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Avatar n tn Make sure the testosterone test is done early in the morning, before breakfast. You need an evaluation by an endochronologist. The transdermal patches are quite expensive, not always covered by insurance, and once you start them your natural ability to produce the hormone decreases and may completely atrophy. Thus you will be on the patches indefinitely.
Avatar m tn 0 hello there , i am 27 male 350lbs (160kg) i feel slightly pain on my testicular lately very slightly and random when i am setting for too long i been asked to do a blood test ,this is the test result of my blood simple during mid-day taken simple . is it okay to have testosterone level just above the Lower end ? do you think i will have to get TRT with that level ?
Avatar f tn hey..my husband got his testosterone level checked 3 days back. it came out to be 450 ng/dl. he is 35 years old. we are planning to have a baby now. i just wanted to know if his testosterone level is normal for me to conceive?? please reply.
Avatar n tn I recently had a random drug test (urine test) at work and it came back with extremely high T/E Ratios. It states that I have tested positive for steroids due to this elevated testosterone level and now being suspended. I have never taken any type of steroids or drug for that matter. I take Excedrin on a daily basis due to migraines and I do drink alcohol in the evenings, but that is all I do and have ever done.
Avatar m tn hello I am 33 years old man six months ago my sperm count was zero, I took clomiphene citrate and the count increase to 55 millions, and my testosterone level increase, but motility is just 10% after 1 hour. 1 month ago I made a test for Prolactin level and it was 700 (very high) I started taking bromocriptine to reduce the Prolactin level . my question is: 1- will bromocriptine increase the motility. 2-I stopped taking clomiphene citrate, will this reduce the sperm count to zero again.
Avatar m tn Right before I found out I was late and therefore pregnant, I took some tests with my doc resulting that I had high level of testosterone. Does anyone else have it? Does it affect negatively a pregnancy?
Avatar m tn Being that I am only 25 years old I should be in the upper third level of 190-1037 so probably around 700 or 800. Low testosterone has lots of effects like fatigue and weight gain. It can also make it harder to lose weight. So my metabolism may not be the most important thing right now.
282812 tn?1225110981 The thing that really bothers me about this thread is none of you seem to be trying to figure out why their testosterone is low. Testosterone is indicative sperm production, but not always. A varicocele can only be looked at as the cause if other causes are ruled out. Varicoceles are very common in men and do not always effect testosterone or sperm count. There are different stages of varicocele did someone tell you that is why his count is low? Has he had a complete test of all his hormones?
Avatar m tn A lot of times as our estrogen level gets higher, our testosterone level gets lower. This equates a bit to the old cliché about sex drive in men, being crazy in the teens and less so as we get old. Having higher than normal levels of estrogen though are linked to prostate cancer and heart disease. And they are probably going to want to make sure there is nothing like a tumor in your testes.
Avatar m tn t really know for sure if the hot flashes are caused by a drop in testosterone. (Your testosterone might be the same level it has always been.) If you want to test the notion that the low testosterone has caused the hot flashes, take the testosterone for a month, and see if the hot flashes go away.
Avatar m tn I am a 68 yr old male with a history of a-fibrillation and a low testosterone level. Had an ablation 2 months ago. Waiting for my a-fib event to stop. recently started with tachycardia which convert to sinus rythmn. Discovered that I have a low testosterone level (186), Any connection between my a-fib and low testosterone?
Avatar m tn 41 year old male, workout 5-6 days a week, just ran a 10k (came in first for age bracket 40-49 [11th out of 91 total]) doc said testosterone level it's low. I haven really built any muscle lately,I thought I felt great, till he told me that..my sex drive it's pretty much gone. And I have a slight hernia. my testicles don't feel right.
Avatar m tn My question is, has anyone ever heard of the varicoceles surgery improving a man’s testosterone level? Is there a study that can show this? I am more concerned about my testosterone level then I am with my sperm shape (form). I am currently scheduled for surgery but I am thinking of canceling my surgery this week. I am very confused, I don’t want to do unnecessary surgery but at the same time I am not sure if I am supposed to do this?
484508 tn?1290010544 I finally went to my family doctor, who stated that my testosterone level is low--170, and told me to make an appt to come in. Is depression/anxiety a symptom of low testosterone, and are the side effects of testosterone therapy ones that will increase hypomanic symptoms. I am a little worried?
Avatar m tn these men have normal amounts of testosterone available for use by the body but the serum testosterone level is decreased. Saliva or urine test results are considered a good representation of free hormone levels. Because SHBG is known to be decreased in cases of hypothyroidism, obesity and acromegaly, and increased in hyperthyroidism and estrogen therapy, it is necessary to measure the free biologically-active testosterone in these conditions, when total testosterone can be misleading.
Avatar m tn I would be willing to try TRT but I am scared of infertility. Could my testosterone level be causing my ed?