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Avatar n tn Acute pharyngitis and laryngitis is the commonest cause of loss of voice due to infection and inflammation of the voice box and throat. This active infection, coughing, and clearing throat can often result in break in small blood vessels. Usually these heal with treatment of laryngitis which involves antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic drugs along with maybe decongestants, warm saline gargles and throat elixirs.
Avatar f tn You just posted that your GP gave you "antibiotics" which is usually prescribed for the typical signs and symptoms of a throat infection.....IF your lost voice and difficulty swallowing was due to MS, you wouldn't have signs of a throat infection and require antibiotics. It's a huge anxiety leap to already be worrying or even thinging about a feeding tube..... Cheers..........
Avatar n tn I'm a 15 year old girl. I have lost my voice 4 times in the last 6 months the first time I lost it for a week the second time 12 day, the third time 24 days and the forth time I lost it for just over a week. I have no idea what is causing it. I also have a very bad cough at the moment and I am concerned that it may all be linked ! I have been to the doctors and had a camera down my throat but there was nothing physically wrong with my vocal cords. Do you know what could be causing it ??
Avatar n tn How is the Air in the area you live in, I live in LA and lost my voice recently from the smoke from some fires, Check these things out and good luck.
Avatar m tn m a little worried, because I want to be opera singer, I have the voice, I have everything to be, however, I worry a little that in the future I throat cancer develops implementing caused by HPV, and that makes me lose my voice. Currently I have a steady partner, but I want to have it, so I have raised the following questions: 1.debo oral sex leave to care for my voice? throat cancer HPV as common as it does the press think?. 3. is opornuto to continue with my studies as a singer?
Avatar m tn A couple of weeks ago I realized that i was having trouble hitting higher pitches when I was talking. It also feels like theirs something in my throat. I cant sing anymore except in a lower tone without going up. I find my self running short on breath as I talk at times. Im not in pain, just curious about whats going one.
Avatar f tn s from an infection then you need to try to flush that infection out. I will get laryngitis also from constantly trying to clear my throat as well. Not sure of your situation but I hope it clears soon cuz I know it can be brutal!!
Avatar m tn A week and a half ago, I caught a cold. after about 3-4 days, I'd lost my voice and at its current state, my voice is now back for the most part, but my throat is still a little scratchy. This is probably expected. Anyway, I was convinced that I was getting better, until... A couple of days ago, I started feeling pain in my neck, this is on the right side, right where I can feel myself swallow.
Avatar m tn Is post nasal drainage a sign of throat cancer? 5: Does the weight loss, that happened over a 2 week period look concerning? Thank you for your insight!
Avatar m tn BACKGROUND INFO/HOW IT HAPPENED Almost 4 weeks ago, after singing for a rehearsal, my throat felt a bit tight. The next morning I could tell that something was wrong as my voice seemed weaker and my throat seemed constricted or tight. Throughout the weak I sang scarcely but didn't decide to go on total vocal rest until the end of that week when it wasn't getting better.
Avatar m tn At the same party few hours later, I almost lost my voice. I immediately stopped drinking and went home for a voice rest. I restrained myself from talking for few days. Since then my normal chest voice got better and doesn't feel any wrong but I still cannot sing anything in falsetto nor head voice. I suppose my vocal chords are still swollen cause the only thing i can hear and feel is the air coming through my chords with no sound while singing in high pitches.
Avatar f tn Went to the doctor yesterday because I lost my voice and my throat was closing up. Got prescribed a z pack and am already feeling better this morning.
Avatar m tn I teach children and may have contracted something from one of them - three weeks ago I lost my voice entirely for about 4 days. There was a mild fever associated with that, but it went away and the voice came back, but the mild sore throat and cough are left 3 weeks later.
