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Avatar m tn If there are such primary causes, low T could only be a symptom and not necessarily a disease to be treated. Again, taking balanced food (zinc very important), avoiding junk food and stress and doing moderate exercise will all help to improve T levels in an youngster like you. In short I advise you to consult an experienced Endo from a research oriented hospital before taking the hard decision on HRT.
Avatar m tn In case there is no liver related disease, take some liver tonic to improve its health and stay away totally from drinks and junk food. In any case, if you are going for TRT, better to take a second opinion from an Endo.
Avatar m tn Along with your medical treatment, you can eat food which enhances teststerone. Water melon is considered as the best food. search food to enhance sperm count. pick up few of them. you may google for, male deer exercise, kegel exercise, sat kriya, learn them and practice them regularly.Best of luck.
Avatar f tn - taking home made balanced food especially rich in protein and zinc - regular exercising - living a stress free life. There are many natural remedies for improving general health, you can consult a qualified alternative medicine doctor for details. Cinnamon, ginger and honey have great health benefits to reduce the ill effects of fat in the body.
Avatar m tn At my annual physical last Fall, my GP suggested that I get my Testosterone level checked and had a blood sample drawn. A week later he called and said that my total testosterone was 206 - in his words a little low and he mailed me a prescription for Testim. I called my prescription drug provider and they went partially ballistic saying that they wouldn't fill this prescription until they spoke to my GP directly and even if they approved my cost would still be more than $200 a month.
Avatar m tn i am on Atkins diet also so i didn't eat any crabs in my food for past 3 months and i lost a lot of weight is that might be the case of this mild pain ? also i am single i never had sex yet is that effect my hormone levels ? please help .thanks a lot .
Avatar m tn This has happened to a lot of body builders, they have tiny testicles and must depend on exogenous testosterone...a bad thing. Higher testosterone will not be beneficial and in some ways may be bad, i.e., higher chance of heart attack, baldness, acne etc etc.
Avatar m tn The doctor will run a simple blood test to check your testosterone and other hormone levels. This will quickly tell them (and you) if there is a treatable issue or not. Best of luck!
Avatar m tn Materbation in not a bad habit.Only the guilt makes it worse.Keep you body strong by exercise, good food and cheerful mood.Forget about impotancy.
Avatar n tn Hi I think it is all right to go back to your doctor and ask him if he also needs the level of free testosterone. Ask him tactfully and I am sure this will not be a problem. Serum total testosterone and free testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day and they also differ largely with age. "The serum testosterone concentration shows a circadian rhythm which is more marked in younger than in older men.
Avatar m tn There will be a difference in sexual interest from days of puberty to adult hood, which is what you are experiencing now.If you have stress, learn to relax and take things easy in life. Take balanced food and do moderate exercise, you should be Ok.
Avatar m tn 0) Each time I have been told by my doctors that my testosterone is fine and none of my problems relate to low testosterone, the latest blood test was taken since I started to work out with heavy weights while taking alot of supplements including: Whey Protein, Flaxseed Oil, Fish Oil, Tribulus Terrestris, Multi Vit , Vitamin C + Zinc, it was also a morning blood test, so it should be at its highest range?
Avatar m tn Having extra estrogens triggers your body to slow its production of testosterone. And the less testosterone you make, the more belly fat you accumulate and the more estrogens you have. Researchers have also targeted midriff weight as the strongest predictor of a condition called symptomatic androgen deficiency, or AD. It's marked by low libido, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, depressed mood, lethargy, and diminished physical performance.
Avatar n tn ) Been taking testosterone shots and Arimedix for about a year, however libido still *****. The testosterone and training leave me with a well fit lean body, but with low/no libido. I wish I had some answers for you but you are not alone.
Avatar n tn jeez) but he noticed that my thyroid/pituitary readings were out of whack and he couldn't figure out why, so he sent me to an endocrinologist, who I saw yesterday and who re-tested my TSH and T4 and found my thyroid/pituitary readings back to normal. But he also tested my testosterone and my total testosterone was 169 (normal is 175-781, and as one of the guys in this thread pointed out, guys our age should have testosterone readings around 600). We're waiting for my "free" vs.
Avatar m tn In the mean time, ensure he gets enough Protein and Micronutrient rich food. Specially concentrate on the daily zinc requirement as you have indicated loss of smell and taste, and zinc ( about 25mg per day ) is also required for his overall adolescent development. In any case, fix the problem as early as possible as his age is already seventeen years.
Avatar n tn they say that if you work out a lot and eat meat your testosterone should raise a bit... You should see a Endocrinologist I believe, check the thyroid and pituitary gland, maybe a brain MRI since you also have chronic migraines. I'm curious may I ask what type of job you get suspended for having high testosterone levels?
