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Avatar f tn Now, for the past few days I have numbness in the left side of my lips and sometimes left side of my tongue, it is worse some hours and better some other hours but it is gradually getting worse. Is it related to my diagnosis and if it is, what kind of pituitary adenoma might cause lip numbness? I will do another MRI next week, but my Dr usually doesnt explain much to me, would appreciate your recommendation.
Avatar f tn I feel some tingling and burning sensation at the tip of my tongue and bottom also. My tongue on the right side feels very sensitive to hot or spicy food. I also had pain running down my chin to the ear until 2 weeks ago if I had to do lot of speaking continuously. Now that pain seems to be better. But the tongue is still numb. The dentist has asked me to wait and take some B complex vitamins. Anyone who has recovered from this problem?
Avatar n tn Hi I was wondering if anyone could give any advice , i started around 8 weeks ago with a tingling tip of my tongue, that has lead to numb top and bottom lip and an extremely sore tongue , my face is the worst part as i have no moisture in my cheeks what so ever and cant seem to get any in no matter what i do, i feel like i have to put cream on all the time and its all been since my mouth started playing up.
Avatar m tn Lip on the right is starting to tingle mainly when I rub it and then my tongue tingles. The lips and jaw are not numb. My ears still feel blocked at times. So far no migranes or ear aches. Finding it hard to chew on the right but food just burns my tongue anyway. Left side of tongue is fine so I can taste but it's all a duller sensation. Working with this condition is tough but I'm shift work. Big test is next week, working 5 days in a row at call centre.
Avatar n tn I've been suffering from angiodema for the past 3 years. It mainly affects my lips and tongue and usually occurs in the middle of the night. I've been on many different medications- zyrtec, allegra, doxepin, zantac, atarax. The doxepin when taken in higer doses makes me drowsy. Currently my reactions have become more severe- lasting for 2 days. I've been to 2 allergists who can't find out what the problem is Last year I was diagnosed with histoplasmosis, which is a fungal infection.
1816210 tn?1327358484 I've been having a lot of trouble with dizziness, disorientation, more extreme fatigue, left arm asleep, and now my half my face, tongue, and lips are starting to go numb- or more like the "asleep" sensation. Problems started last night, with symptoms being added all day today. How long before I call the doctor? This is a bad weekend to need your neurologist's help.
Avatar m tn Lips swelling is constant or it comes and goes? Would you say it's connected with meals?
Avatar f tn has anyone had tingling around the mouth, inside the bottom lips, it feels numb and as though i am drooling (dont think i am though) Its like having an injection at the dentist thats just wearing off, feels weird numb and a little bit sore jean
Avatar n tn The most likely cause of your condition is that the nerve that feeds that side of your jaw/lips/cheek and tongue was damaged during extraction of the wisdom teeth. It is a rare but possible condition. Whenever you go to the dentis or oral surgeon to have extractions, they make you sign a bunch of papers. Included in these should be a sheet listing all the possible issues that can arise from having the procedure.
Avatar n tn It is very difficult to describe but my lips feel salty, dry and inflamed all the time. Now the sensitivity of my tongue has increased and it is painful to eat ice cream or have an ice cube in my mouth. I have never had any of these symptoms before and am starting to wonder what is going on. I have burned my mouth before and it always heals within a few days. This is driving me crazy. Please help.
237053 tn?1258832026 There is a patch under my left eye that I can trace out that acts up the most. I also get weird sensations on my tongue, lips, and scalp. Tingling in my cheeks was one of my first symptoms. It did not cause me to go to the doctor, but was certainly weird and disturbing.
Avatar m tn Dear Dari, I am new to this game and concerned about this numbness and tingling of the lips and tongue. I have found that my exposure to wireless electrical fields makes it much worse. That means especially WIFI, cell phones, and cell phone antennas. Of course this sounds crazy cause they are invisible, but that is what I have found. When I leave the city and go to a less dense concentration of such frequencies, I get considerable relief.
Avatar f tn Last night I had the same pain, but acoss the entire bottom and all the way to the back of my tongue - almost made me feel like I was going to gag. I don't get mouth/throat symptoms often, but they are quite frightening.
Avatar f tn Hi Ess, I did mention to my neuro in the early part (second visit with him), about my tongue and facial burning and numbness and he said that he thought it was migraine that was caused or coming from my cervical spine. When I had my visit with him a couple of weeks ago he mentioned the brainstem (he has never mentioned this before) and I was surprised he did and wish now I had asked him why he thought that. (Did my reflexes show that?