Avatar n tn Last April I was preparing for a singing concert and had to use my voice regularly. During this time I also had a bad chest infection caused by a virus. I was hoarse but I had no choice but to continue training as the concert date was coming up. I'm also a full time teacher and therefore there is a high demand on my voice during the day too. Ever since then I've been suffering from a tired voice and hoarseness. I pick up cold viruses quickly and this effects my voice.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Then I seemed to of gotten better but always felt like i was teetering on getting another infection. Then yesterday i woke up, have ZERO voice, green mucous crap in my sinus path, classic sinus infection. However, the weird thing is, when i swallow my thryroid gland hurts. Not the back of my throat, but the goiter area. Its right below my adams apple. It hurts! I am on antibiotics now (first time in like 5 years), extemely hypo but my gland hurts. Has anyone gotten this?
Avatar m tn This can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, mucus coating due to post nasal drip, irritation of the throat and voice box by irritants. Irritants can be anything from dust, smoke, etc. Damage can also be caused if you suffer from acid reflux. You may have damage to the vocal chords by over use, or by straining the vocal chords. If you do sing, then do make sure you do vocal warm ups. The voice box needs to be looked after like any other part of your body.
1496064 tn?1290643968 When I was in my early teens, if I would try to shout suddenly, my voice would unexpectedly come out as a squeak. It has never happened to me since then, so I assumed it might be something related to the change from a kid's voice to an adult's voice. It doesn't happen for women the way it does for men, but it happens to a slight extent. Maybe that's what is going on for you.
Avatar f tn So i had unprotected sex nearly 4 months ago. 3 days after that i lost my voice. And since then my nodes are swollen and my tonsils are swollen with a red vein on the left one. They hurt sometimes and i have bumps in the back of my throat, they don't hurt. I went to the doctor they said it was a viral infection. But it has yet to go away. I tested for all the stds and i was negative even hiv after 11 weeks and two days. But could this be hiv or hpv.
1266955 tn?1270218364 Have any of you temporarily, or permanently, lost your voice as a result of a total thyroidectomy? Thanks for your comments!
Avatar f tn First day I woke up with a sore throat then next day it felt better but my nose was stopped up n then I started coughing really bad n wheezing it had started moving in my lung the Dr put me on Prednisone n levaquin antibiotics n cough meds about a week ago I lost my voice n can't seem to get it back why
Avatar f tn On Wensday I went to the doctor cause my voice was slightly gone, and my throat was sore. She gave me antibotics (cefdinir) for 10 days twice a day. She said at the time that I may have caught it before it got to bad. But here I am two days later and I feel worse. My voice is gone, and I don't feel like cefdinir is doing anything. I mean I even have a severe cough now. I don't get fever so I can't tell how bad I really am.
Avatar n tn But there is one problem im really sick I have a bad cold mucus all over tge place a headache lost my voice and feel like I have a very bad trought infection.. If im sick when I deliver my baby is she going to ne sick to ?? am I going to ne able to hold her and breast feed her right away?? :/ im hoping so!
Avatar n tn You should definately see an ENT. I lost my voice for 6 weeks after surgery, even though my vocal cords were not damaged during surgery. It sounds like it needs to be done. My tumor was also large 4.8cm.
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago I had a bad upper respiratory viral infection. Fever, congestion, sore throat, throbbing headache, lost my voice, terrible cough, the whole nine yards. I've been symptom free for about a week, and yesterday I started to feel a little pain on the left side of my throat. I looked in the mirror with a flashlight, and my left tonsil was swollen. Allergies are super bad in my area right now, and I get a lot of allergy symptoms every spring so I didn't think much of it.
Avatar f tn It feels like it is swelling and I am always without a voice. It feels like my throat is tight day and night for some reason. I do have breathing problems and I do not smoke. I have lost 60 pounds and my doctor is taking me off depression pills slowly. The only thing new in my home is my plants with fresh earth and none of them flower. It is hard enough to breathe but in the last while it is getting even harder. I can not go out in the humid weather or in the cold.
Avatar n tn My dog got realllly sick about two weeks ago and was throwing up non stop. He even ate tons of grass and threw all of it up. After about two three days he finally stopped and got a lot better except he seemed to lost his voice. He couldnt bark or "speak" at all for over a week. It seems like he is starting to get his voice back but he just all of a sudden got really week. He cant eat and has veryyy little energy.