Avatar f tn But the doctor said his testosterone was low and wants to put him to use testosterone pellets. I was confused after I left and called the office back, the nurse said that even though his testosterone levels were normal that a study was done and that they really like the levels to be at 400 for a man his age. My husband is 71 years old and he would be fine if we could just kiss and hold hands and take trips together and never have sex again, but I find the rejection to be too painful.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Long story short, a month later my testosterone level is 615, i do have more energy and getting some morning wood now. When i saw the test results, it said my estrogen was 58. The range on the test was up to 57. Should i be worried about this?
Avatar m tn It hasn't grown at all since I was born. It's been the same way since then! He said I have very low testosterone and you probably were low when you were younger also. He said my level was something like 3.30. (from a scale of 1.00-84.00) I noticed I'm different than others for example my voice is very high (I sound like someone in puberty) and I feel my body hasn't developed (muscles). This sounds very bad to me and I wish I went to the doctor when I was younger.
Avatar n tn Hi A, the one thing you left out was erections, things like nocternal erections and morning woods, and how hard do you find it to get erection, if its no, no, and no, then yes you probably have low testostrone, best thing would be to get to your doctor and get tested, and see how that comes out.
Avatar m tn Hi, Prolactin levels increase after heavy exercise, after a protein rich food and after orgasm. In men small increase in prolactin beyond the reference limit, like in your case, is not considered harmful by doctors. While talking to your doctor, better to show your complete health report along with symptoms you have.
Avatar f tn If so, subsequently look at your food intake and try to get your regular quota of nutrients from your daily food. You also need to do regular, but moderate exercise. Ensure that all your joints and muscles are used on a regular basis. Vitamin D is very essential, so expose your body to morning sun light for about 15 minutes regularly.Keep a positive attitude to life and stay away from stress, alcohol and drugs, which affect your central nervous system.
Avatar m tn Around the same time my brother started to feel the same (he's 21) and he went in and got checked out and it turns out he had low testosterone. And he now takes T shots and feels better now. So i decided to get some blood work done too and my testosterone was lower than his. I forget what it was it was either 261 or 361 but my Dr.
1184700 tn?1266495288 What happens to them after you withdrawal? The reason I ask is because I quit Methadone over a month ago and feel that my testosterone has increased to a rate higher than before the long-time opiate habit. I've been weight training so this is of some importance to me. I would think if it is true that testosterone levels spike, one would build muscle much faster than in the past. I could be completely wrong about this, but thats why I'm posting.
Avatar n tn ( I pleaded to have a blood test) At 6 I took her to a weight loss guru who although did not treat children examined her diet and tweaked some areas but concluded that her diet and portion control was basically sound.(she was concerned that either my daughter was sneaking food or there was a problem and said to take her to the Dr) I did again and was told that I was "overanxious about her weight".
Avatar n tn Since you told that he is having late puberty, it is evident that he is in the growth spurt stage and during this stage most of the testosterone produced is getting converted into estrogen which helps the growth process. I suppose this the reason for his reduced testosterone in the body and you need not worry about it. After his pubertal growth is completed, his testo. level should get back to normal. I suppose, he does not take any steroids for his athletic gains.
Avatar n tn Stays between 36 and 37, normally on lower end (36.2-36.4) ***** Sex Harmones, Testosterone and Estrogens ***** • TESTOSTERONE (8.9 nmol/L) - 7.6 to 31.4 • SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOB (25 nmol/L) - 11 to 52 • PROLACTIN (157 mIU/L) - 86 to 324 • E2: 17-Beta OESTRADIOL (66 pmol/L) - 44 to 156 (Also called Estradiol/ E2) • E1: Oestrone (Estrone/E1) (0.15 nmol/l or 150 pmol/l) - 0.03 to 0.22 nmol/l • E3: Estriol (Oestriol/ E3) (0.21 nmol/l - < 0.
Avatar n tn The prolactin causes a suppressive effect on the other hormones and hence there is decreased testosterone. Once the prolactin suppression is removed, there should be reversal of its effects, however, if the suppression has been long-standing – the gonads may not recover function fully, hence, it is uncertain how complete the reversal would be for a 29 year old. Discuss your chances with your doctor, a thorough examination would help gauge your chances for complete reversal.
Avatar n tn Male - 29 Years Single, Indian origin, Vegetarian, No drinking/smoking. Not taking proper & timely food. In depression due to many personal problems. 72 KG, 5ft 7inch Problem 1. Have no hair on beard/chest. Lump on chest found 2 yeas back. On left side it is bigger than of right side. A MD, Surgeon dialogize as Gynecomasita. But when shown to endocrinonologiest they said as only fat. As pe Endo. Mammary gland / gynecomastia lump should be of round shape ONLY. Is it true?