Avatar f tn I just had some dental work done two days ago and my lower right lip and chin still feel like they are numb and itchy and tingling. I have been going crazy all weekend trying to scratch at it and see if I can get some more feeling in it. At least now I know after reading so many posts, it may not be normal but its not uncommon.I really hope I get some feeling back soon, I keep thinking I am drooling.
Avatar n tn I've had an orange tongue and sore throat for a couple weeks and I thought I was the only one going through this. It is very embarassing and my kids kept asking me why my tongue was orange. I am so glad I found this site because a couple of people on this site have mentioned they had switched from Listerine mouth wash to Crest Pro-Health mouth wash, well so did I, and that is when the orange tongue and sore throat began. That seems to be at least one common thread people have.
382218 tn?1341185087 Has anyone had sudden numbness of the tongue and lips, and if so, what caused this? Last night this sensation seemed to come on quite suddenly, and I thought to myself, here we go with another relapse. But after a few hours it was gone, and has not reappeared today. There was nothing out of the ordinary regarding my diet and activity level yesterday, no sudden rise in body temp, no infection (to my knowledge), etc.
Avatar n tn But after 5 days, the lips are still swelling, mouth and tongue very sensitive and not tolerating salty or spicy food at all. waaa!
Avatar f tn around my lips, cheeks, chind, around eyes and my tongue tip will tingle and the back feels likes its scalded but yet I didnt burn it with anything hot. Sometimes my hands feel weak. Of course now I have myself convinced I have MS. Just wanted to see if other have this weird tingling nonsense in their faces and lips too. Its freaking me out. I have been under a lot of stress.
Avatar n tn I'm thinking they formed because I went w/o anything on my lips. And maybe my body doesn't re-act well to Blixtex. I'm going to discontnue use of it and use Vaseline. I also find it helpful that many of you have had a Carmex situation as well, that was the first time I've ever used it and this is the first time I've ever had such bumps.
Avatar f tn Similiar thing happened to me awhile back. Started with my lips going numb then was the left side of my face. I went to the ER and they all freaked ruling out a stroke, so maybe you should go check it out!! Better to be safe than sorry. BTW it wasnt a stroke, they had no clue!
250701 tn?1320978365 Stille have horrible cobblestone bumps on back of torque, burning tongue and stinging lips. Nothing I do seems to help.. Eyes burn constantly and sore throat.. Spoke to pop, oncologist. Nothing. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have the same problem right now I am going to the 4th of July fair in chan.
Avatar n tn I have a white coated tongue and it burns and feels almost like sandpaper. My lips too are dry and cracked constantly. My mouth is very dry. I have good and bad news. The good is that it could be only a yeast infection in your mouth called thrush. The bad news is that ive been treated for thrush 3 or 4 times in my 4 year quest to get rid of this. Your symptoms sound like thrush as does mine. My symptoms have alleviated in the past year or two but it is still slightly there.
1911791 tn?1322379916 It mostly happens with my hands, but also with my legs and entire arms and even lips. It's hard to tell if something is touching the part of the body or not. And very hard distinguishing texture. I'm dying to find out what it is...
521505 tn?1212050110 I have numbness of lower Rt. jaw, chin, and lips past removal of Rt. lower wisedom tooth 6 days post-op. (Tongue is not effected.). I knew there was a 20% chase of this going into surgery due to my age (44) and root formation impacted around nerve. But, I had a nasty bacteria (smelly) in the wisdom tooth that would not go away after a couple of rounds of PCN and special rinses. Why does the numbness increase at night?
Avatar f tn As an older woman, 54, diagnosed with Hashimmoto's and grave's three years ago I find that I too have been going up and down week by week between hyper and hypo. Now I have been told that my cholesterol is over 240. Is this a hypo symptom. i never had this before. also, since I am going through menopause, I think that the doctor's all say it is menopausal, but I have many hypo symptoms most of the time with some hyper days. I go to the endocrinologist next week so I'll see what she says.
Avatar n tn i'm kinda running low on money now, so i had to buy aquafresh and i'm just going to get over that and go back to my rembrandt.... does anyone know the difference between the two? which chemicals are in what toothpaste?? good luck all...
Avatar n tn One of them along the side of my tongue rubbed against my tooth and caused a small chunk of skin on my tongue to open up and caused me some pain and irritation, and then went away. When I first noticed these mouth bumps, I was also experiencing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, and other flu-like symptoms which may or may not be related. I saw a doctor for the bumps and he said he thought that I had the coxsackie virus.
Avatar m tn My neurologist is hell-bent on the idea that this is MS even though he cannot explain the variable numbness, why it is triggered by exercise, why the tongue and lips are numb, etc when there is no lesion on those nerves. I can give you the MRI's if you want them. Please help me. Please.