitis or pneumonia) or, if allergic may respond to a short course of prednisone and, if the vomiting persists, you may soon become dehydrated.
Avatar n tn The cough was first dry and initiated by contraction of the throat. Slowly I started producing green phlegm. I went to see the ORL who confirmed my sore throat with strips of white infection. He gave me an antibiotic, Mucinex and Zantax and Tums for possible Acid reflux. 4 days later, sore throat is slightly bearable but the cough increased with white transparent sticky phlegm and is worse then I lie down. It is keeping me awake at nights.
Avatar f tn s an infection. Yellow can also be an infection, but usually you can still fight it off without an antibiotic if it's yellow. Green is a more advanced infection. You should see your doctor and get an antibiotic. If it were from COPD or CHF it would be clear or white.
Avatar m tn i get a foul smeling and tasting phlegm colecting in my throat constantly> also a heavines around the eye and watering> what do i do ?
Avatar m tn Hello, It could either be allergies which can cause the phlegm to form. I always have phlegm in my throat I was told it is due to a combination of allergies, asthma, and sinus issues. I get a lot of sinus drainage in my throat and ears almost all year round. Try taking an over the counter zyrtec or some other form of allergy medicine first. If it doesn't help try some sort of mucus medicine. Also talk to your primary care provider about it.
Avatar m tn So about 10 days ago, I started to have symptoms like runny nose, stuffed sinuses, productive cough (with green phlegm), a slightly sore throat, and a generally "sick feeling". i dont think i ever had a fever though, everytime i used my thermometer it was in the 97F range. the day after that it had spread to both my eyes so i had double mucopurulent pink eye. That night my eyes were dripping yellow mucus, it was like a cheese waterfall coming from my eyes!
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, after a possible HIV exposure I had a swollen lymph node, sore throat and yellow phlegm. However I am aware that viral infections typically result in clear, white, phlegm whilst bacterial infections cause yellow phlegm. Does this still apply to HIV? (Furthermore, I only had 1 swollen lymph node in my neck, which again points to a bacterial infection as acute HIV would cause widespread swelling of lymph nodes). Thankyou.
1719142 tn?1343009327 My first instinct is to ask if you are a smoker?? Have you had this type of phlegm before?? Do you have phlegm on a regular basis or is this a first time occurrence?? Do you have any kind of pain involved, either in your chest or throat??
Avatar n tn One morning I felt that there is something stuck my throat like sort of a dried phlegm so I immediately got up and tried spitting it. It came out and there is blood in it. I did it for 4 times and I was bothered. I told my wife about and she just said that I might have caused it since i sometimes induced spitting out phlegm once i fell it itchy in the throat...