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Avatar n tn I can relate to almost all of these symptoms. I have had swollen tongue, swollen lips and fingers, welts all over the body. One thing that I am sure about is that the lips and hands could be related to taking aspirin. I used to take an adult dosage and had severe reactions. Then I was determined to be able to take one baby aspirin. But if I have to get off the aspirin for surgery, then it comes back when I resume.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I ate a cheeseball at a party and right away my tongue was tingling and then within the hour my tongue swelled and my lips were numb. Never had this happen. Today my tongue and lips still feel funny? Worry should I go see a dr, also took bendryl all night.
Avatar f tn I have a new bf that ive kissed on two different occasions and both times i got a swollen lip right afterwards. he does have a tongue piercing from last year if that makes a difference. im not allergic to anything that i know of. what could cause this? what should i do?
Avatar f tn Has any one had issue with constant tingly tip of tongue and sometimes including lips. I have PBC and take Urso daily but I really don't think that is the cause. If it is food related I have no idea even where to start to find the source. The tingly tongue is constant, kind of feels the same as when novocaine is starting to wear off. This has been happening for the last 2 years.
Avatar n tn so me and my gf were doing foreplay and she wanted me to suck on her clit and such well i guess i had some of her vaginal lip when i sucked because after it got really swollen on just that one side and she claims to have a slight pain if touched wrong and she claimed of discomfort. is that normal like if you were to give a hicky?
Avatar m tn Food allergies (especially, pertaining to nuts and shellfish) can cause swelling of the lips and tongue, along with other symptoms such as itchiness along the lips and rash around the mouth. Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/how-to-treat-a-swollen-lip.
Avatar n tn I keep getting really bad swollen lips and face, sometimes it can be just one side of my face, it does be painful when swollen, and i also cannot feel down that side of my face, before the bad swelling i would get like a tingle sensation but most of the time it is at its worst when i just wake in the morning and the swelling can last for two days at times.
Avatar n tn I noticed my lips were startng to burn after about 3 minutes and quickly stopped and avoided any further sexual contact with her. The next day my lips were greatly swollen and felt blistered (although I did not see any blisters). I have continued to experience a burning feeling on my lips for the past 30 days. About 15 days ago I kissed another girl for about 15 minutes. The next day her lips were swollen and felt 'on fire' (no blisters).
Avatar m tn At this point, it is happening once to twice a month including swollen lips and tounge. I have tried allegra, zyrtec, claritin and benadryl. It is now lasting 2 to 3 days. Does anyone know anything about something like this? My glands are not swollen. Thanks.
Avatar m tn But after these four days my lips and inside of throat were slightly swollen from inside and till today (5 weeks after exposure and 3 weeks after stopping PEP) my lips and throat are still slightly swollen and lips slightly burning. And some parts of the tongue are tingling/burning once in a while. CBP (14 days after exposure and 1 day after stopping PEP) Neutrophils: 3.42 (2.0 - 7.0) - 60% (40-80) Lymphocytes: 1.37 (1.00 - 3.00) - 24% (20 - 40) Monocytes: 0.57 (0.20 - 1.
Avatar f tn I thought it was cold sores now i'm pretty sure it's not. My lips have been swelling and itching. The sides of my face are turning red when the itching starts. There are tiny cuts on my lips, some like paper cut (opisite the way my cracks in my lips would be), some like the prick of a pin. It burns. Badly. the very edge of my lips are lit up a bright red... This is only going on mostly in the corners of my lips.
Avatar f tn OMG has anyone woken up with swollen lips during their pregnancy? My face is swollen but so are my lips..I have 21 more days to go is this normal? My legs are starting to get heavier and I feel so worn out! I love my baby girl and can't wait to hold her but I'm so over being pregnant !!
Avatar m tn In an earlier comment you thought maybe I didn't have enough niacin,that it was causing my swollen lips and slick tongue, now you don't think I need it? I appreciate all your help in trying to help me solve this.
Avatar n tn My lips are slightly swollen and slightly tingly and painful too. I also notice some of the muscles in my cheeks and jaw are sore too. Now, I took mucinex for the first time the other day...could this be a reaction? The symptoms started for than a day after I took the mucinex though. I can't recall any other changes in diet or environment for an allergic reaction. I took Cipro for a puncture wound in my foot about 5 weeks ago and I had very bad tendon reactions to that...
267347 tn?1189968425 My first week I was drinking so much water that I wet the bed !!! Twice !!! I quit drinking after 6pm now. This sinus problem and swollen lips are nagging the heck out of me. But yours did go away? My fever goes up to 104, but I can bring it down with tylenol. It just sucks though........even the hair on my arm seems to hurt. It's nice having someone on the same timeline with tx, perhaps we can compare notes. Anyway, thanks again.
Avatar f tn Severe swelling of the face may cause swollen eyelids, thickened lips and an enlarged tongue. Mucous membranes can also become swollen and if your larynx becomes swollen your voice will become hoarse.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago I started with a scalding pain all along the top of my tongue, some swelling, pain in the roof of my mouth, fever, aches & pains, a few canker sores under my tongue, & a swollen gland in my neck. Over the next 2 days my tongue swelled until it was difficult to talk or swallow, my jaw, lips and neck also were swollen & the gland was now the size of a squished golf ball.
Avatar m tn What am I suppose to do? My first time ever waxing and I have swollen lips and tongue and my eyebrows too! I thought of Benadryl and ice compresses, anything else?
Avatar n tn My tongue and lips has dark spots. What causes this and how can i get rid of this. My lips are one my greater qualities.
Avatar n tn The area I had scratched the white stuff earlier has become very red, and very sour, slightly swollen as well. My lips are burning, and stinging so bad right now! My tongue has also began to feel rough, and today I noticed small little red dots, no bigger than a pin head, scattered on my tongue. Most of them were on the left side, while there were a few scattered on the top of my tongue.
Avatar n tn I've been gargling and wiping down the tonsils. Do I need an antibiotic? My tonsils became really super swollen and painful a couple of months ago (when I was in a different but very stressful situation) but tests came back negative for mono, strep, etc. I did an antibiotic series at the time and they were still swollen but went down a few days later.
Avatar n tn I first get sores in my mouth, then my lips are tingly, then chapped, swollen, and blistelike, happening over several days. The last time I had this, it lasted over 3 weeks. I went to the Dr. and he gave me medicine for Herpes virus (cold sores). I am now experiencing the same symptons, and the medicine the Dr. gave me doesn't seem to be helping.
Avatar f tn Then the INSIDE sections of my upper and lower lips began peeling and leaving raw skin, red and inflamed.This went on for 2 months until I did lots of research (mostly because I was desperate beyond belief to get to the bottom of this) and came across a home test for a yeast infection (oral thrush). I did the test and (thank God almighty) took the results to my doctor who after 3 visits confirmed that i did have a yeast infection of the mouth.
Avatar m tn next my lips started crusting over and flaking off every morning and the odd time waking up with a sticky film on my lips. most recently i've noticed white bumps on the side of my mouth near the back (one or two) that kind of come and go.. also my tongue has a thick yellow coating when i wake up and is thicker at the back and my taste buds seem swollen. i feel like im producing an above normal amount of saliva as well..
Avatar n tn I am 27 years old and have had muscle twitching for a couple of months, heavy legs and a swollen tongue which comes and goes. I am doing an EMG next week and am so scared about the results! I can;t believe that its all a result of anxiety but I HAVE TO HOPE thats all it is...