How to increase testosterone with food

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Avatar m tn Please help and guide how to overcome the problem of low sex desire due to diabetes type2? Some inject able like or some multivitamins containing zinc will be helpful?
8309591 tn?1397596954 Hey there. Thanks for your reply. My diet is in check already. As I said I do powerlifting/bodybuilding and I am therefore very interested in the nutritional side of the lifestyle too. I track not only my kcal intake, but my Protein, Carbs, Fat and fiber intake, without forgetting about micronutrients too, and therefore try to eat at least 2 servings of veggies a day and 2 servings of fruit a day.
Avatar m tn 7 if I am not mistaken, the thing is I guess now I will be patient a hormone replacement therapy for increase my testosterone and let me know what to expect, experiences or something that can help me with this new experience , thanks.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry this is happening. You can have a reaction to anything. There's probably something in the formulation of the liquid that is giving you a reaction. There are other forms of testosterone you can take. There's a patch you can wear on your arm, or a mouth patch, and a gel you apply directly to your skin, usually on the arm. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Here's more info on them - https://www.webmd.
Avatar m tn Since you are overweight, one possibility is that you have estrogen dominance and T replacement may further increase the estrogen levels, but your doctor must have considered this issue already.May be he wants to try it on a short term basis to test its efficacy. So, it is better to get these points clarified from him. By the way, what was your T levels?, did you check your free T?.
Avatar m tn // If you look through that, you may then think back if you had an increase in any of these things or journal your daily habits to look for patterns. Being aware of what the symptoms of high testosterone are and noticing when you have them and then comparing that to your daily habits may be insightful. Far more men have low testosterone and the troubles that go with that.
20634676 tn?1502438417 which medication,food or else can get me ride of this erectile disfunction? and how can i increase my testosterone level?
Avatar m tn maybe its my testosterone level are low... so how can i know my testosterone leverl? how can i make the testosterone level normal? any food that can increase the level? im worried about this.. pls respond...
Avatar m tn I was going threw puberty like any other teen my voice was cracking i was growing hair everywhere up until a few months ago i started to feel different. I started to feel less confident, shy, fatigued, foggy head, and a much lower sex drive.I have weak erections and a much lower sperm count. Around the same time my brother started to feel the same (he's 21) and he went in and got checked out and it turns out he had low testosterone. And he now takes T shots and feels better now.
Avatar m tn If I am pumping large amounts of artificial VitD (how the heck is this stuff made anyway?) into my body, wont it mess with my ability to make the stuff naturally?
1942878 tn?1324056800 I'm a fairly normal male that enjoys sex like anyone else, but I've always been a very non-aggressive person and my sex drive has been lower than the typical male and lower than my wife's. When we do have sex, after I finish, I have absolute no desire for a second round. That's how I feel physically, but I really do want to be one of those guys that wants to do it twice in a day or night, or have a higher urge throughout the week.
Avatar m tn Surgery is not the best option and it depends on how serious the case is with sometimes controversial aesthetic results. The problem is that you need to go to the doctor, arrange an ultra sound so he can check how much of your man boobs is actually breast tissue and how much is fat tissue. If its fat tissue there is a lot that can be done depending how seriously bad the situation is. Whey protein will probably empty your pocket but not your boobs for the time being.
Avatar n tn Hello, It has been found that an increase in sex hormones testosterone and estrogen, along with heredity, weight issues, caffeine, diet, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, sleep apnea, heat, medications, eating certain foods, herbal supplements, high concentrations of B Vitamins, etc. can all be contributing factors to high blood pressure in teens/young adults.
Avatar f tn Before starting testosterone replacement, it is wise to try everything else possible as well as giving it some time to see if levels return to normal on their own. Once you start testosterone, you are on it for life. I was placed on Androgel about 15 years ago since my HIV lowered my testosterone level to below normal range. I did not do any research and accepted my doctors RX although my energy and sex drive were fine. He didn't tell me this was a lifetime thing.
Avatar n tn s is the most common form of hypothyroidism, would an internist be able to work with my husband? Would it hurt, with the levels he has right, now to try an internist before trying to find an endo that we feel comfortable with? He has low testosterone, which is being treated, but I don't think there is any connection---he lost a testicle in December.
Avatar m tn There could be several reasons for this. A lack off testosterone could be a part of that. It is best to consult with a urologist. All the best.
Avatar m tn question about penis enlargement. I heard that testosterone will increase penis size. Im embarrass to say it but my penis is only 6 in when erect. And my ex-girlfriend made repeated comments about how her other boyfriends were bigger and how she liked "big cocks." I feel like I should do something to increase my size. Im kind of ashamed and upset by this.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 28 year old asian male who is trying to gain weight. I am extremely underweight, at around 110 ib / 5'10 height last time I checked. I have been exercising and trying to increase calories but still no results, my body is being stubborn, I wonder if there is anything I can take to assist in my growth. I’ve been drinking protein shakes though, but no major help. >.
Avatar m tn there could be a chance that you have some of this problem as well so as i suggest you to go to gym what that exactly do is to stimulate you and getting muscle increase your testosterone level by your hard work. go for swimming it is big asset for increasing your testosterone level.
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, Kindly help me in this matter coz am getting irritation looking at my penis its too smal around 4 to 4.5 inches and I would like to increase my penis size how to do that? kindly advice me. am not satiesfied with my penis please doctor let me knw is there any pills to grow my penis. or advice me some excise to increase my penis getting guilty feeling looking at others pennis.
Avatar f tn Its his testosterone levels, if hes never had them that high, then his body has known how to cope with it, so this were his anger and his changed mind has coms from. You could get his DHEA levels checked, this could also give him anger as a side effect.
Avatar m tn m not aware of how thyroid and testosterone interact. So what benefit is there to really wait to not start to do something about repeated tested low testosterone? It can take several months if not a year to truly balance out and optimize the thyroid levels. In the mean time she will apparently still remain with virtually non existant testosterone levels.