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Avatar m tn I was actually unable to contimue sucking it the way I did, I would fold the tongue upward and suck the tip toward the back of my throat, kind of like i could swallow it. Well four years ago when I removed my tongue jewelry for various reasons I started up again immediately, without even realizing it. Up until now its been an occasional thing but the past few weeks ita been constant and very intense. It makes me look stupid and its causing sores on my tongue.
Avatar f tn I LOVE the before and after pics of contestants. My final note- I'm getting my tongue pierced this weekend. Why? I am a piercing fanatic but I'm also very modest and conservative so I like subtle piercings. I've had my navel, eyebrow, and tongue (twice) before. I currently have 4 in each ear and my nose. I took my tongue ring out the first time because I felt a lot of condemnation. I was a new Christian and thought I was "evil".
Avatar f tn Last week, I took my female 13 month old hound mix, Brena to the vet to schedule an appointment to get her fixed. She's new to our family as we rescued her less than 5 months ago, and she had not been fixed yet. The vet said she appeared pregnant. Her stomach is swollen and her nipples have dropped tremendously. She suggested I make another appointment to have the pregnancy confirmed. So I did... for this week. Brena is a very active and playful dog.
224256 tn?1212260623 Also, make sure they use 14 caret gold earings and posts. My daughter had a reaction to the surgical steal ones. The 14 caret gold ones cost more but you usually don't have a reaction to them. I know I can tell the difference when I wear cheap earings and when I wear my 14 caret gold ones. I can't hardly feel the 14 caret gold ones. I can wear them day and night and not even notice they're in there. I agree with some of the others.
Avatar n tn Ewwww... GOOD POINT... Even with what I do KNOW about this..... That is one THAT has NEVER Even occurred to me! I was raised in Florida, & all my hobbies, & activities have been always heavily involved around anything nautical. My Partner keeps his boat down at the house in the keys & up until the last couple of years.
Avatar m tn I have Kaiser and I pay 3 dollars a month for my shot. I am not sure if all other insurance companies are as ok with the cost as Kaiser but I had no problem starting it the day after my Allergist suggested it. I am remaining optimistic that this small outbreak will occur less if any once I continue my monthly injections. I believe me having the flu and being on antibiotics may be contributing to the effectiveness of Xolair at this time so I am still holding out hope this is for me.
Avatar n tn Cannot believe this is happening as I'm a very healthy 65 year old woman who has led a very active and pain free life until 5 months ago when I began having burning tongue and it quickly turned into this nightmare. No one I know had ever heard of such a thing so it helps to hear your story and that I'm not alone. I certainly feel for all that are suffering with this. Very disheartening to think this is permanent.
Avatar n tn She has been to eye doctors, skin doctors, and they are just trying different meidications with no luck. She is alergic to some metals in jewelry, and that this might be an allergic reaction to titanium. Is there anyone else with this possible problem.
Avatar m tn and is a normal weight for his age. His teeth are good, but he has the same painful bumps on his tongue (though not as bad) as when he had done meth last year. How can I help my son? He says he is ready to get help. Admitting he has a problem is the first step. I"ve checked and there is a NA meeting on Wednesday and Fridays he can start attending. Should we try to get him to a suboxone doctor? Or will the meth use rule him out for that kind of treatment... Need some guidance...
Avatar f tn It took two years to research, find orthodontists, find a surgeon and lobby my insurance. Then at the end of 2005 I get braces for surgery (which cost 1500 dollars more than regular because you get 4 little extra hooks put on before surgery...) Then the surgery in 2007 and another in 2008 to fix the nose.
Avatar f tn You get a 15 day trial period and then it's a total one time cost of $40 for the software, not like FF where you have to keep renewing your subscription. w w w. t c o y f .
Avatar n tn It feels like I'm about to die. Some times i can't speak cos my tongue has gone funny and my hands are stuck in the same position. These attacks can last up to 20 minutes, they are so exhausting all i want to do is sleep after an attack. I have woken up in the night to go to the loo and pass out. The doctor doesn't seem to no what it is and the last doctor i saw said it was just me and my body and its somthing that i do.
Avatar m tn I think your on to something in regards to the mold exposure, our old apartment had it, where this all started. Now, in regards to the bed, it's not that the area is exposed to mold, it's simply that these critters are where they know you will be, trust me. Now, with all that said. If everyone here is not knowing already this is "Morgellons", the name does not fit but that's what it's being called right now. It's not a condition, it's a bug.