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551683 tn?1220656108 Hi, I have had a TENS unit for at least 5 years now, I worked better in the begginning and now I have a second one that they sent me for free. I have not had to pay for any of the units or the supplies as my injury is Workmans Comp. I was told they were both about a thousand dollars. My biggest problem is that the unit is not good if you are to wear it and walk arouond and do your daily businnes.
Avatar f tn I have PAD as well as pain in legs from fibromyalgia. Would a TENS unit be safe and probably helpful for my leg pain (especially calves)?
1306714 tn?1327257080 Glad u got the tens unit and that u felt some relief with the first session....hope and pray this is an answer for u.
790421 tn?1341230131 i'm currentlygoing through chronic back pain ,had a lumbar laminectomy a year ago,and a spinal fusion in a month ,the problem is my insurance doen't cover any pain relief in meds ,so is there any natural remedies i can try to help relieve some of this pain i use ice and heat ,it helps a little but to no avail.any advice would be helpful........
551683 tn?1220656108 I wondered if anyone has a TENS unit? My doc. gave me a scrip for one, but I haven't checked on it yet. My thought is that it would help those big muscles across my upper back that hurt SOOOOOOO bad. Any thoughts on these TENS units?
Avatar f tn I got a response from someone on the Pain Management forum regarding this. Here is what one user had to say about their own experience with the Alpha Stim: "You are correct that the Alpha-Stim is very similar to the TENS Unit. My husband lived on the TENS Unit before he lost his battle with Dioabetes in 1997. It literally allowed him to work 4 years longer than he otherwise would have been able to. The Alpha-Stim has 3 different models, from what I can tell.
630344 tn?1280104983 Don't use a TENS unit if you have never used one before it can cause more damage. It does work but you need an expect in that field to show you. Don't use if you have heart problems or have a pace maker.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, I am 27 weeks pregnant and experiencing a ton of back pain.. I was wondering if anyone had any information on whether a tens unit is safe to use on my upper back? I've tried researching it but couldn't find a straight answer???
582396 tn?1259863489 Hey Carolyn, My tens machine is a combination as well. I use it for the pain relief it gives me, but my son uses the the muscle stimulator part of it to strengthen his leg muscle from having 3 leg surgeries. I know that survivor 08 mentioned having 8 pads, but ours only has 4 pads when used for either the tens or the muscle stimulator.
172023 tn?1334672284 Check amazon. NOT $300! Closer to $100. Some far less. Research, read reviews there. I'm not giving acupuncture years to work. Maybe 3-5 visits. My PM said that TENS works well for some not at all for others. Most get "some" relief, from minimal to moderate. The majority of my pain is neuropathic pain, but rarely is pain purely neuropathic. It's most often got multiple components..
6068453 tn?1380396210 Ladies have natural child birth all the time. Hopefully the tens unit help you through. They do work for some people. I had tried it on my back and shoulders without any relief. I've had several surgeries on both back and shoulders. Maybe you could see if your insurance would cover a unit under DME (durable medical equipment) sometimes they do. I hope you get some help making your decision.
Avatar n tn I've been through the ringer with respect to my T8/9 Compression fractures. I also have lower lumbar strain and subsequent nerve damage. The pain aspects have recently been manageable by use of a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS Unit).
Avatar f tn I just got a tens unit fitted to treat lower back pain, sciatic leg and foot pain. I fractured my back and have had 2 surgeries and am NOT a good candidate for fusion as they would have to fuse the entire L region limiting my movements to an extreme and then it might not even help. I have been taking Soma, Vicodin, tramadol, Celebrex, Advil, etc.
1938385 tn?1332068714 has anyone used or is going to use a tens machine and what are ur experiences with one. do they actually work. and did u have to use anyother pain relief? i have just brought one and id like to hear other opinions on how good they actually r.
Avatar f tn I have a tens unit machine as well and I've really been wanting to use it but my doctor told me that it was off limits while pregnant to avoid possible injury to the baby. I hope that you can get some relief of the pain soon because I know first hand how bad that pain is. Best wishes.
1184961 tn?1292574076 I have a tens unit as well and use it daily.You can find them online at very reasonable prices.
11473749 tn?1437899164 I'm definitely going to be using my tens machine for the first stage of Labour, already got that packed but can't decide with pain relife to use after if pain gets unbearable. Which pain relief will you be using/having and why?
Avatar n tn Hi all--I've been seeing a whole bunch of doctors regarding nerve problems caused by a "Perfect Storm" of a cord compression at C6-7 with multiple lesions in the same area. It's painful and it's confusing, involving both central and peripheral nerves. One doctor prescribed Epidural Steroid Injections and when I went to the appointment the anesthesiologist would not perform the procedure.
Avatar f tn I have had the Tens Unit and I wore it for about a year... and it worked fine. It didnt take all the pain away but it was like it was trying to cover it up or something like that. I quit using it cause it was becoming less effective... and was a pain to wear especially in the summer months. The wires were constantly getting tangled up and getting in the way of everything. It was very annoying to wear.
647120 tn?1256601651 What were the differences you noticed between the TENS unit and the SCS unit beyond needing to turn up the TENS to get it to work right. (Is that what you wrote? I wasn't sure if you meant the TENS unit or the trial SCS.) It seems to me that if I don't like the TENS, I won't like the SCS. Can you explain why that wouldn't necessarily be so? I read on the forum that some people say the non-rechargeable battery is the way to go. What do you think about that?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any pain relief with Spinal Decompression? Does it work? If so, are the results worth the time and money? I have nerve impingement at L4 and L5. I experience lots of lower back pain, going down both legs and feet. Some of the other symptoms in include muscle spasms/cramping, numbness, tingling burning, twitching, buzzing vibrating sensations.
Avatar m tn This for 6 years!!! Have had all the care, including TENS and nothing helps. The only pain relief is ULTRAM ER, which I willnot take because of the side effects. My neurological surgeon says I cannot have more ulna nerve surgery now because such surgery would probably be worse than now....the good news? He says it will get worse, in which case surgery may be required. The other good news? I can tell the weatherman 12 hours before a front comes through!
Avatar f tn For me personally, Advil is my OTC DOC for pain, although it doesn't work for my back and rib pain. The only thing that seems to help is a TENS unit. It's like everything else though, and it isn't perfect. I will be asking my doc for a PT script next time I'm there. I'm hoping that that will help, and if I can get myself into a place with a pool I think that'd be perfect. Ask your doc for an RX for a TENS unit. It can't hurt to try. I hope you feel better.