Sore throat and loss of voice

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Avatar n tn However, 2 months later I barely have a voice and the sore throat is still there, I also have sensations running up my head from my ear to the top of my skull, nobody has given me a definitive reason for this. My family doctor believes the laryngeal nerve was damaged and has put me on neurontin, helps every now and then, the voice will strenghten fo 2 or 3 hours and then "poof" it's gone again.
Avatar f tn t have a headache or had. i just have a problem with my throat being sore and the loss of my voice but according to my PCP it's just a viral virus and i have to "ride it out." any suggestions on what i may have? i have hypothyroid and my PCP knows that. she didn't mention anything about that being a problem. i just want to get better and go back to work! what could i possibly have? please help!
Avatar n tn A day later I started to lose my voice and could not get rid of the sore throat. I have always had bouts of pharyngitis, though never with voice loss. That is what it feels like, pharyngitis. Could the badly decayed tooth be causing the pharyngitis + the voice loss.?
Avatar m tn I'm very anxious, I am a male, after receiving unprotected oral sex from a female sex worker: What is the likelihood of getting gonorrhea particularly if this female had throat/oral gonorrhea ?
Avatar n tn While on the antibiotics I started losing my voice. I took the full course of meds and during which my sore throat and ear ache went away and my voice returned. The day I stopped taking the medication I noticed my throat was starting to hurt again. Now here I am sitting March 9th 2010 and my sore throat is terrible. I have no fever, no appitite and no congestion. Though I am starting to feel my voice goin again.
Avatar n tn I have had plates installed and removed and it could be part of the problem. Mine has a lot of scar tissue from the surgeries, it is actually constricting my throat and have problems swallowing. I have had it stertched out before but this last time it did not help. The doctors say it can take a year for my voice to come back. I'm not holding my breath on that, because of all the surgeries to my throat. If you come up with any answers let me know.
Avatar f tn I had a polyp removed two years ago and my voice has gotten worse and worse, its is now all but gone and very very sore, any advise.
1266955 tn?1270218364 Have any of you temporarily, or permanently, lost your voice as a result of a total thyroidectomy? Thanks for your comments!
Avatar m tn ve had a sore throat which has gotten better but have a sore tongue a strained voice and swollen neck glands. went to the doctor he said I don't have swollen lymph nodes but its swollen when I swallow something and it hurts and tends to get worse at night. i've never experienced this before I do have acid reflux which I take zantac for, and I don't smoke and i've stopped drinking alcohol for the past five days. what are the chances this could be neck cancer?
Avatar f tn My six year old came to me one night clutching his forehead and said he was feeling sick. I can't remember which came first but he vomited a few times and also had a sudden loss of voice/hoarseness. Then he was struggling to breath. I called 000 because he had difficulty breathing. It sounded restricted. By the time the ambulance arrived (15 mins later) his condition had improved. He wasn't vomiting any more and his breathing was better. His voice was still a little hoarse.
Avatar f tn Hi, transient loss of voice and hoarse voice are the typical symptoms of laryngitis. It is inflammation of the larynx (voice box). It is mainly caused by virus and treatment depends on type of virus affected. Even serological tests will help to identify the responsible pathogens. It can be treated with appropriate anti viral.
Avatar f tn S- I was diagnosed with H-Pylori, did the treatment for that and the last day of treatment for that I got a sore throat and lost my voice and red bumps appeared in my mouth and throat along with white patches. Any ideas? Thanks for reading/responding!
335728 tn?1331414412 t seem to be related to the loss of my voice as my voice has been hoarse for at least the last two months and the latest neck pain only lasted about 1 week. My voice did not return post neck pain. My gp has done blood tests for Thyroid and I had an Ultrasound yesterday. She feels that it is probably related only to my inhaled meds but I am having a lot of trouble with disabling fatigue as well as other symptoms.
Avatar f tn After 14 days I had a sore throat, accompanied by voice loss. After 4 days the voice was cured and two days later I had severe swelling to both wrists and hands accompanied by a considerable amount of pain which continues as at Jan 16. My question is: could these symptoms have been caused by the bone graft?
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a hiatial hernia to cause problems with my throat and voice. My symptoms are loss of voice when I talk for a little while---I can no longer sing---I can't get any range at all----my voice has grown so low that when I answer the phone people think its my husband answering. If you have any ideas I'd certainly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Avatar m tn I had a sore throat for 2 weeks,now my voice is very weak, only whisper,and some flem at back of throat at times.If i talk normal cracky and difficult for 2 weeks now.Sometimes i feel inhaler is causing my voice problems or both? i seem to have had this voice problem,but much less for years but not this bad,especially when i could feel sinus dripping down back of throat.
Avatar f tn Hi my names elle and i know what u mean....i have chiari 1 and ive experienced loss of voice and shortness of breath and i even noticed a change in my voice im not really sure if its from chiari but one doctor thought it was and one didnt so im not 100% sure.
Avatar m tn I am 71 years old and when I exert myself doing any physical exercise, especially yard work, I lose my voice, and recently have started getting a very sore throat. Does anyone experience the same symptoms and can anyone help me to deal with this or apart from no yard work, help me with these syptoms.
Avatar n tn i have had a sore throat for 4 weeks now with symptoms of a lump in throat when swallow a dry throat a hoarse voice and phlem stuck in the throat all the time any ideas what this is ?
Avatar m tn After 5 days of doing the exercises 3 times a day for 5 minutes I am noticing that after the third session I am having difficulty swallowing food. There is increased muscle fatigue at the sides of the voice box, sore tonsils and sore soft palate. It is sore to look down and there is croakiness from the middle to the end of the words in the exercise. Does anybody know if I should be taking this more or less seriously?
Avatar n tn Hi, Throat cancer may present with cough, voice changes such as hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, ear pain, lump or sore that doesn't heal, and weight loss. Diagnostic tests such as endoscopy, laryngoscopy, other imaging studies like CT scan or MRI as well as biopsy, may need to be done for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.