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Business man1 I purchased and completed a testosterone blood test kit. My results showed my total T level at 235 the normal range is 400 to 1200 I am 62 years old. Are there medications that I can use to try a get my levels closer to normal?
1139187 tn?1355706647 Despite my ACTH and my 4 24 hour urine tests, I will purchase and try the adrenal fatigue test. Which test do I buy? I know my testosterone is low so I don't need that.... Also still confused on the process results.... What do I do if they are messed up?
Avatar n tn I am a 25 year old female, I had a saliva hormone kit evaluated with testosterone, DHEA, estradiol, and progesterone, also progesterone/estradiol ratio done. The results came back as this, Estradiol- normal Progesterone- Low; 47.2 (range of 127-446) Ratio of Progesterone to estradiol - 33.0 Low; (range of 200-600) Testosterone- 83.5 High; (range of 6.0-49) DHEA- 366.7 High- (range of 106-300) I can tell that i have way higher 'male hormones' than the women's hormones but, why?
Avatar f tn Yes, there are two tests. Total Testosterone will give a measure of both attached and free testosterone. And Free Testosterone is more specific and only measures free testosterone. Total T is the typical first test to get for diagnostic purposes. It's probably always the first test in hypogonadism. And normal range is usually (most labs) 300 to 800. About 1 to 2% (in most men) is free testosterone. The rest is attached. Free testosterone floats around and is biologically active.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you had no luck yet but have to say that you are still really young & it will happen. It doesn't appear from what you have written that you have any medical problems. I would suggest buying the ovulation kit which is over the counter & it will tell you your fertile days just by peeing on a stick. Wishing you lots of luck!!! PS- Why are you telling us about facial hairs on your chin??? Did I miss something?
Avatar f tn m not really a man. But my test results are HIGH TESTOSTERONE. Everything else (thyroid, LH, prolactin, etc.) were normal. But I have a level of 116 testosterone and it is supposed to be below 76. My doc's verdict is still inconclusive. I have to get a sonogram to see if my ovaries look "PCOS"-ish and check my insulin levels (from my ovaries). I have to do a fast and get a THREE-HOUR glucose test.
Avatar m tn Your testosterone is apparently in the normal range. How do you know that this is low for your age? Also, losing weight only benefits can bring to you if you have it in excess. So, you mean here that you have 100 pounds more than normal for your age and height? That sounds to be a lot, especially combined with a sedentary job. Regardless of testosterone considerations, losing weight is a no-brainer in your case.
Avatar m tn Would that drastically effect the levels of testosterone? I read that because of my age my testosterone should be in the upper third quadrant not the lower third quadrant. I also read that probably some of the best results I could expect on Testosterone gel would not be over 500. Am I doomed or can I get my levels where they should be. I also read that men with higher testosterone levels live longer.
Avatar f tn 1) irregular periods, 2) ovaries that look like PCO ovaries on ultrasound, 3) excess hair growth or elevated levels of the hormone testosterone. Since you are telling me your periods are regular, then I assume you have PCO ovaries on ultrasound and excess hair growth or elevated testosterone? If true, you may have PCO, If not, I am not so sure. Regardless, what is most important if you are trying to get pregnant is that you have regular periods and usually seem to ovulate regularly.
Avatar n tn To remove doubts, not that I have many left, I have ordered a testing kit. According to the information around this kit it is based on a urine sample which you send away. It is meant to be accurate if you have symptoms. This is day 7 after oral sex given to me, I am male and I sure have symptoms. The kit arrives tomorrow. Are these kits accurate, or do I need to see a doctor too to confirm? Any help appreciated.
Avatar m tn Home Access is not a test kit it is a collection kit.
Avatar n tn Hello, does anyone know a website or where I can purchase a saliva test kit? A reliable one? I'm not getting much help from google search. :/ Thank You.
Avatar m tn Are the current rapid test kit available in the market today and usa fda approved (i.e. abbott determine hiv 1/2) will able to detect anti-bodies even in such rare cases hiv type Group N? I raised this question because on inverness medical website abbott determine hiv 1/2 does not indicate their that it also covers HIV GROUP N. Mr. Teak who is very helpful to me in guiding me in this site. Please if anybody knows what is really about. Can you please explain to me.
Avatar m tn Hi, I did a self test using rapid home test kit for hiv 1 & 2 after 3 months of last sexual encounter with a csw. It tested negative. Is this result conclusive? & how reliable are the rapid test kits?
Avatar m tn There only one FDA approved collection kit, it's home access.
Avatar m tn New PCP during initial eval conducted HPA axis blood work to discover 39.2 daytime testosterone using scale 390-800. 8 AM test was 9.9 same scale. PCP started testosterone cypioate and referred to endo. Endo also noticed cortisol <1 on two intraday tests and also <1 on 8 AM. Started on hydrocortisone replacement therapy today 10 mg Cortef AM, 5 mg mid-day. 100 mcg testosterone weekly. MRI of pituitary shows completely normal.
Avatar n tn t be reliable at all nor would any other test. 3 months dude is when you need to take your test and get a conclusive test result. If you want to do a Home Access test. Then do it at three months send it in and your results will be conclusive.
Avatar m tn s and my low testosterone.. Does this raise any redflags ?..or my 19th week test since last exposure is conclusive and should not worry about HIV. Thanks Tom.
Avatar n tn I have used a HIV home test kit for HIV1 and 2 as it says that I bought online ,the test result came negative can I rely on that result as it says if the result is negative it is definitive and if positive it can be a false positive . Do I need to do another lab test ?
Avatar m tn As well, Which testosterone? Free, total? Did you have a sex binding hormone test done? All this would be part of a comprehensive androgen check. The thing with hormones that docs seem to fail to remember from their training - is that they work in feedback loops. So if testosterone is low, other things are working overtime high to make up for it or not functioning at all - so the loop is broken. And since the androgen can come form the pit or the adrenals, they need to test you well.
Avatar f tn I can suggest an at home drug test for the drug you suspect he is on. You can ask him to test for you to prove to you he is not lying. If he does test for you and comes up positive, it can really help to begin the process of truthfullness and possibly getting closer to sobriety for your husband, and closer to each other in your marriage. My husband was lying to me for almost a month about not doing heroin.
Avatar m tn If you can let me know where, in FL, I can possibly give you the name of a member recommended thyroid doctor. We have several in the state. Do you know if the testosterone is total or free? It should say on your lab report. From what I've read, Total test for your age group should be around 600, so you'll certainly want to research the pituitary issue further.