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Avatar n tn My lymph nodes around my neck were swollen, my gland under my tongue was swollen, my glands under my armpits were hurting, but that faded but I still have a few problems going on. Be careful with antibiotics. If a doc gives you a script for antibiotics, make sure you eat a lot of natural yogurt with live cultures. This helps keep a balance of bacteria and fungus in your mouth and digestive system and keeps you from getting THRUSH. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Firstly i have slight swollen salivary glands under my tongue and after few days i have slightly swollen tongue. The swollen salivary glands got bit bigger but the swollen tongue stay the same. I am experiencing stress these days as i have gone through many daignostic tests like HIV, RF Factor, Etc. All tests came back negative. Recently i observed that i have white coating on my tongue. Its not vey thick but not scrapable. Is It oral thrush?
1373434 tn?1284824369 Hello, I can understand your concern. I doubt, however that you have throat cancer. I would get the opinion of another doctor is this one does not want to help or talk to you.
Avatar m tn Has anyone had any experience with this symptom? I don't mean to go on about it, but swollen glands in that timeframe and for that duration seem convincing. Teak has mentioned that seroconversion related swelling isn't painful, but I have read and been advised that this feeling could be due to lymph production. It isn't crippling pain, just constant, specific, and has been sufficient enought to be noticable, and not just in his head.
Avatar m tn In the last month and a half I have woke up between 3 and 5 am with one half of my tongue swollen and glands in neck swollen. I have not changed any medications, cleaning products or foods. Does any one have any idea what is going on. I am 47 years old. I am an Asthmatic but have been on same medications for years. Thanks for any information.
Avatar m tn For a week now the tissue under my tongue has been swollen. I've read that you cant see salivary gland but ive always had 2 pin holes under my tongue where saliva came from. Maybe those are just ducts and not salivary glands i see. Either way it started the day after thanksgiving. The night before thanksgiving i went out drinking with friends. I drank way too much and thanksgiving day i spent laying in bed vomiting a lot.
Avatar m tn As of some weeks ago I seem to be having an odd problem on my tongue (after the tonsil problem) , it started out with swollen on my tongue left side and right side. ( it looks like swollen red spot glands). When I eat some hot thing ( hot means Chilli like) and Citrus things the red spot on my tongue increases. I need your suggestion and help.
Avatar f tn About a week / week and a half after having it pulled, now the glands under my tongue are very swollen and my tongue is swollen. I don't have the foul taste any more. I am taking Cipro right now today is day 4 out of 10 but it doesn't seem to be working is it just that I haven't taken it long enough yet?. Any ideas? This all seems to only be on the right side of my face.
930579 tn?1248138276 For about 3 months now I have swollen glands on my neck and occassionally one of parotid glands swell. It is very painful and it goes away when I take a pain reliever. Doctors haven't been able to find out what it is ...my blood work came back normal except that was given medication for hypothyroid but that wasn't the cause for my neck and parotid pain to swell...sometimes my tongue feels tingly and dry. I was given antibiotics, did nothing, still have swelling and pain. What else could it be?
Avatar n tn There are disorders that can cause problems with salivary glands. Do you have dry eyes? Do a search on Sjogren's Syndrome. The bruising you are having, are they spotted? Examples of bruising (Petechiae and purpura) Do a search on autoimmune problems and anemia too. Here is a site from the UK as well for your own information. Get into a specialist even if you just have a plain ol family doctor, perhaps getting an internal medicine doctor specifically could help you even more. Good luck.
Avatar f tn which is almost zero. But I feel very painful glands which is below my left side ear and swollen nodes over there. I can't tolerate the pain while speak,eat and while opening the mouth. And the thrush like coating on my tongue makes me feel uncomfort, very bad breath, burning sensation in the esphog etc. Groin area also swollen and paining while walk.I don't have rash,fever. If it is not HIV related..is there any other viruses makes the symptom like this..? From past 3months am suffering alot..
Avatar n tn I have never had that in my life and I am a healthy 39 year old woman. Also now my salivary glands are swollen on BOTH sides so I feel that must eliminate the theory of a blockage now. Would both sides swell if only one side was truly blocked or had a stone? They are the parotid glands that are swollen and mostly there is no pain only occasional pain. The CBC came out fine so now we did another CBC again and a few more tests, like thyroid function. I don't have those results in yet.
Avatar n tn Hey. Glad you went to the dr finally. When I went my node had been swollen for a week, my blood was fine. He said if I had a serious prob, by the time the gland swelled my blood would have been off. Still, I didn't feel better about it. I have to go give my blood tomorrow for the surgery Wednesday. I have been crying a lot, but I swear the celexa has helped me a lot. I didn't notice it at first, but I think it does. I am still leaning on a thyroid nodule, probably malignant, due to the node.
