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Avatar m tn Research has shown that men with low testosterone levels double their risk of developing the metabolic syndrome, since low testosterone levels increase belly fat — which is closely linked to this syndrome. Lack of testosterone can also decrease libido, cause erectile dysfunction, spur osteoporosis and lead to a loss of muscle tone and mass.
Avatar m tn Hi Haritec, Look I'm not much to reading charts, reason most countrys come out differant, so I will ask some question, does your hair grow funny at the moment along with your beard growth, these are two great give aways if your testosterone is low or out of wack, been through all of this when I was going through ED, so your not getting morning woods, so you dont probably not getting nocternal ones as well, well I didnt, but I do now, you say you have tried herbs , would this be singly, you n
Avatar n tn I'm a 21yr old male with hypothyroidism and a testosterone level of an 80 year old man. I had bloodwork done and my levels were flagged as abnormal low. I also suffer from Depression and Anxiety (panic attacks)....which is probably all due to my hypothyroidism. Is there some way I can naturally increase my testosterone levels through herbs or exercise? My doctor says I'm too young for patches or gels. So I'm kinda left in the dark here.
Avatar n tn You need a trial of testosterone replacement therapy. It does not matter what your testosterone "levels" as this tells you nothing.
Avatar n tn Did you discuss how to increase these levels with him/her? If not that is your best course of action. Your body in tome may very well in time replenish your testosterone. You are correct that there are foods and herbs that can help elevate your levels. However you are very young and I would caution you against using anything with out your physicians advice and monitoring. You would not want to go too far in the opposite direction.
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1419848 tn?1283643589 Drink herbal teas or consume them in capsule or tincture form to help you lower your testosterone levels. Perhaps one of the best (and tastiest) herbs for correcting this problem is spearmint. Studies performed at the Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta, Turkey, show that women drinking two cups of spearmint tea for five days significantly lowered their androgen levels.
Avatar m tn With this you could either try some Tribulus a herb ,or some DHEA a hormon, the DHEA you read up about, as it can have some funny side effects with the odd person, and they both will help with your testosterone, boost your libido and energy levels. Look Iknow you say your testosterone is OK, but these are both well known help for ED.
Avatar m tn He said that if my testicles were damaged then my pituitary glands would respond with more LH. I should have high LH if my testosterone is low but my Lh is pretty low too. He also checked for pituitary tumors. I had none. I asked him if there were drugs which increase LH. He said he did not know. This makes me think he is not a very good endocrinologist. I looked online and there are lots of treatments for LH therapies.
Avatar m tn I have researched DHEA, L-Arginine and some of the other herbs. I have also taken some chinese herbs before without much success. I also see that you are 65 years old so I am not sure our situations are the same. Maybe we have different reasons for ED. I also feel my whole body is tired many times, so it is not just ED that is bothering me. I cannot exercise because whenever I exercise I just feel more tired, it doesn't help. I'm taking some chinese herbs right now.
Avatar m tn My blood work (dont want to overwhelm this thread right away ) shows low red blood cell count - consistent with low testosterone. Other than that liver results etc all look pretty good. Symptom wise - no morning wood, can still get a solid and firm erection on appropriate stimulation, lethargy and lack of motivation. I am currently trying a product called HCGenerate - has significant amount of the active ingredient from Stinging nettle which is supposed to bind / de-activate excess SHBG.
Avatar f tn Actually, the mystery of low libido cannot always be resolved with an increase in testosterone. If only the solution was that easy for everyone. Brain chemistry and wiring also plays a role (as do emotional memories), and sexual medicine researchers are hard at work in their search for this holy grail. If you google Leah Millheiser, MD, the Director of the Female Sexual Medicine program at Stanford University, you can read about her ongoing research in this area.
11858578 tn?1422255599 5) The blood test came up with Low-Testosterone I am hoping the LOW-T is the cause of my numbness/less feeling ... I had a scor of 258 for my T level.... I am scared I have nerve damage or permanently unable to feel the orgasm.... I can feel the build up to an orgasm ,but then hit by a brick wall when the ejaculation occurs.... There is also penile numbness.... I sometimes wish I was a chick....... Being a man is tough.....
Avatar m tn If you want more information to figure out how to go about this, you could consider getting a bit more blood work done. Opt for a free testosterone test with SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) test. A cortisol test can help shed light on stress & adrenal health. Also, testing estradiol (E2) can indicate how your body is converting testosterone &/or excreting estrogen/estradiol. (By the way, if you drink alcohol, this effects your estrogen [& by extension, testosterone] levels.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and she did some testosterone test which came back really low, so she put me on Tgel along with some diuretic pills for my blood pressure, since it was regularly around 135/80. I started that treatment along with some viagra pills (which would work everytime), but it's hard to tell whether the testosterone treatment worked or not since I only felt like I got better for a couple of days or a week or two, and then had problems again.
Avatar m tn I tryed all chest workout with even trainer. Now my trainer suggesting me to take ON fitness whey protein powder. Does this things help in reducing moobs ? Or it can even increase my boobs ? I am shy and I don't want to go to doctor or surgery so please help.
Avatar m tn Also, unless you are very healthy, I would advise not to take Yohimbe. This bark extract can be bad for anyone with blood pressure problems or with circulatory system problems.
798555 tn?1292787551 DHEA had it's day, but you don't hear about it much these days because it is a hormone and a hormone precursor, and many want to ban it. Pregnenalone makes DHEA, which in turn is the precursor to testosterone, as well as some estrogen and progesterone. Because of abuse by athletes, it's gotten a bad rap. I'm not sure, however, what it would do for you unless you're testosterone is low.
Avatar m tn re the same age have been through ED and in some kind of recovery, its ED it jokes us, but on a good week do have sex 3/4 times, a bad week is once, but have done it all with herbs and a hormone, and most of what I take is healthy, if you would like to see it PM me.
Avatar m tn hi Steve, herbs are a lot healther than drugs, a lot of of ED drugs have bad side effects, with herbs your safer and a lot better for your body health, but I will add with herbs its a mix and match way to go to overcome your problem, and you will be able to get erections when you want one, with drugs it take it and what an hour, but if thats what you want then go that way, just see your doctor.
Avatar n tn To add also, there are some natural things you can do to increase testosterone also. They revolve a bit around a healthy lifestyle so worth a try. https://www.webmd.
Avatar n tn Actually looked at my bloodwork records just prior to tumor removal and all hormone levels were WAY OFF - They have all seemed to come back to normal levels with the exception of my testosterone. My surgeon is referring me to a endocrinologist. Working on making an appointment now. Has anyone else experienced a low testosterone level after this tumor removal and if so what course of action did you have to take?
Avatar f tn When I met my husband 11 years ago he had been diagnosed with hypogonadism. He had all the classic symptoms including sexual issues and enlarged breasts. He has been treated by different things over the course of our marriage. The finally found a drug that reduced the size of the tumor creating prolactin. Now after 10+ years he has been declared "normal" in his testosterone level. He was told it is now 240. this is the highest it has ever been in his life.