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Avatar n tn I truly believe that this LJ 100 works, because I had my baseline testosterone checked about a year earlier after ceasing all testosterone products for 5 months and my levels were no were near this 869, .Anyway, my doctor wants me to stay off everything...for two months and then retest to see what my natural baseline is...makes sense...I have about one month to go.
Avatar n tn What is considered a "normal" testosterone level for a healthy 45 year old man? I have been suffering from a variety of symptoms consistent with low testosterone: low sex drive, lack of morning erections, less intensity during ejaculation, less hard erections, irritability, etc.. I had my doctor run blood tests and everything came back normal. Testosterone was 257 on a scale of 241 - 800. Doctor says this is normal and will not consider hormone treatments.
Avatar n tn I've noticed myself that around the last two days before my next injection my moods swing to the poor side but not too bad really. I mainly went on testosterone to help with my extreme lethargy. My sex drive was ok but I did have problems with ejaculation quite frequently. After taking the injections for this length of time now, the sex issues have disappeared in fact, have increased so my wife tells me to settle down!
Avatar n tn The pharmacist can supply me with another form but the injected volume is much higher and would require two different injection sites. Uncontroled use, or illegal use of testosterone can cause serious problems or death. Do not play around with it.
Avatar n tn You mentioned an injection? I only know of one injection used and that is testosterone. Are you sure he is not having hormonal problems. I am not a doctor but if you list more of his medical history I might be able to direct you to some sites. What other stresses are current in your life? etc. all these can make a difference.
Avatar m tn It has been declining for years. Especially since I started have so many surgeries since 2006. I’ve been reading sites for years and realized the problem. My GP has been telling me my T level was fine. Back before my Spine fusion in 2010, my surgeon told me that all my symptoms sounded like low T and suggested a Urol. He checked everything out and said it was very low. He started me on Test. (see below). After about the 2-3 injection I felt great, my wife felt better :-) .
Avatar m tn • Mood changes (low mood and irritability) • Poor concentration • Low energy • Reduced muscle strength • Increased body fat • Longer time to recover from exercise • Decreased libido (low interest in sex) • Difficulty getting and keeping erections • Do you wake up with an erection (when you do not have sex the night before) • Low semen volume • Reduced beard or body hair growth • Breast development (gynaecomastia) • Hot flushes, sweats • Osteoporosis (thinning of bones) Make a note of which o
Avatar n tn I appreciate the web sites mentioned, cuts down on the time I have to waste looking myself!
Avatar m tn and he wants me to continue Dostinex and started me on Testosterone injection because my levels are extremely low because of high Prolactin levels which is around 261 post-op. Right after my surgery, surgeon told us that he was able to remove the tumor completely and scrape everything out...he was very disappointed and has never seen prolactin goes up that high around 550 one week after the surgery...which came down to 261 three weeks which is day before yesterday.
Avatar m tn A Chinese clinical trial is now under way at 10 different sites across China and includes 1,000 men. The Phase III trial involves a single injection given once every month. Wang hopes to start a similar trial in the United States within the next 2 years. We are trying to find the best combination with the least amount of side effects and then the least amount of medication that may be required to get the maximum effects,” says Wang.
Avatar n tn A few years ago (From the ages of 19-22) I was involved in rampant steroid use, almost always using my pectorials for the intramuscular injection sites. I used various compounds with various esters, but most often it was Testosterone Cypionate. This obviously caused a significant amout of scar tissue.
Avatar n tn Most guy's that suffer from secondary hypogonadism find that HCG daily is enough to support normal testosterone levels and function. Injection is done with a small insulin needle. Do you have any history of head injury or in fact testicular problems (varicoceles, hernias, mumps,infection, a hard kick, etc)? I recommend Vit E in capsule form at 800iu daily. Zinc at 30mg.
Avatar m tn It has been declining for years. Especially since I started have so many surgeries since 2006. I've been reading sites for years and realized the problem. My GP has been telling me my T level was fine. Back before my Spine fusion in 2010, my surgeon told me that all my symptoms sounded like low T and suggested a Urol. He checked everything out and said it was very low. He started me on Test. (see below). After about the 2-3 injection I felt great, my wife felt better.
Avatar m tn I finally made it to another Hormone and Wellness doctor where they said my progestone/estrogen/testosterone levels showed that I must have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (they said probably caused in part by my low blood sugar) which probably caused the miscarriage, my Pregnenalone level was virtually nonexistent (still don't really know what that means, and can't find much information on it besides natural health food supplement sites), and my Cortisol level was 1.
Avatar n tn In the male, hCG injections are used to stimulate the leydig cells to synthesize testosterone. The intratesticular testosterone is necessary for spermatogenesis from the sertoli cells. Typical indications for hCG in men include hypogonadism and fertility treatment. Production Like other gonadotropins, hCG can be extracted from urine or by genetic modification. Pregnyl, Follutein, Profasi, and Novarel use the former method, derived from the urine of pregnant women.
