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623156 tn?1322865851 For men it helps with adequate levels of testosterone and sperm counts. Research has shown with 15 mgs a day in men it can increase semen and testosterone production, in women it can help ovulation and fertility. Natural resources of Zinc are fish, oysters, crab, turkey, chicken and beef. In the newsletter it was mentioned that there have been conflicting opinions about fertility boosting foods. I'm the ultimate optomist. It's seems to be a more wholistic approach.
Avatar n tn Im 20, in somewhat good shape other than the heart....I get palpitations, hard beating sometimes, and need to have the valve replaced soon. Pretty much everything I ever look at says a warning about taking with heart disease but im wondering why or is that more directed towards older people with worse problems. I can still work out and go run miles so I feel like I should be fine.
Avatar m tn Serrano chiles, A recent study by French researchers found that men who eat the most spicy foods tend to have higher testosterone levels than those with milder palates. Study authors attribute the T-boosting effects in part to capsaicin, a compound in chilies that previous research has associated with increased testosterone levels.
Avatar m tn My testosterone levels were low but they went to normal ranges when I took some testosterone level boosting injections prescribed by my physician. But still could not penetrate. All we do is masturbate each other at the end. I know its a serious problem and I want to have a baby of our own. Whenever I tried to penetrate the erection starts to fell off. We also have role play, during which my erection is fine but when I starts to penetrate it starts to go down.
Avatar m tn I was born with a birth defect Myelomengocele (Spina Bifida). This caused the incomplete formation of both my spinal column & cord. My spine is personally affected at the third Lumbar vertebrae causing paralysis from the waist down. There is also a "bend" in me scrotum. This has made ejaculation impossible. Would testosterone supplements aid in improving albedo?
543966 tn?1234735968 I have noticed that my son gets fussy if I eat food cooked with onions and peppers, brocoli, cabbage and any other food that you know can cause gas. Also, gripe water helps when he is fussy. I also knowit is contoversal with breast feeding, but my son loves his pacifier. If I only allowed him to use me when he wants to pacify he would be on my boob all day. I can tell when he wants to suck verses eat becasue when he *****, he pulls off as soon as he gets milk and gets fussy.
1942878 tn?1324056800 I'm a fairly normal male that enjoys sex like anyone else, but I've always been a very non-aggressive person and my sex drive has been lower than the typical male and lower than my wife's. When we do have sex, after I finish, I have absolute no desire for a second round. That's how I feel physically, but I really do want to be one of those guys that wants to do it twice in a day or night, or have a higher urge throughout the week.
Avatar m tn 3, colonscopy clear, had all the blood tests-- White and red cell count lower range of normal, thyroid is OK My next appt is with an Endocrinologist to discuss testosterone replacement therapy. Injections every 2 weeks. I want to go ahead and start, yes I know its a lifelong commitment but I want to feel I need to convince the Endo at my next appt.?
3216951 tn?1394497289 Spicy foods are fine while pregnant just watch out for heart burn! I also read that allowing children to have some spicy food (don't bland their food down) makes for a healthier and stronger GI system.
Avatar m tn Treating low testosterone levels at this age is crucial. There are many conditions associated with low testosterone levels so it is important to tackle the problem now. The following link may be useful. There are some tips which could actually help you increase testosterone levels naturally. As you can see there are different therapies used in the treatment of low testosterone levels and age makes a difference to determine which is the best treatment for you.
Avatar m tn Along with your medical treatment, you can eat food which enhances teststerone. Water melon is considered as the best food. search food to enhance sperm count. pick up few of them. you may google for, male deer exercise, kegel exercise, sat kriya, learn them and practice them regularly.Best of luck.
Avatar m tn ve completely changed my life 6 months ago, eating healthy, cutting the booze and smoke out and really havent touched testosterone boosting supplements in years. My doctor put me on Lexapro for my depression and xanax to help me sleep at night or when I'm having real bad anxiety. Lexapro didn't work and xanax is a short term fix. I don't like taking anything synthetic now but realize I may have to.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone, so I'll start by saying that I was told when I was a child that I had IBS. I always had stomach aches and bathroom problems as a child, but I'm 29 years old now and havent had issues since late high school. I've also had anxiety for the longest time. Back in September I went on a "Testosterone Diet", eating T-Boosting foods like cabbage, broccoli, kale, nuts, onions, meat, bananas, kefir, spinach, rice daily....
Avatar m tn He suggested I take these Testosterone boosting supplements for 3 months and to tell me if I see any improvement. I'm putting my trust in these testosterone pills the urologist gave me. Its called Testosterone Undecanoate 40MG. I'm taking 3 pills twice a day with 6 pills total. But at the same time I get the feeling he doesn't want to tell me something..that it might not work. Anyway I was just wondering what other people's opinions are about this...
Avatar m tn The doc has asked me to take B-12 and Vit. D tablets (supplements). I am vegetarian so I dnt get those out of my food, is it ok to go with those Vitamins?
Avatar m tn At my annual physical last Fall, my GP suggested that I get my Testosterone level checked and had a blood sample drawn. A week later he called and said that my total testosterone was 206 - in his words a little low and he mailed me a prescription for Testim. I called my prescription drug provider and they went partially ballistic saying that they wouldn't fill this prescription until they spoke to my GP directly and even if they approved my cost would still be more than $200 a month.
Avatar m tn t really know for sure if the hot flashes are caused by a drop in testosterone. (Your testosterone might be the same level it has always been.) If you want to test the notion that the low testosterone has caused the hot flashes, take the testosterone for a month, and see if the hot flashes go away.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing low testosterone myself and I have read a great deal on the importance of testosterone in the male. My male dog is fixed. He is 3 years old and seems very healthy. But i've begun to worry about his testosterone levels and how it effects his health. Is there a natural way to support my dogs testosterone levels. Any thoughts?