Avatar n tn But where some will get a cold, I will get the sore throat/swollen glands thing. I recently was on a Z-pack and it took about 7 days to resolve. Very painful to the touch. The pink eye really was probably just part of the virus that hit you. The glands being swollen are caused by excess mucuous that collects during the night while you sleep. It's thick and doesn't drain like it should. It eventually collects and forms a blockage that can become infected.
Avatar m tn I woke up today with painful swollen glands on the right side of my neck. Tonight, I can also feel it in my ear, along with the back right side of my tongue. The pain in the glands is so sore, painful to the touch. My ear and tongue are nowhere near as painful. Any ideas or clues? I appreciate any responses :) I am new to this site and the forums, and will fill in my profile soon!
Avatar n tn the under side of my tongue is comepletely covered in cankers (as well as some on my throat and inner-cheaks) my glands are totally swollen and the anti-biotics don't seem to be helping. this has been going on for almost a week now, and every day gets more painful. did you ever get a diagnosis?
Avatar n tn Sore throat with white spots in her throat white coating on tongue etc. She has had them on and off for about two months. We have not had unprotected sex. Follow up from your answers. 1. Does the 11 weeks from last exposure and lack of other symptoms at this time lead you to feel that is not likely HIV? 2.Is lymph node swelling longer than 4 weeks atypical for HIV? 3. Would there be other symptoms if it was mono? Lutheran. This did all start when I poked my armpit gland.
Avatar m tn Also the glands in my groin get tingling from time to time and i have the feeling that my groin area is swollen. . I have no other symptoms beside the feeling of swollen glands the muscle pains and a general feeling of malaise. Are those signs that the body is fighting a viral infection ? Are those symptoms of post or pre seroconversion ? What viral infections cause such symptoms (hiv hepatitis, herpes, epstein bar etc ...? What testing would you recommand for me?
Avatar n tn one morning i woke up and could barely swallow bc my tongue was so swollen. it ended up going down on its own after a long period of hours. all of that happened last week. now, i have just awakend to a swollen upper lip. i dont know how much more of this BS i can take. i dont understand whats going on with me.
Avatar n tn I have a large bump extending from the middle of my tongue back and is raised. Along with a few other bumps on the tip of the tongue and close to the front a few other bumps. They are normally white, except for the one at the back of my tongue which seems to hold no color at all. Yet all of them hurt while swallowing. I also have swelling around my front teeth in the back, kinda of half circle shaped towards the tooth along with swollen glands and 2 or 3 white spots on the back of my uvula.
Avatar m tn one other thing I've noticed is that when I have this on my penis I also have a dry persistent cough at the same time and a feeling of like lumps on the back of my tongue.
Avatar n tn My tonsils are a little swollen and a little sore, with some minor white flecks. The glands on the side of my next are just slightly swollen, but not really sore. Also, I've been somewhat congested lately, but I have no other symptoms of illness/cold/allergies. I'm pretty sure this is directly related to the stressful situation I've been in, so basically I'm just trying to figure out what treatment I should seek. I've been gargling and wiping down the tonsils. Do I need an antibiotic?
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago, I couldn't use the old methods to release the saliva out, now, thankfully it works and I gleek on a constant basis, so much saliva comes our like a fountain and if I don't push on the gland with my tongue, then it's back to being swollen and I can't eat or drink. I don't feel that there's a stone although I'm not sure since I haven't taken any tests and the area doesn't look swollen visually. This is just on my right side.
Avatar n tn I was told i have a swollen salivary gland. i am in alot of pain. everytime i swallow its like needles in my ear and throat. what can i do to reduce the swelling and get rid of the pain. i m currently taking antibiotics. but its been 5 days and the pain does not subside.
215021 tn?1224886057 It feels rough and dry - like theres not enough saliva on that side and like I had something lodged at the very back down where it meets the teeth. It feels like my tongue is slightly swollen on the left. There are no marks or anything unusual on the tongue itself just this constant strange feeling. My tongue keeps flicking around as if I need to dislodge something or coat it in saliva - it is driving me nuts.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the replies, yes JJ I get the ulcers on my tongue (not anywhere else) just on my tongue and my glands get swollen and my throat becomes sore, then they disappear only to return again. To Dochiru I went off my meds due to constipation but unfortunately now I am off the bladder meds I am having issues again!! So I fixed one problem but the old one is back (groan)! I was taking Vesicare for burning and bladder spasms and urgency and Gabapentin for nerve pain.