Avatar n tn I am angry and feel that there is something wrong with me, but I know there is not. I finally got him to see his family Dr. and get his 1st testosterone injection. That was 2 weeks ago & his second this past Fri. (09/21), There is NO change in him whatsoever, sex drive or other side effects. Are testosterone shots supposed to work immediately? Are there men who get these shots and it just doesn't work? Maybe he's not getting enough of a dose? Or as often as he needs?
Avatar f tn I had NONE and I mean no sex drive whatsoever when I went to my obgyn ( a natural approach one) she did all if my hormone test and found out I have high testosterone , no progesterone and vitamin d. So I asked well if I have high testosterone I should want to have sex like a rabbit shouldn't I ??? She said the problem is that pcos is an hormonal issue and since my hormones are not balanced at all that's what's causing the problem.
Avatar n tn This medication is a synthetic hormone. When it is used, the body stops producing testosterone hormones in males and estrogen hormones in females. When the medication is stopped, hormone levels return to normal. Leuprolide is used in the treatment of prostate cancer in men, early puberty in children, and anemia (due to uterine fibroid tumors) in women. OTHER USES: This medication may also be used for ovarian or breast cancer in women.
Avatar f tn The use of estrogen will lower testosterone even more. The testosterone gives us our sex drive and spunk, will help us build muscle and lose fat and lower cholesterol. I'm on the Vivelle Dot, 0.05, for the last year and my estrogen stll reads as post menopausal and nothing was done! The only thing that has helped my sore breasts is high doses of Medrol that I was on for a rash. Are you on a steroid? Problems with any?
Avatar m tn I believe I have done some damage either physical damage to my bowl or prostrate or altered my testosterone production causing my penis to shrink. I also have noticed I am losing my hair also. Could this be down to low testosterone levels? I also has a swollen stomahe and IBS. All caused from some harmless sex play. Doctors have been so far no help but I am going back shortly. I beleve it's getting worse.
Avatar n tn The main hormone i used was testosterone, and i can tell you straight that testosterone will not do anything for your ****. However, you will get super hard seeing how your sex drive will be through the roof. Now theoretically, HGH should give you some kind of growth, but it all depends on your genetics... your body's gonna use the hormone according to your genes. you should see some kind of result though.
Avatar m tn the range my lab uses is 200-1100 and I have to keep my level right at/above the 1100 mark (via weekly injection) in order to feel anywhere near human. Just because your TSH and T4 (was that Free T4 or Total T4?) were "normal", doesn't mean it's right for you. If you could post all your levels, with reference ranges, we might be able to shed some light on the issue...
Avatar n tn she did the stim test shortly after that i think, because my cortisol was at the very botttom of normal. she eventually ended up putting me on hydrocortisone, testosterone, DHEA, and i think T3 was added at one time. what i saw as a problem was that it didn't seem like she was following the levels of what she was trying to normalize---it was like she would run some of the same tests, but then run different tests, also.
Avatar n tn DHEA increases your testosterone and high testosterone is a common cause of miscarriage. This is also reflected in the higher than normal miscarriage rate at CHR when they studied DHEA. 3. IF YOU DON”T HAVE 4 MONTHS TAKE MORE. In general I don’t think that 25mg 3x/day is going to work for more than 50% of women. If you get eggs and are just improving quality then I think it could be enough. If you get very few or no eggs then I recommend 100mg/day once in the morning.
20003388 tn?1515169640 It has also been suggested that I might have an issue with my pituitary gland. I happen to be low on Testosterone as well and generally run high on prolactin. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist in February (unfortunately I can't get in sooner, I tried) but I thought I would come here and maybe get some more info. Here are my test results: TSH 2.260, range 0.450-4.500 uIU/mL T4,FREE(DIRECT) 0.53, range 0.82-1.
Avatar n tn When administered, HGC raises serum testosterone very quickly. A rise in testosterone firs appears in about two hours after injecting HCG. The second peak occurs about two to four days later. HCG therapy has been found to be very effective in the prevention of testicular atrophy and to use the body’s own biochemical stimulating mechanisms to increase plasma testosterone level during training.
Avatar n tn I am intereseted in the RESULTS that are proposed by both the hgc injection sites and the oral hgc alternative, Orathin. Although I would like to do the injections because I know someone who did them and I witnessed first hand a loss of 60 pounds in 3 months, I am having difficulty finding a doctor to administer the injections in Sacramento, Californa. This leads my search to the internet.
Avatar n tn I live in greensboro and I have appointment next week for a clinic in statesville. It would be great if you could tell what clinic or Doctor in greensboro. It would be so much more convienient for me.
Avatar f tn This got cut short on the visit for week 3 as I had developed a rash on the injection sites on both hips. They think I had a reaction to the benzoic acid or the sesame oil in the shot and upped my daily intake to 20,000ui. I've also been 100mg taking phosphatidyl serine two times a day (two in the morning, and one at night) which has helped with the tremors and shakes and really calmed them down. I also have been taking an anti-viral solution as my N.D. can make her own herbal supplements.